Grandma's poems, letters & Sunday School lessons

This page is a collection of writings by my maternal Grandmother, Olive Lois Combs.



© The Writings of Lois Combs - Marseilles, Illinois, USA.  Used with permission of publisher.








Our star of hope - for Glen Our star of hope - for Barth 50th Wedding Anniversary
Funeral Service Poem burdens (Have we done our best) What is a boy
Letter to Roger and Everett Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Jesus will be there
A Pilgrim and a stranger For Barth on TV He came
To-Todd What price must we pay? Mother's Day
In the hospital (Jan 78) The master of the storm Just my thoughts
It was a sheep, not a lamb When I was a teen Welcome to Bellmill
My boys He found me Valleys
A well kept heart The lost sheep My grace is sufficient
God is so great (God is everywhere) Leaves Watchman on the wall
Cisterns Prayer and fasting Rock of ages
Lead someone to Christ Storms and calm Victory
A thought Mother (written for Glen) A word of appreciation
Boys and Girls Trials then Victories Within my hands
If I were a Sunday School Superintendent A Sunday School Teacher's thoughts I'm glad it was only a dream
Brad and I Lead someone to Christ My Intermediate Girls
Treasures 1st & final draft No Time On my vacation
Thinking & Dreaming of you Just wondering Egypt Sand
Just musings Easter Where are they
Just wondering what you would do Sunday school calling A Boatfull of gold
Sunday School calling My Mother's Golden Key A Teacher
My Garden (two versions) Sheila gave her life to Christ Dark & Gloomy Day
Sunday Afternoon October 9, 1977 9-9-51 When I entered the hospital A dark day (version 1 & 2)
The Highway On our 44th wedding anniversary I wish I could reach
Robe Jesus can still the tempest Bear someone's burden
Can't you go just a little farther? A piece of clay Ten Great Events
How do we measure the strength of our church? Why do I go to church Our Oak tree
Unlisted list To our retiring pastor Children, My Children
Sins and Sins Missionary Society A face I saw
Joseph, Moses, Joshua Church benefits The gathering storm
What Easter means to me A journey I made To Jeffrey Todd Thorsen
Seeds to plant Sorry for our teenagers How can I give my Sunday school class a boost?
Catch up with my thoughts My Christian beliefs So long
Could this be the reason Count your blessings What is a Mother
My Christmas Wish My Heart Recollections
The angel's message Heart squeezed One little rose
God's Handiwork Father's Day Love
Completely on the altar Generations Barren without Christ
Alabaster box Waiting Spare Time
Our Christian Walk Our Youth Catch up on my thoughts - 1
Just a pilgrim What is love? Oh Jerusalem
What do I care Broken heart
What this church means to me A true story Church of the Nazarene
The thing that counts If you go first If I gained the world
Your Place


It happened one Christmas A changed life How the Nazarene Church had its' beginnings
May 22, 1971 Serving the Lord The Lord's Prayer
Isaiah's vision of God My journey to Bethlehem Joseph Moses Joshua
What teaching a Sunday school class means to me Let your light shine Dangerous Submarines
Program NYPS April Hands The shadow of the cross
Joseph NYPS Play Human Hand
Nancie & Everett wedding announcement Luke 4:2 Jeremiah 18:4
Layman's Day October 14, 1979 In honor of pastors who have gone on before Abraham
Matthew 26 - 36:56 Time doesn't stand still I just heard from heaven
Teaching our Primary In the beginning god The Day Far Spent
Are we too busy keeping them quite? Where are the dead?  




Our star of hope - for Glen
Poem Grandma wrote this poem for Glen when he went to Saipan in 1944. The star in the window is a tradition from World War II. When soldiers went to war, their families displayed the flag with a blue star in their window. If the soldier was killed, a new flag with a gold star took its place. After he returned she wrote, "He brought my boy home without so much as a scratch 1946. Thank you, Jesus, Thank you."

There's a star that hangs in our window.
It’s a beautiful star of blue.
And may this star never be changed to gold
It hangs there, dear boy, just for you.

We are proud of that star, dear boy
We are proud for what it stands
Although it breaks our hearts, dear boy
To have you in a distant land.

May the star of hope guide you home, dear boy
May it shine and show you the way.
May God protect you and keep you
And bring you home some day.

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Our star of hope - for Barth
Poem Grandma wrote this poem Feb 27 1971 when I was in Vietnam.

Actual flag in Grandma's window

He placed a star in our window.
It’s a beautiful star of blue.
That star has a very deep meaning.
It hangs there dear Barth just for you

There’s a million stars in heaven.
They are as beautiful as can be.
But this star that’s in our window.
it’s so beautiful, don’t you see

That star hangs there for our dear grandson.
Who is going so many miles away.
And may it never be changed to gold.
And may he come marching home to stay

And he will never be forgotten.
We will pray for him each day.
May the dear Father up in heaven.
Lead him and keep him safe, and show him the way.

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Written Jun 21, 1953

Yesterday is gone forever,
Today is almost o'er;
Tomorrow will never get here
It's always just one day more.

But if we did what we could yesterday
And will do what we can today,
We can trust God for tomorrow,
For it's always on its way.

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50th Wedding Anniversary
Written Jan 11, 1975 -  a poem Grandma wrote to commemorate her 50th wedding anniversary. Dianne read this at Grandma's funeral at Grandpa's request.

For fifty long years
We've traveled together.
Through storm and sunshine
And all kinds of weather.

It hasn't all been stormy,
Nor has it all been joy.
For there were many things
To discourage and annoy.

But through it all we've walked together.
We took Jesus as our guide.
We have walked hand in hand
With Jesus by our side.

Our home has been a happy place,
Filled with laughter and with joy.
With a very special love
For each girl and each boy.

But now the road is growing shorter,
It's getting close to the end of the way.
So we will keep walking together,
'till we reach that perfect day.

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Funeral Service
Written December 1967, Revised  April 1978
This is a poem Grandma wrote about her journey to heaven. It was read by Reverend Kaufman at her funeral July 23, 1983.

Someday I am going on a long journey. My fare has been paid, for Jesus paid it all. I have a one-way ticket, for I shall not return. My journey is a very long one. It is from here to eternity. 1 shall not take any luggage, for when I arrive, I shall have a robe of righteousness. I won't worry about getting a meal ready, for I shall sit at the marriage supper of the Lamb. I will never be thirsty, for I shall sit on the bank of the river and drink from fountains of living water.

There will be no need to take candles, for Jesus will be the light. He shall be as bright as the noon-day sun.

There will be no tears, and I shall never cry again. Jesus said, "I will wipe away all tears from your eyes". I shall never have another burden for my children, grandchildren, or for a Sunday School class. Will someone else please take my children on their heart and really pray?

I won't worry about a place to live. No taxes will ever come due. Jesus said, "I am preparing a place for you." He said, "I will come for you and where I am you may be also."

Yes, this is the longest journey I shall ever take. It is from here to eternity. I want each (person) in this congregation to think: "Where will you spend eternity?"

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Burdens - also called "Have we done our best?"
Written late 1970

Did you ever have a burden
Way down deep in your soul?
When you looked at your loved ones
Who were out of the fold.

Did you ever try to think
Just the worth of one soul?
It's more than the wealth of this world
With all its riches and its silver and gold.

Just what are we doing about it
Are we doing our very best?
Or do we take the easy way
And leave the labor for the rest?

Just think, teacher and layman
Of that little girl or that boy
If we can help to bring them to Christ
It will fill our hearts with joy.

Have you thought what the Master wants?
He wants our very best,
Are we able to stand in the gap
Or can we pass the test?

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What is a boy
A poem Grandma wrote in late 1970 to Todd

He's an imp and an angel, a dreamer, a tease.
An explorer of meadows and climber of trees.

