I'd like to extend a very special thank you to all of the Cunico family members who made my endeavor possible! A good part of our information comes from conversing with Cunico family members.

By sharing information for your perspective families, it has allowed my web page to grow and has enabled us to merge families. Any attempt by me to name everyone I've corresponded with would be futile.




The "Pioneers" of Cunico Genealogy

Jean Sheperd Cunico of Orem, Utah and Chris & Pearl Cunico of Raton, New Mexico laid the foundation for all of the research our genealogy team is doing today. They started doing genealogy in the late 70's or early 80's. My hat's off to them because their work was accomplished without the luxury of a World-Wide Web (the Internet)! Each of their successes was accomplished by hand-writing letters, perusing books in libraries, or looking through the microfiche files.


Chris and Pearl Cunico

In 2004 our genealogy team decided to meet in Raton, New Mexico to look for "Cunico data" in old mining records. We all lived in different parts of the United States and Canada, and we needed a central place to meet. For many of us, this was the first time we were going to meet "in person". Chris and Pearl not only opened their house to the 8 of us (some of who were complete strangers), but they also welcomed anyone and everyone with Cunico ties.

Pearl fed us and Chris entertained us with his singing and accordion playing. When it came time to leave, there were many hugs and tears, and promises to do it again, maybe next time in Asiago. We met again the following year in Trinidad/Sopris Colorado, but it was from this initial meeting that our 2006 International gathering of the Cunico's was born.

Chris and Pearl are two of the warmest, most wonderful and giving people you could ever meet. For their many hours of research, and for their unequivocal generosity, we are forever indebted.


Our Cunico Cousins" Genealogy Team" - my pen pals

Our genealogy team is comprised of the following individuals (listed alphabetically):

Alessandro Cunico (Milano, Italia), Andie McCarthy (Lockport, Illinois), Barth Cunico (Illinois/Colorado), Betty Jo Martinez (Grants, New Mexico), Crist Cunico (Petaluma, California), Karylyn Petrie (Story, Wyoming), Laura Lee Burr (Chappell, Nebraska), LuJean Weber (Leeds, Utah), Marina Bianchi (Udine, Italia), Mary Ann Salas - Chilliwack, BC Canada, Mike Cunico (Martinez, Georgia) and Randy Cunico (Snelville, Georgia).

We all owe a special debt of gratitude to our cousins Alessandro Cunico of Milano and Marina Bianchi of Udine. They are the ones who have made frequent visits the Italian archives finding supporting documentation (Archivi di Stato, Archivi Comunali, Diocesani e Mormoni) for our data! Today Marina is devoting much of her time to searching Notarial Deeds.

Other Major contributors

Aside from our "Cunico Cousin" genealogy team, there have been several other major contributors.

  1. In June of 2005, a very significant exchange occurred. Using records supplied by Nico Cunico, we were able to merge about five branches into one.
  2. Michele Cunico from Verona also collected information for Cunico's from the Verona area.
  3. Enrico Cunico from Rotzo shared a substantial amount of data about his BORTOLO1 family.
  4. Elisabetta Papini of  Montecchio Maggiore shared data that she and her husband Silvano Concato collected over a 13 year period. She is a huge "ongoing" contributor as her searches continue.
  5. Riccarda Mescola has been very generous of her time as well. She is the Archivist/Archivista (frazioni) of the parishes of Montebello Vicentino, VI - Agugliana di Montebello and Selva di Montebello
  6. Clovis Boguszewski (Brazil) shared his data about Cunico families who emigrated to Brasile.

If If I didn't mention you by name, please know we're thankful for everyone who has shared their family information. If you are a Cunico, and I don't have your family listed on my ALBERO GENEALOGICO page, please email me. I'd love to include your Cunico family on my web!!!!

Thanks to all involved!

Barth P. Cunico, Jr.



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