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On this page, I have posted photos shared BARTH family members. Enjoy!



BARTH Families

Jacob Augusta Barth Louella-Elizabeth-Barth Teemaree & Marquelle Miller  


William Barth 1833 and Fredericka Mahler

Jacob Augusta Barth and Annie Walker

Annie Walker in 1915

Jacob Augusta Barth

Identifying Adults only - Back Row:  L to R:  male?, Christiana?, Jacob and Annie, William?, Emma?
Front Row L to R:  Florence Louise Fay (Williams wife), Alice?, female?, Male?, Louella?, male?, Charles?, male?

Charles Barth, Jacob Barth and William Barth (Great Lakes Naval Base - Chicago 1919)

Jacob Augusta Barth

Emma Wilhelmina Barth 1859  & Calvin Edward Stone

Albert James Barth 1871 and Matie Eliza Day

Chick, Grayce, Louella, Alice, Jacob Barth, Tenie, Emma, Florence, William

This is the family home purchased  by Jacob Augusta Barth on 815 Union Street, Marseilles, IL

The old family rumors were that Jacob built the house on 815 Union. It was only recently that I found he purchased it in 1915 from an estate for $1000. Barth family home was sold to Jacob's daughter (my grandmother) Louella Elizabeth Barth and her husband (my grandfather) Christopher Modesto CUnico. Chris and Louella later sold the house to my father (Barth Phillip Cunico, Sr.) and that's where I was raised. That's my nonno (Christopher) in the middle and I believe grandma is on his right??

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Louella Elizabeth Barth & Christopher Modesto Cunico Family Pictures

(l to r) Barth, Tom, Chuck, Jacob Augusta Barth, Bill, Bob, Louella Barth Cunico, Christopher Frederick "Modesto" Cunico

Louella1 - My grandmother in 1916
Louella2 -Grandma and her 5 boys. Jacob is on her right and that may be her mother Annie on her left.
Louella3 - Grandma in 1967... visiting family
Louella4 - Not sure where she was in this pic?
Louella5 -Louella Barth? She went into nurses training in 1917, but couldn't handle the sight of blood
Louella6 - Grandma and Grandpa with 3 of their 5 boys (Chuck, Bill & Tom)
Louella7 - Grandma and her sister Mary
Louella8 - Grandma and her sister Mary
Louella9 - Grandma and a dog?
Louella10 - Grandma enjoying a bowl of soup (or coffee???)
Louella11 - A war-time article about Grandma
Louella12 - Louella Barth, Alice Barth & Mary Barth
Louella13 - Grandma and Aunt Pat (Bill's wife)
Louella14 - Grandpa and Grandma
Louella15 - Grandpa and Grandma at Uncle Bill's house for X-Mas
Louella16 - This may have been when Grandpa and Grandma lived upstairs at our house (the JACOB BARTH house)

Alice1 - Alice Barth outside her trailer
Alice2 - Aunt Alice sitting in a chair
Alice3 - Great photo of Aunt Alice


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Helen Virginia Barth & Loren George Miller Family Pictures


Marquelle1 - The Miller family at Marquelle's wedding (2008)

Teemaree1 - Loren George Miller
Teemaree2 - Loren George Miller
Teemaree3 - Brent Miller (19 years old)
Teemaree4 - Margaret Jane Mozley-Miller (goes by Jane)
Teemaree5 - Helen Barth Miller with children Brent and Lorna
Teemaree6 - Gertrude Englen Miller
Teemaree7 - William George Barth and his wife Florence Louise Fay
Teemaree8 - Fay family photo - Briggs G. Fay in white hat, (Lizzie) Etta Wilson Fay in white dress to his left, Florence Louise Fay very far right
Teemaree9 - Florence Louise Fay with daughters Helen Virginia Barth and Geraldine Barth
Teemaree10 - William Barth and his 2nd wife Dixie Cornell
Teemaree11 - A young William George Barth
Teemaree12 - Barth siblings - L to R: William, Christina, Louella, Charles and Emma
Teemaree13 - William and Florence 1915
Teemaree14 - William George Barth
Teemaree15 - William George Barth
Teemaree16 - Loren George Miller
Teemaree17 - Loren George Miller and Helen Virginia Barth
Teemaree18 - Geraldine Barth Wheelock
Teemaree19 - Helen Virginia Barth - A Junior in High School
Teemaree20 - Helen Virginia Barth - age 23 (1948)
Teemaree21 - Loren George Miller Family - L to R: Loren, Brent Dee, Helen Virginia Barth (Miller), Lorna
Teemaree22 - Brent Dee Miller - 67 years old
Teemaree23 - Brent Dee Miller with his Mom Helen Virginia Barth
Teemaree24 - Jane, Helen and Brent
Teemaree25 - William George Barth and his father Jacob Augusta in 1916
Teemaree26 - Florence Louise Fay

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