A runner of erands and a doer of chores,
Who tears his best trousers and tracks up the floors.

He's a solemn young man with some mud on his feet
And a dare-devil riding his bike in the street.

A bundle of questions who wants to know why,
The world goes round, and stars fill the sky.

But adventurous, timid or quiet
There's nothing so new that he won't care to try it.

And just when your patience and temper wears thin,
He'll look up at you with an innocent grin.

And your heart melts again, with real pride and joy.
In that mischievous, wonderful treasure, your boy.

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To Everett & Rodger
Written Mar 7, 1958

My sons, soon you will be graduating
Soon you will leave the old home nest
And often I am made to wonder
If you'll choose the road that's best.

You know, my Sons, there are just two roads,
The narrow one and the wide.
The narrow one is rough and steep
But will land you safe on the other side.

The wide one seems so popular It looks so pleasant and smooth
But don't travel the wide one, my sons
If you do your souls you'll loose.

Now, my sons, will you stop and listen
Take time to decide what to do
That's the most important thing in life
Is to choose what is best for you.

The best way is the Christian way
Let Christ direct your life
Then it will be filled with peace and joy
And love without any strife.

One will be graduating from high school
The other from a holiness college
One will be going out on his own
The other on to school to increase his knowledge.

Oh, yes, we have other children
But they have homes of their own
Soon the two younger will graduate
And we will be left alone

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Jesus will be there
Written May 16, 1951

When hope has fled
And your problems seem hard to bear
Just lift your eyes toward Heaven
For Jesus will be standing there.

'When loved ones seem to fail you
You are discouraged to despair
Just lift your heart toward Heaven
You'll find Jesus standing there.

When everything seems to go wrong
And evil your soul does almost ensnare
If you will look toward Heaven
You'll see Jesus standing there.

When days are dark and lonely
And no one seemingly does care
If you will rise above the storm cloud
Jesus will be waiting there.

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A Pilgrim and a stranger
Written xx

I'm just a pilgrim and a stranger here.
Getting ready for a wonderful place.
And I know if I obey my Saviours voice
I shall see him face to face.

He put me here for a purpose
And I have a place to fill.
I must try and win some souls,
And do my Father's will.

When our hearts seem so heavy,
And our trials are hard to bear,
If we look beyond the shadows
Our precious Saviour will be there.

Some day our trials will be over
And my Saviours face I shall see.
I shall, live with him forever
Throughout all eternity.

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For Barth on TV
Written May 6, 1971 - Her note says "The 1st Tuesday Show, May 5, 1971 after he appeared on TV while he was in Vietnam"

I watched him last night on television
My heart was full of pain
As I viewed the dense jungle
He traveled in draught or rain.

Then I saw his face appear
With a crooked little smile.
And I heard that grown up voice,
Coming from many a mile.

I wanted to reach out and take him
and carry him far far away,
Where war could never touch him,
And I'm longing for that day.

Oh yes he is just our grandson
But seems like our very own.
And now he is so far away,
It makes us so alone.

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He came
Written Oct 1971 - Her note says "After Barthie came home on leave"

He came and he's gone
And with him he took
A piece of my heart.

And in it's place is left a void,
An emptiness that can not be
filled till he returns.

With my first waking thoughts
his name is on my lips.
Yes we are worlds apart but
I carry his name to the throne of God.

I ask that The Holy Spirit will
Visit Vietnam wherever my
Grandson may be that he will
protect and keep him safe!

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To Todd
Written May 2 1968 -

He's my pal, my little grandson
He's only two, his life just began.
Those big brown eyes, his smile so bright
That beautiful face, those teeth so white
What will your life be my little pal
Will you use wisdom like a wise old owl

Listen my little sweetheart, my little pal
Choose the right road, don't go afoul.
We all want the best for you
We will do our best to see you through
There'll be storms in your short life
But trust in God, he'll guide your life.

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In the hospital
Written Jan 20 1978 - one of Grandma's many hospital visits

Now, my little pen, that I have you in hand, I don't know what to write about. Only if I write about the sad hearts, and the hearts that don't have much to look forward to. They just sorta exist from one day to the next--nothing ever exciting or any different.

I think of the dear soul in bed next to me. Nothing is ever quite right. The meal is always too hot or too cold, or cooked too hard or something wrong. The nurse is too early or too late with the medication. The medication is too bitter or something wrong.

It's sorta hard getting my little pen to going just right. It doesn't seem to want to go where I want it to go. It wants to go crooked.

Well, enough for that, and back to here. The weather is cold, looks gloomy this morning. I think it will snow before night. Sometimes its below zero, and with the wind factor it's 45 and 50 below zero! But I am very comfortable; so much good care for which I am glad and thankful.

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What price must we pay?
Written Jul 6 1972

I am becoming more and more conscientious of the price we must pay.

When we get saved we say we are willing to pay any price to be a Christian. Then when we consecrate our lives to God for heart cleansing, we still say we are willing to pay the price. But sometimes I wonder if we really knew what the price would be, would we really be willing?

Sometimes the price is very demanding of our time, our energy, our home, and oh, so many things.

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It was a sheep not a lamb
Written Feb 3 1955

It wasn't a lamb that had gone astray
Out on the mountains so dreary and cold.
No, for it was a grown up sheep that had lost the way
And couldn't get back to the fold.

But when the good shepherd counted his sheep
And he found that one was lost
He gave up a night of rest and sleep
To search for his sheep at any cost.

He wandered over the mountain side
And he called his sheep by name
He stopped to listen and think what to do
Should his precious sheep be lame.

He wandered on and on through the night
And when he heard a sound
He looked in a pitfall so close by the way
And there his sheep he found.

It wasn't far.. just a step to the side
The sheep had slipped that day
But it needed help from the shepherds hand
To get back on the narrow way.

And then the shepherd stooped so low
To help it from the mire and clay
Oh it wasn't easy, it was a task
To get it back on the way.

Be careful little lambs if you follow a sheep
Be sure that it knows the way
To follow the shepherd as he leads the fold
So you little lamb won't be led astray.

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Mother's Day
Written May 9 1971

If I should look to the ends of the earth
I wonder if I would find another
who is as loving and half as kind
as my own dear, darling Mother.

If I should look
this wide world over
we would never find one
like our own dear mother.

When I was sick she soothed my brow.
When I close my eyes I feel her now.
I hear her whisper in my ear
 “sleep on my child for I am here.”

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The master of the storm
Written June 7 1975

I think of the raging storms, and the mighty billows that travel over our seas. And how Christ can bring peace and quiet because He is the Master of it all.

Can't you hear Him command the sea? Christ is the pilot; He has his hand on the wheel. He commands the waves and the tempest; peace be still. And they become calm, because they are held by the Master's hand.

And if we let Him command our lives we will have peace in our souls. But sometimes it's so hard for us to turn loose of some little petty thing that isn't worth anything to our advantage. But if we turn it over to God, He will give us peace and calm.

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Just my thoughts
Written 1976

If I could catch up with my thoughts as I lay here in the hospital room I am sure I could tell you a lot of things; but they just keep hopping around. Oh, ..they go off in another direction altogether.

This morning as I was down in therapy we had a failure of electricity. Right away they put the generator on, and everything was bright and shining again.

This is a good day to be inside, because it's storming outside. The wind has been so strong and the snow so big and fluffy. I wonder if the little birds can find food to keep body... and feathers together.

Well, this is another day and it's been cold. But God's love is all around about me. It's so wonderful how He is taking me through. I owe my very life to Him. He helps us when we can't help ourselves.

