AT&T Long Lines Norway Tower

TELCO ROSTERS - (Norway, Plano and Springfield) List includes AT&T, WECO & guards

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Slideshow - A slideshow of former AT&T Employees from the Norway District Office... Enjoy!!!

WECO Slideshow - An early 70's picnic at Shabbona Park and party pics for Ottawa based Installers


This is a list of former TELCO employees for the Long Lines offices of Norway, Plano and Springfield. If you have additional names, email id's, spelling corrections or  other changes please email me. Thank you to the following for their assistance in compiling the lists:

Frances Bapst, George Bartling, Jim Barton, Wally Cox, Ed Dixon, Gloria Erickson, Roy Fearman, Bob Fleming, Stan Gaul, Judy Helland, Jim Launius, Tony Matesi, Tom Metzger, R O Nelson, Walt Sandine, Al Scherer, Dave Snow, Judy Southcombe, Roy Tarter, Joe Walcker & Ken Zimmerman.