 I want to tell you of a dream I had the other day or night, I don't know which it was. I thought the world was like a square block, and I was hanging on the outside of it by a crimson cord. I was trying to climb an the top, but the cord was slipping through my hands. I looked down at the black chaos and shuddered. Then I began to climb mare earnestly; finally I reached the top. Then there was a man in a long white robe. He was my guide. He didn't say a word, but beckoned for me to follow, which I did. If I slowed down a little, he beckoned me on.

We came to a beautiful garden after traveling a long rough road. It was a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers. He went on in and I followed. I sat down on a marble bench by a bubbling water fountain. There were beautiful birds; it looked like a paradise. Then He started on again. He motioned for me to follow. We traveled some more; the road became more difficult. In places it was so narrow, it was so steep, and if I grew weary or slowed down, he motioned for me to speed up.

Then all of a sudden there appeared another garden more beautiful than the first one. I hurried straight ahead, going to enter in--when suddenly my guide touched me on the shoulder and said, "Not yet". That was the only words he spoke to me.

Then all of a sudden I awoke from my sleep. I told my nurse about it. She said, "Honey, that was no dream. That was when you were fighting so hard for your life!"

That was after that long hard sick spell I had. The next day I was so much better. The Doctor said it was a miracle I pulled through. Now he says I am a miracle walking around. I praise God for all of it. I know the doctor helped, but he told me it was good that I and my church people had a lot of faith, for he could never have done it alone.

I could feel the prayers so thick all around me. One day as I was recuperating I felt like I was wrapped in a real soft blanket just borne along by the breeze. I think I learned to trust God a little better.

That is why I love Him so much. He went to the cross of Calvary; He spilled every drop of blood. How He must have loved us: If we can just get a glimpse of Him hanging there on the cross. Surely, oh surely, we would want to serve

PS: I have had three good wonderful years since then!

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When I was a teen
Written 1977

Things are so much different today than they were when I was a teenager. Oh yes, I was a teenager many years ago. We didn't do all the things teens do today.

I think perhaps we respected our parents more so than we do today. We felt like they knew what was best for us. I know a parent doesn't own their boy's and girl's soul and body, but if they are a Christian parent they want the very best for them.

I think many times it's the parents fault why the teenager is so irreverent today. They just don't have time for them. Many times they are left with a babysitter all day, and at night Mom and Dad want to go out and do the town. So here comes another babysitter; maybe a teenager. They don't have much time for them, as they must make a few telephone calls which will last for hours.

Why should parents expect a teenager to do something they are not willing to do themselves?

So many times teenagers are brought up to think they are superior of their elders and so much smarter. Well, they might have something there. For they have many advantages over when I was a teenager, when it comes to book learning. But we still have God. It says Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever---He changes not. He is no respecter of persons. I think teens used to have a fear of God; when today, they question --is there a God?

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Welcome to Bellmill
Written Oct 3 1957 - everyone probably remembers when Bellmill was the "Wal-Mart before Wal-Mart". Prior to becoming Dan-Jack, the textile building was also called Bellmill.

We welcome you to
Bellmill with a how do you do.
Won't you come right up and meet our crew?
Meet our staff first will be quite well
And see the able hands that are at the helm.

First meet our employer Mr. Sutton and
also Lou
Then there's Rena and George Owens too.
Now step this way and see each girl
Hear the motors hum, see the wheels whirl.

Each job is important, there isn't a doubt.
We must have cooperation if the jackets go out.
There's linings and zippers and facings and labels.
There's collars and tabs and shells on the tables.
Then pocket girls and fitters and tuckers
Also top stitchers and turners and cuffers.
Then there is buttons, buttonholers and snaps.
Also hoods and strings and fur for chin straps.

There's clippers, inspectors, and floor girls are seen.
Also binders, hemmer's and pressers who press with steam.
Two more important persons are George and Edd.
Our mechanic and janitor and enough has been said.

There is also extra who work on the crew.
Such as truckers, electricians, carpenters and
Repair men too.
No"" look at our new building fixtures
you pass through.
And we from Bellmill will say good
day to you.

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My boys
Written Sep 1954

Tonight my heart is heavy
I can't seem to see the way
But help me to serve you, Jesus
And love you more each day.

Lord, the burden is so heavy
For my boys are out in sin
They don't seem to understand me, Lord
I can't seem to get them in.

But, oh, how I love them, Jesus
As they wander in the night
Help them, dear loving Jesus
And bring them into light.

If I have failed them, Jesus
Will you show me the place
And help me to lead them
Till they see thy loving face.

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He found me
Written Mar 7 1975

I searched, and searched for the Lord
But I did not know that He moved
My soul to search for Him
As he was seeking me.

did not find thee, Dear Lord
For I was found of thee
But I found faith and love
For Dear Lord, thou always lovest me.

Thou did'st reach down with thy arm of love
As I walked on a stormy sea
My thoughts were on the things above
As thou, Dear Lord, reached down for me.

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A Sunday School Teacher's thoughts
Written 1952

Junior, Oh, Junior, can I reach you?
n I speak and make you hear?
n I open your eyes to the Master
you may know He is near?

Isn't there one among you?
One with a will to know
About the love of the Master?
How he must have loved us so.

How He left His home in glory,
And He came to this world below.
H e was searching for you Juniors;
He died for He loved you so.

Junior, Oh, Junior, can I reach you?
n I speak and make you know?
suffered on the cross of calvary,
cause He loved you so.

Just as the good Shepherd
Was searching for the sheep that was lost;
Jesus is searching for you Juniors,
And the price was His life on the cross.

Give me one Junior for the Master.
How many there are to win;
Just one soul for the Master
To whom Christ's love extends.


My grace is sufficient
Written Oct 1953

Dear child, when you're weary and burdened with care
As you sail along on life's sea
Just remember it says in the word of God
My grace is sufficient for thee.

Sometimes you may wonder why the way is so dark
And wish from it all to be free
But just be patient; keep praying
For His grace is sufficient for thee.

Don't be impatient nor tempted to doubt
My word is as true as can be.
Be patient; keep praying and believing
For My grace is sufficient for thee.


God is so great (God is everywhere)
Written Jan 21 1955

I can see Him in the morning,
when the sun begins to rise.
I can see Him in the night time
when the stars are in the skies.

I can see Him in each tree top
as they grow so high.
I can see him in each flower that buds
and as they droop and die.

I can see Him in each snowflake
as they sparkle and fly.
I can see Him in each storm cloud
as they roll across the sky;

I can feel His greatness
as I walk over the hill.
I can also feel His great love,
and I want to do His will.

I can see Him in the summer
as the crops unfold.
I can see Him in the autumn
when the leaves are turned to gold.

I can see Him in the winter
when the snow is on the ground.
I can see Him in the springtime
when new life is found.

I can see Him by the ocean
or by the waterfall.
My God is so great
He's the master of it all.

I can see him in the moonlight
and in the shadows dim
I can see him in all nature
And I can feel the love of him

I can see Him in the sunset
as the day is o'er.
I can feel His great love round me
can I want more?

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Written Fall of 1954

What will you do on the judgment day
If you hear the Saviour sadly say
Nothing but leaves, all withered and dry
And you'll be left as He passes by.

You'll look at the Master and wonder why
You let your leaves all wither and die
One day they were flourishing and very green
But now, just dry, dead leaves are seen.

Oh, how sad is this story indeed
But wake quickly; it's Jesus you need
He'll give you new life; you can flourish again
If you'll keep your tree pruned and live above sin.

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Watchman on the wall
Written Oct 1954

Watchman, what of the night?
What do you see on the left and the right?
Do you see the crowd as they pass by?
Some seem so sad; do you hear them sigh?

Look watchman, see the people so gay
They are our young people on their way
Stop them, watchman, e'er it's too late
For they might pass by the narrow gate.

Hurry, watchman, stop that crowd
Before they get too noisy and loud
Stop them while they can still hear you say
Come to the Master; He is calling today.

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Written Dec 14 1954

Are your cisterns broken
Will they water hold
Are you still in Egypt
And in old Satan's control?

If you are, go dig your cisterns
Dig them both deep and wide
Cement up all the crevices
That the pollution can't get inside.

Remember your heart is the cistern
And if it's free from sin
And Christ is the living water
And He will enter in.

He will help you be a Christian
If you keep your cistern pure
And when temptations come
He'll give you grace for sure.

So just be true to Jesus
And hold Him by the hand
He'll take you through this world of sin
Into a better land.

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Prayer and fasting
Written Nov 30 1953

If I cannot be a missionary
Nor in the jungles dwell
If I cannot sail the oceans
The golden word to tell
If I cannot be a missionary
Nor travel in their way
I still can be a servant
For I can fast and I can pray.

Then the Bible tells us
Through the word, God's Son
That only by prayer and fasting
Some victories are won.
Though I am not a missionary
To places far away
Yet I can serve the Master,
If I fast and if I pray.

And the sacrifices are tiny
That we are asked to make
To do without a meal or two
For the lost and dying world's sake

Help us to send the gospel
To others far away
By giving of our money
As we fast and as we pray.

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Rock of ages
Written Dec 1953

I love the Rock of Ages
It is a cliff for me
When the storms of life are raging
Then my Saviour's face I see.

When the trials seem so heavy
And they seem to block my way
Then I go to the Rock of Ages
And I seem to hear Him say.

Fear you not, for I'll be with you,
If you'll put your trust in Me
If you cling to the Rock of Ages
You shall ever be with Me.

When the days are dark and dreary
And the way I cannot see
Then I seem to hear a whisper
Fear not, I will pilot thee.

Listen child, I am your Saviour,
Can't you put your trust in me?
And walk the way so narrow
Then live in heaven through eternity.

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Doubts and fears
Written Jul 23 1954

Go away little doubt
Go away little fear
Don t want you
Hanging round here.

Don't like your company
Don't like your crowd
For when you speak
You are much to loud.

If I am discouraged
Or if I am blue
Don't want you around
I Got no use for you.

When I am sick in body
Or when I am tried
Then you sneak around
so very close to my side.

Don't you know you're not wanted
Why don't you hear me say
Go on now, beat it
Go and be on your way.

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Lead someone to Christ
Written Dec 1954

Help me to serve you, Jesus
I don't care for honor or fame
If I can just live so close to thee
That I can hear you call my name.

Help me to just to be a servant of love
For you did so much for me
How you suffered and bled and died
On the rugged cross of Calvary.

I want to lead someone to Christ
Help me and show me the way
That I may find the very one
That I should help today.

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Storms and Calm
Written Aug 1954

When the storms of life are raging
And they seem to come so fast
If we have Jesus on board
Then the storms will soon be past.

He's the one to still the tempest
He can surely bring the calm
If we have Jesus on board
The storm will pass and bring the balm.

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Written Jul 18 1954

Sometimes the shadows deepen
And I cannot see my way
But then I look to Jesus
And I seem to hear Him say.

Child, will you just hold steady
And put your trust in me?
Let me fight your battles
Then victory you shall see.

It's always a little darker
Just before the dawn
Let me lead you, child
Then I'll give to you a song.

So I trusted all to Jesus.
And He gave the sweetest rest
If we draw near to Jesus
He will give to us the best.

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A thought
Grandma wrote "Just a thought as I awoke at dawn" - Aug 16 1959

But now the time has come
When we must say goodbye
Our God is able to keep us
Till we meet beyond the sky.

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Grandma's first poem - written around Mother's Day 1944 while Glen was overseas

There's a word that comes from the battlefield
From the sand and the desert heat.
It also comes from the dense jungle isles
And it comes from the ocean deep.

It comes from the planes with the silver wings
As they go across the sky.
It also comes from the frozen north
It comes from a boy who gives a sigh.

It also comes from a canvas tent,
From a hospital bed or a cot.
It comes from the china plains
The word Mother--will never be forgot.

That word that comes from a world of battle
That word means love and home
And it will never be forgotten
No matter where our boys may roam.

The word Mother has meant heartache and sorrow
It has also meant love, comfort and cheer.
It's a word our boys will never forget
It's a word they hold most dear.

Out on the battlefield that word to a boy is so dear
That word is a word universal.
It comes from a boys heart as he sighs
Yes, that word is Mother.

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Written Feb 27 1956

When I was going through the valley
And the valley was so deep
Then I heard a gentle voice
And that Voice to me did speak.

And it said, "Be not down hearted
And don't you be afraid
For I am the way, the truth and life
And the way for you I've paid.

If you give to Me your burden
You must trust in Me each day,
You must serve Me with all your heart
You just follow and I will lead the way.

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A well kept heart
Written ??

Prov 4:23

A well kept heart

A man is no better than his "well kept heart" if his heart is corrupt that life itself is unclean. It say "out of the abundance of thy heart the mouth speaketh". It is important our hearts kept with all diligence.

A clean heart

God can clean our heart in an instant by an act of his divine grace. But there are things I must do to keep it clean.

  1. I must discipline my life to his will for me
  2. I must be obedient to his plan for my life
  3. The words I speak
  4. The attitude I manifest
  5. The things I do come from the heart
  6. I must direct my thinking
  7. If I want to think right thoughts I must be careful what I see and hear - if I want to see and hear the right things I must direct my feet in the way they should go - my hands the things they do.

A well kept heart has no place for hatred - it's filled with love.

No time for fault finding for it has kindness and peace and understanding.

No place for selfishness for it seeks first the kingdom of God

No place for uncleanliness for it has a purity that will not be defiled.

Psalms 51-10 - create in me a clean heart Oh god and renew a right spirit within me.


A word of appreciation
Written 1854 for Brother & Sister Meyers

I'd like to tell a story,
At least I'd like to try
About our preacher and his wife
And here's the reason why.

I think they're very wonderful
I'm sure you feel the same
So let's travel this road together
In our dear Saviour's name.

Sometimes he lifts us up
Sometimes he lets us down
But if we walk the way he says
We're sure to win a crown.

He helps us weave a pattern
With a crimson cord of love
With purple threads of sacrifice
That speaks of heaven above.

He tells the wondrous story
Of our dear Saviour up above
How He came to earth from glory
To redeem us with His love.

Then there's another person
Who knows our preacher's life
Oh, yes, you have guessed it
She is our preacher's wife.

She is a busy little lady
There seems so much to do
Such as missionary and Sunday school
And then there's calling too.

So here's a little gift
To show our appreciation
So take it with our love
It's from the congregation.

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Boys and Girls
Written 1955

Where are our boys, and where are girls
Of ages in between?
We have our beginners, our primaries
Our juniors, intermediates and early teens.

But where are our boys and where are our girls
From the adult down to the middle teens?
There's a very wide gap, and it needs to be filled
That is very plainly seen.

It's a very sad picture, but it's one that is true
They are gone, that class between
Unless we get them back into the fold
If They'll be lost, that class of the older teens.

So come on teacher, let's go
Into highways and byways and bring them in.
Let's hold up Christ and show His love
And help win them out of sin.

But until our heart is broken
Over our failure to bring them in
Until we have a vision God wants us to have
Will we be able to get them out of sin?

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Trials then victories
Written Dec 14 1954

Why should I be weary
Or why should I feel blue
When Jesus has promised to be with me
And He will see me through.
If I will only trust Him
And if I will obey
He will lead and guide me
And keep me all the way.

Oh, help me serve thee, Lord
Keep me happy and free
Keep sin out of my heart
Help me walk with thee.
Help me serve thee, Jesus
And give myself to thee
Without any reservation
Just loving and serving thee.

Sometimes the way may be rugged
And seem so very steep
Just give me grace for every trial
And victory when the enemy I shall meet.
Now I am happy serving Him
As on the way I go
Loving and serving my blessed Saviour
Because He loved me so.

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Within my hands
Written for her girls' class Nov 1953

Within my hands, oh, Father
As I face my class today
Will be the molding of my precious class
They are still as pliable as clay.

They look to me with eager eyes
Like flowers to the sun
And may I never fail them
Help me to help each one.

When they are full of talk and noise
Oh, patience give to me.
Help me show thy love, Dear Lord
In all I do and say.

May I make Jesus real to them
In each lesson that I give
May I give the word to these dear hearts
So that they may ever live.

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If I were a Sunday School Superintendent
Written Dec 14 1954

I have been thinking what a great responsibility it would be, to be a Sunday School Superintendent, and ,just what would it mean to be the head of so great an organization. Then I asked myself the question, what would I do if I were a Superintendent. Just what would I wish to accomplish? And just how I I would go about to bring it to pass.

I think the first thing I would go to prayer about it and pray until I felt my heart so stirred that I would want to stir up the whole church, and really have Sunday School on our hearts.

Then I would want the very best teachers that were possible to obtain. I would, with the pastor, meet with them and talk things over and lay plans and set some objectives to meet down through the year.

Some of the plans would be to meet with the teachers once every three months if possible, and have a good old praying through on what God would have us do.

I would visit each teacher in their home at least twice a year and talk with them about their class and see what they really had on their hearts, and how they felt about their class.

I would make a round of being in a different class each Sunday. I would not sit in the same class each Sunday because I enjoyed the best teacher, but I would see what each one was teaching and how class was conducted, and the sort of class it was.

I would want my teachers to teach our church doctrine at least one Sunday during the year. If we would make Nazarenes out of them they must know what we believe and stand for.

I would have a calling committee, perhaps just a few that really felt like God wanted them to call. I believe a few that have the burden to call can do more than the whole church that doesn't feel the burden to call.

Then I would want us to pray till the others felt their need to call.

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The lost sheep
Written Feb 3 1955

It wasn't a lamb that had gone astray
Out on the mountain so dreary and Cold
No, for it was an old sheep that had lost the way
And couldn't get back to the fold.

But when the good shepherd counted his sheep
And he found that one was lost
He gave up a night of rest and sleep
To search for his sheep at any cost.

He wandered over the mountain side
And he called his sheep by name
He stopped to listen, and think what to do
Should his precious sheep be lame.

He wandered on and on through the night
And then he heard a sound
He looked in a pitfall so close by the way
And there his sheep he found.

It wasn't far! Just a step to the side
The sheep had slipped that day
But it needed help from the shepherd's hand
To help it back on the way.

And then the shepherd stooped so low
To help it from the mire and clay
Oh, it wasn't easy; it was a task I'll admit
To get it back to the narrow way.

So be careful little lamb when you follow a sheep
Be sure it can know the way
But follow the Master as he leads; to the fold
So he ,won't lead the lamb astray.

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I'm glad it was only a dream
Written Nov 23 1971

In my dream I was hurrying along on a not so well-traveled road. Some places the road was very rough and steep, but I toiled and traveled on. Much of the way was up grade, very straight, and it was narrow and rough.

I saw leading to my left a road that looked much easier to travel. It was wide and smooth, and seemed to be down grade. The people were rushing madly on. There were so many on this road. There were many places to stop for fun and entertainment.

I could see far down this road a bathing beach, and people were rushing madly on to get into the water. I noticed many were dressed in very scant swim suits, with far too much of their bodies exposed for a mixed crowd.

I saw this very special one come to the gates of heaven. An angel was standing there. The angel looked at her, then looked in the book she was holding in her hand. She said, III do not have your passport for you to enter. I am afraid we cannot let you pass through".

SONG. ...

Then I saw another girl about the same age who was dressed in a much different attire. She was a quiet girl. You couldn't call her a beauty, but she had a happy smile on her face. She was singing "Make me Worthy".

SONG: "Make me Worthy"

The angel listened very closely to the words of the song, as she looked in the book, and as the song was finished she took a key from her belt and said, "Pass inside". I looked again and saw a group of children. They were very happy as they sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World".

The angel opened the gate and let them pass inside. Then another angel met them and showed them where to be seated. They had on white robes, and as they entered the angel placed a crown on their heads.

Then I saw a very modern preacher come to the gate. He wore a lodge ring and a pin. In his hand he had a very modern magazine, but he did not have a Bible.

The angel asked, "Aren't you Rev. Zero who has the largest and coldest church in town, and the wealthiest people in town?" He answered, "I am he".

The angel said, "Do you warn your people of the day they will stand at the judgment, and that they must repent to enter heaven?"

The minister said, No, we have learned better these days. We do not believe in the blood of Jesus any more. We have a social religion. All you have to do to belong to our church is tell the minister you want to belong, and he will put your r name in his book".

The angel looked sadly and tossed his head and. said, "It must be just in your book for I cannot find it here. So will you please turn aside and let this lady in. She had two other friends with her, and they were singing "I've Been to Calvary".

As the last note died away the angel asked each one some important questions. Then the angel said, "Well done. The three of you enter in".

The angel looked down the road again. There was a lady dressed in very expensive clothes and diamonds and much jewelry. The lady said, "I am a member of Brother Zero's church; I guess I am his best supporter. I teach the members the latest dance steps, and my husband teaches all the young people to play poker and do social drinking."

The angel asked, "Do you ever teach them about the blood of Jesus, and that they must repent and be saved"? "No: I certainly do not. No one believes in all that bosh in these modern times. Jesus was a good man but that's all. Nothing so great there; just a good man, that's all'.

All the people sing: "How Great Thou Art"

Then I see the Sunday school superintendent as he nears the gate. He has his Bible and Sunday school quarterly in his hand. He and the calling committee and teachers have been calling on the absentees and others that they have on their hearts.

I heard the angel say very loud and clear, "Friend, where have you and your calling group been this cold winter night?" He answered and said, "Calling on our absentees and a few others who need to come to the house of God. We are trying to get them in Sunday school".

Then I saw my minister come before the angel. He has a smile on his lips and his Bible in his hand. He has been preaching to his congregation Isaiah 6:1-8 of how Isaiah saw his heart's need, and he answered the call of "Lord, send me". The angel said, "Pass inside".

Song: "Search Me, Oh God"

Next came a business man, a man of the world. He is speaking and bowing to everyone, as he tries to make an impression on everyone. As he comes to the gate the angel shakes his head slowly and says, "Sorry, but no key for the lock on this gate", as the song sings "Why do you Wait Poor Sinner?"

Then I see a mother come before the angel. The angel says, "What are you going to do when you get inside"? The mother cries out and wrings her hands, "I am searching for my lost loved ones, and the ones whom I have taught over the years. I wonder if I could find them inside". The congregation sings: "I Dreamed I Searched Heaven for you".

The angel stands aside and the mother passes inside. She searches and looks through the courts of heaven for loved ones. Can't you hear the wail and sad cry from her heart as her search seems to be in vain?

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Brad & I
Written 1961 - she wrote - "This came to me as Brad and I played in his sand box while visiting them  - Muncie, Indiana"

We played in his sand box
My little grand son and I
We built villages, roads and mountains
And castles far into the sky

That little blue eyed white haired boy
means all the world to me
And if you could only look on his face
I'm sure you would agree

We need each other
This tiny boy and me
In him I have beautiful youth
In me he has security

This little boy is very young
He's only two you see
That's why we love each other
so very much
This little boy and me

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Lead someone to Christ
Written ??

Help me serve you Jesus
I don't care for honor and fame.
If I can just live so close to thee
That I may hear you call my name.

elp me to just be a servant of love
For you did so much for me.
How you suffered and bled and died
On the rugged cross of Calvary.

I want "to lead someone to Christ
Help me and show me the way.
That I may find the very one
That I should help today.

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Thinking & Dreaming of you
Written Jun 2 1971 for Barthie - written by his grandmother Lois Combs after he appeared on TV (First Tuesday) while he was in Vietnam

Last night I was thinking of you grandson.
How you, your brother and sisters had lots of fun.
I seemed to hear children's voices so sweet.
They sounded to be far down the street.

I seemed to see you playing there.
I could hear your voices, wafted o'er the air.
My heart beat fast in the twilight dim.
I thought I must go and call you in.

It's almost dark and he's so small.
I must go now and to him call.
But I suddenly awoke from my dream afar
And there in my window hung your service star.

It was my little boy's dream of you.
As I thought of the things you used to do.
I thought of your little crooked grin,
But now you've gone a war to win.

I thought how you are giving your best.
The letter I was writing you lay on the desk.
I wanted to protect you and keep you clean
But there's a war to win and a world between.

So I bowed my head then and there.
And from my heart I breathed a prayer
That the things for you I could not do,
That our Father in heaven watch over you.

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On my vacation
Written 1958

If someone should use this machine while I'm away
Clean it real good and oil it each day.
If you take good care of it, it will do the work
But when you start, don't do it with a jerk.
When you start up, turn the wheel real slow,
Then you can shift into high and get out of low.
If you should use my bobbins or chair
Please put them back, for next week I'll be here.
Well, I guess that's all I will say
Please don't take my things away.

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No Time
Written Jul 1955

No time to study, no time to pray
No time to say a kind word today
No time to help the needy in heart
No time to carry a burden nor do your part.

No time to worship I hear you say
No time to help someone along the way
No time to bring the absent one in
No time to win them out of sin.

No time to prepare a lesson and teach
No time to go hear the minister preach
No time to let God have His way
In your heart and life today.

It doesn't mean how busy you be
just means why busy you see
So let your labors be of love
And let this love be born above.

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Treasures (Final Draft)
November 26, 1956

To Everett & Roger

When I cleaned the attic one day
I told the boys to throw some junk away.
The box with junk was piled quite high
But I saw them look and give a sigh.

I said is there something you would like to keep.
Out on the floor went the junk in a heap.
They picked up a knife, old skates and a string.
Soon it was all back in the box again.

There was an old flashlight, and old key ring,
And some parts of an old wooden train.
Soon it was all back under the eave.
I knew that box would never leave.

For in this box was their great treasure.
To me it was junk; to them valued beyond measure.
So I decided then and there
To guard that box with tender care.

It’s been there now for many a year.
But when I see this box I seem to hear
Their voices as I heard them that day
As they gently stored that box away.

Treasures (First Draft)

When I was cleaning the attic one day
I told the boys to throw some junk away.
The box with junk was piled quite high
But I saw them look and give a sigh.

I said, “is there something you would like to keep?”
Out on the floor went the junk in a heap.
They picked up a knife, old skates, and string.
Soon it was all in the box again.

There was an old flashlight, and old key ring,
And some parts of an old wooden train.
But soon they were stored back under the eave.
I knew then the box would never leave.

For in it held a great treasure.
To me it was junk; its worth to them you couldn’t measure.
So I decided then and there
To guard the box with tender care.

It’s been there now for many a year.
But if I listen I seem to hear
Their voices are as real today
As when we put the box away.

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My Intermediate Girls
Written Nov 30 1953

As I sat musing one day
Not thinking of much at all
My class of girls seemed to go by
And each one seemed to call.

And these are the words they seemed to say
As they tossed their heads and seemed so gay
We need help to live a Christian life,
As we go through this world of strife.

I saw them each as they went by
And I bowed my head and breathed a sigh
And I prayed "Lord, help me be true"
And encourage my girls to live for you.

Again I bowed my head in prayer.
And I prayed for these girls right there
I said, "Dear Lord, there's Mary Ruth,
A very sweet girl that's really the truth

And then there's Phyllis and Mary Lou
There's Nancy, and Ben, and Arlene too
There's Carolyn and Margaret and also Pat,
Helen, Mary Ann and Peg is that.

Now, Dear Lord, these are my girls by name
I am not asking you give them worldly fame
But help them live a consecrated life
Above a world of sin and strife.

Help me their teacher to live for thee
And give them thy word as you give it to me
Help us each to our souls be true
That we may spend eternity with You

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Just Musings
Written Summer 1974

If I gain the world but not the Saviour, what have I gained?

Everything God lets come upon you, He is preparing you for the real
problems, but what about the things the devil puts upon us?

Are you weary of doing things for the Church?

No one knows everything about anything.

Love is not limited, it is boundless and free.

What ever your problems are, walk humbly before the Lord.

Where would you' be tonight if it were "not for Calvary?

We owe to others, as we ourselves have received.

If we keep our nose to the grindstone and our eye on the ball
what can we accomplish?

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Just wondering
Written Feb 20 1971

Sometimes I wonder if you were me and I were you
I wonder just what we would do.
Would we be more perfect or
Would we act just like me and you?

Would you help me bear my burdens
Or would I help you carry your load?
Would we put them both together
And go smiling up the road?

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Not sure if Grandma wrote this??

The oldest and most important Christian feast day commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a joyous occasion because on this day Christians celebrate Christ's victory over death. To those who believe in Christ, Easter also symbolizes their own participation in His death and rebirth to a new life.

Rooted in ancient tradition and centered around impressive church services, Easter is primarily a religious festival. However, many customs of the season are of a light nature and give particular pleasure to children. The customs include various Easter games and foods, the practice of wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday, and.. above all, the traditional Easter eggs and Easter rabbits. Painting eggs with gay designs is a popular Easter pastime for children.

Many Easter traditions originated long before the beginning of the Christian era. Like Christmas ," which is related to pre-Christian winter festivals, Easter is connected in many ways with early pagan rituals that accompanied the arrival of spring. !t is possible that the name "Easter" stemmed from that of Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of springtime.

Easter is also associated with the Jewish festival of Passover.. or Pesach.


The Easter egg is associated with beliefs of particularly ancient origin. The egg was an important symbol in the mythologies of many early civilizations, including those of India and Egypt. It was commonly believed that the universe developed from a great egg and that the halves of its shell corresponded to Heaven and earth. The egg was also connected with the springtime fertility rituals of many pre-Christian and Indo-European peoples, and both the Egyptians and the Persians made a practice of coloring eggs in the spring. In Christianity the egg is a symbol of Resurrection, representing the emergence of Christ from His tomb to everlasting life.


Children are often told that Easter eggs are brought by the Easter bunny. The rabbit has become as traditional at Easter time as the Easter egg. Like the egg, the hare or rabbit was a symbol of fertility and new life among the Egyptians and other ancient peoples. How the rabbit came to be associated with Easter and Easter eggs is unclear, but it may have been intended to symbolize the fertile life that the risen Christ would send His followers. In any case, the Easter rabbit has had a long history in European folklore. Modern Easter rabbits are often stuffed toys or made of candy.

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Where are they?
Written 1969

Where are our boys, and where are our
girls of our older teens?
We have beginners, our primarys and
Juniors, Intermediates and early teens.

But where are our,boys and where are our
girls from adults down to middle teens?
There's a very wide gap and it needs to be
filled. That is very plainly seen.

It's a very sad picture, but it's one that is true.
They are gone that class between.
Unless we get them back into the fold
They'll be lost that class of older teens.

So come on teachers, let's roll up our
sleeves, and go out and bring them in.
Let's hold up Christ and show his love
and help win them out of sin.

But until our hearts are broken
over failure to bring them in
Until we have a vision God wants us
to have, will we be able to win them out of sin.

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Just wondering what you would do
Written ??

If you had a pocket full of gold
I wonder just what you would do.
Would you give some on missions
Or would you spend it all on you?

Oh, yes, you need a lot of things
Such as a dress, a coat and a hat.
Then you must have a purse and shoes,
And things to go with all of that.

But what about the poor missionaries
On the fields so far away?
Can't we help them just a little?
As they labor night and day?

Come on men we need your help
To give and fast and pray
If we all will get the vision,
We will give and pray and pay.

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Egypt Sand
Written ??

Do you want to go with Jesus
over into Canaan land
Or do you want his word to doubt
and bleach in the burning sand

If you must cross the desert
you will find it very dry
If you should stay there very long
your soul will surely die

But if you put your trust in Jesus
He will surely see you through
He will give you living water
He will make a way for you.

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Seeds to plant
Written 1966

One day I had some seeds to plant
I planted them with care
I watched as the rain descended
On the seeds I had planted there

The seeds came up and flourished
But I wasn't idle, you may know.
I had to work in that garden
I had weeds to pull, and rows to hoe.

Then I thought of another garden
In it grew a little child
I wonder are we tending that garden
Or do we let it grow wild/

If we sow the seeds in our garden
We soon have a harvest to bear
So let us tend our garden
with much love and also with prayer.

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A boatfull of gold
Written ??

If you had a boat full of gold
I wonder what you would do?
Would you help some poor needy soul,
Or would you spend it all on you?

You do know you need ,a dress
Then you must have a hat.
You simply must have a purse and gloves
To go with all of that.

You haven' t had much
For a year or two.
And now you must have
An outfit with everything new.

Oh the poor heathen
I don't know what to do.
When I get what I want,
There'll be nothing for you.

Oh it's bad I must admit
Surely someone will give a helping hand
And I will give what I have left
I hope they reach the promised land.

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Sunday School Calling
Written 1970

Will you go Sunday School calling?
I heard the preacher say.
I said I can't go calling let me
be excused I pray.
Then He came a little closer,
He said I will you help bring them in"?
There is so many wondering around out in
the world of sin.

Unless someone goes to get them
They surely will be lost.
l spend their lives away from God.
Oh, what a terrible cost.
Then the Lord spoke to my heart, I
said I'll surely go. I'll invite them
to Sunday School, that God's love
they might know.

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My Mother's Golden Key
Given to me by Elsie

My mother's prayer was the golden key
She always used on her beloved knee
With it she opened the store of grace
Which made our home a heavenly place.

Amid the toils of the busy day
No matter where, in every way
She held that key in her hand of power
And used it well every passing hour.

When darkness came and discouragement
A place there was where she always went
And there with prayer as her golden key
She opened heavenly treasures free.

At evening times when work was done
She soothed the children to sleep, each one
Then by their side on her bended knee
She locked them up with her golden key.

And when she came to the gate of light
With heavenly glories all in sight
Her golden key opened wide the gate
And there for her loved ones she will wait.

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My Garden - version 1
Written Jul 23 1954

One day I was walking in my garden
And my Saviour seemed to say
Child, why don't you tend this garden
And not neglect it in any way?

Then I looked my garden carefully over
It seemed such a tiny plot
And I said ,you want me to tend this place,
Why it's such a tiny little spot!

Then my Saviour gently whispered
You don't know what you say
You have the most fertile soil
But you must work and not just play.

First of all you are a mother
That's the greatest place to fill
If you can just lead your children
To the place where they accept God's will.

Then you are a Sunday school teacher
You must be careful what you say
If you want to lead your class
On the bright and shining way.

And you also have the Juniors
That's a very important place
If you can only teach them
The value of God's grace.

My Garden - version 2

One day I was walking in my garden
And my Savior seemed to say,
Child why don’t you tend this garden
And not neglect it in any way?

Then I looked my garden carefully over.
It seemed such a tiny plot.
And I said you want me to work this little place,
Why, it’s such a tiny little spot.

Then my Savior gently whispered,
You don’t know what you say.
You have the most fertile soil
But you must work and not just play.

First of all you are a mother,
That’s the greatest place to fill
If you can just lead your children
To the place where they accept God’s will.

Then you are a Sunday school teacher.
You must be very careful what you say
If you want to lead your class
On the bright and shining way.

And you also have the juniors.
That’s a very important place
If you can only teach them
The value of God’s grace.

Then there’s the missionary society.
You belong to that little band.
You may never cross the ocean
Nor cross the burning desert sand.

But you can help the heathen
If you fast and if you pray
If you pay your prayer and fasting money
And your dues along the way.

Then you also have a story
For every one that’s there
On a Sunday morning
Child, you must join your works with prayer.

Prayer is the golden key
That opens the door of love.
You must trust and be obedient
And serve the Savior up above.

Now child look at your little garden
And tell me once again
That it’s such a tiny place
When so many are out in sin.

Will you do the best to tend this garden
As you go along the way?
And I said yes to Jesus
I will work and fast and pray.

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A Teacher
Written Nov 26, 1956

What is a successful teacher I ask myself one day?
Is it building up a class in a general sort of way?
Or is it knowing scriptures and where they are found
Or order in the classroom till there won’t be a sound.

Or is it handling of the lesson in an intelligent way?
‘Till you can hear the superintendent and the pastor say
That order in the class indeed is very great.
Why, not a pupil or the teacher is ever late.

No, that isn't a success that's very plain to me.
But we must be what Jesus wants us to be.
First we must be saved, second pure in heart.
Then we are in the place where we can start.
We must have a passion and a burning desire
For the souls in our class, and have the holy fire.
Then we can teach the lesson and leave the rest to Him.
And if they will heed his call they will all get in.

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Sheila gave her life to Christ
Written May 27, 1971

Sheila awoke very early, and quickly reached for her little new testament and began to read "if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins". She began to examine her heart. It felt so free and clean.

Sheila had not been brought up to go to church on Sunday. She would watch her good friend Amy as she and her family went to Sunday school and church every Sunday. She would wonder what Amy found there to interest her so much. Amy had invited her often but she found an excuse not to go.

But in Amy's church they were having what Amy called a revival meeting and last night Amy came by and invited her to go to church with her. And not having anything in particular to do she thought, Well, I will go this one time, If for Amy had been very nice to her. So, that is how it came about. Amy was so happy for many times Amy had invited her but she had found an excuse not to go.

They decided the weather was so nice they would walk the short distance. They talked about many things as they went along the shady street. Soon they reached the church. There were many young people standing around discussing something that seemed to be very interesting. They were kids from their own school, and some from near by towns. Some she knew but some were strangers.

As they entered church the people were already gathering in. As these young people began to sing something seemed to get hold of Sheila's heart. She couldn't understand what was taking place. As the minister took his place he said "Let us pray." This prayer seemed to pierce her very heart. He opened his Bible and read "Tho your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow. Tho they be red like crimson they shall be as wool." He said if we confess our sins, God, is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

As Sheila sat beside Amy these words seemed to have such a strong hold on her very soul. And when the altar call was given she stepped right out without a word from anyone, and found her way to the altar. Her whole life seemed to appear before her eyes, but soon she had settled in her heart and mind to be a Christian. She thought if she could just be as happy as Amy always seemed to be. So this morning she felt very happy and free and content.

How glad she was that Amy had been so concerned with her and kept trying to win her for the Lord Jesus.

She slipped her Bible under her pillow, and thought of the time Grandma Gilman had given it to her on her tenth birthday. She now thought what Grandma, had said to her. "I hope my little girl will -prize this book and go to it often as your daddy used to do when he was your age." But she hardly had time for her little book, just as daddy had long ago forgotten to read it, and had never taken his family to church as he had been so busy making money and doing things in the worldly way.

So now she thought she had better hurry and get dressed and go down and tell her parents what had happened to her last night. She took one more look at her precious little book and patted it very gently and placed it back under her pillow.

She was humming a little tune as she bounded down the stairs taking two steps at a time. Her dad was seated at the table and Mother was putting pancakes on their plates. Her dad glanced up at her as she took here place at the table. Where is Ernie? Isn't he up yet? Ernie was two years younger than she. He was just sixteen. No Ernie wasn't up yet. But what has happened to you? You look so happy this morning. "Yes mother said, you look as though you had fallen heir to great riches." "I did", said Sheila. "I am now an heir with Jesus Christ. I gave him my heart last night and I expect to spend my life for Him". Amy and I had a long talk last night after church and I want to go to college where she is planning to go. It's a church school and they teach Holiness there. I don't know very much about it but if Amy is going there that is good enough for me.

Well we will see when the time comes" said Dad. You know your Aunt Lisa, my only sister went there. That's where she met your uncle Bill. He is a very fine man. So I think perhaps your mother and I will get you in there. It's a very good school.

Just then Ernie came down for breakfast. What were you doing last night sis? You kept me awake half the night moving around in your room. I'll tell you all about it tonight Ern. Gotta be on my way to school. See you. tonight. Bye everybody. See you."

As she met Amy at the corner, her heart felt so light and she was so happy. There were so many things she wanted to ask Amy about. Soon the girls were talking over the service of the night before. Sheila said "I must get my parents and brother to go tonight if possible.

The day passed very quickly. As Sheila sat at the table finishing her dessert she said to her dad, It! want you to go with me tonight and hear this wonderful speaker". And to her amazement they readily agreed. That night the first time she could ever remember they went to church as a family. That night her mom, dad, and brother gave their heart to God. Now their lives were changed. Their home became a Christian home. She told Amy how she owed her so much and how she appreciated her friendship. Now their family were so happy living for Christ, and she planning to go with Amy to school. How wonderful it is to have someone who cares and is concerned about your soul.

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Dark & Gloomy Day
Written Jan 20, 1978

The day was dark and gloomy. The clouds were hanging low, and my mood just about matched them. I had awakened that morning with a dull heavy feeling, and I thought what is wrong? Is it going to be like this all day?

Usually my days were calm and bright, but today was something different. Then I began to think of the teens of our church. Tonight was the time for our weekend revival, and just what had we done to prepare our hearts, or break up the fallow ground? Oh, I know Sunday night we had our afterglow after the service and an all family skating party on Thursday night. The teens had a prayer and discussion on Wednesday night, but what did we really do to prepare our hearts for a revival? This includes the adults as well.

I think in order to prepare our hearts we must have a real burden. We must agonize in prayer. It just isn't all fun. There is a time for all things. There is a time for laughter and fun, and maybe our giddy moments. But I believe if we have a real revival we will have to lay aside our fun and be real serious. If we see a soul lost we won't be so thoughtless, but we will lift and lift till we can lift no more. We will have real heartaches and shed real tears.

The young must come the same way the older ones do. We must repent and come in at the door. There is no other way.

Jesus says, "Ye must be born again. Old things pass away; all things become new".

There are two roads to travel, at the end of each there is a pay day. At the end of the straight and narrow road it says, "The gift of God is eternal life". But the end of the broad road, "The wages of sin is death". Which road are you traveling? Where are you going in 1978?

The choice is ours to make. We must choose the broad way or the narrow way. After the time limit, it will be too late.

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Sunday Afternoon October 9, 1977
Written Oct 9, 1977

My little pen I pick you up again. It has been such a long time since I have held you, and watched the words flow from your point. Oh no! I have not forgotten you, and have wished so many times I had more time for you. But it seems the cares of life have flown in so fast, and there are so many, that I am almost overcome by them.

Today I felt such an urge, I felt myself drawn to you. But now I hold you I wonder what shall I write. The thoughts are coming so fast if I could only catch up with them, I could tell you something.

Oops! Here they go again off in two or three different directions.

Oh here, I think I have captured one little thought. I was thinking of a message I heard. The minister said Christ laid down His life for us. It wasn't taken from Him, but He laid it down freely for us.

Oh how much He must have loved us to go all the way to Calvary. When he left the courts of heaven and came to this old sinful world He knew He was facing the Cross.

I think of the Trinity how the three must have met in the courts of heaven, and talked over the plan of how to save the people. God the Father said, "the blood rams and goats and animals is not enough--there has to be another plan. Someone has to go down there and give their life for them. Someone has to go to the Cross and shed their blood to cover the people's sins. And Jesus the Son said, "I will go".

He came to Bethlehem of Judea as a babe in the manger. He lived among the people for thirty three years.

Then one morning they went to Calvary. I can see Him as He bears the Cross with the sins of the world. How heavy it was: His shoulders were sagged. He fell beneath the heavy load. Joseph of Armethia helped bear the load. He struggled to his feet, picked up the Cross and staggered on toward Calvary and outside the gates of Jerusalem, where they nailed Him to the Cross.

The world was so dark. The sun had no desire to shine with the Son of God nailed to the Cross. But thanks be to our Father in heaven He didn't leave Him there; "He brought Him off the cross and through the tomb victorious, that we might have everlasting life and have it more abundantly.

Here my thoughts are again at the crossroad of life. Every man, woman, boy and girl have to choose which fork they will take.

I see a boy and girl as they travel on the road of time when they came to a fork in the road, and they must choose which way to go. Do they stop long enough to weigh the one against the other, or do they go head strong the road of least resistance?

I pause in my thoughts to look these roads over. As I stand gazing, one seems to be broad with many things to entertain and keep our thoughts off serious things.

Well they are young; why should they be too serious about anything? Got a whole life ahead of them, plenty of time to think serious when they have sown a few wild oats or seed of the world. Many times they want to slip and slide and skate right through. They don't want to be thought of as from a Holiness Church.

Then I look at the other road, it isn't as attractive; it's more narrow, some places it's steep and rough, not so many glimmering lights. Many things must be left behind. The climb must be steady; no place to stop, just keep trudging along. We don't have to hurry or rush, but just follow close to the Saviour's side. It isn't a wide road, but there is plenty of room for Jesus and I, or for Jesus and you.

We must unload all our worldly things. We can't walk hand and hand with the world and Jesus at the same time. We must be either for Jesus or the world.

There are two pay days and two pay masters; and there is two places to spend eternity. We either choose heaven or hell. If we serve God we hear the words, "The gift of God is eternal life". If we serve the devil it says, "The wages of sin is death" .We cannot serve two masters. We either serve God or mammon. Let's be very careful in making our choice. You know we make choices every day. We start making choices as soon as we awake in the morning. We choose, are we going to get out of bed or stay in bed; if we shall eat or not. If we are going to serve God, or what are we going to do? So you see, our lives are made up of choices.

What will it be? Where are we going in 1977?

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9-9-51 When I entered the hospital
Written Sep 9, 1951

For weeks I'd been sick and tortured with pain
But I entered room two twenty three
There to travel an unseen road
The end of which I could not see

The night was lonely and very dark
I could not see the way
But I read the promise of my Saviour dear
He said "Trust; I'll lead the way"

So I put my trust all in Jesus
My life was in his care
He said "Cast your burdens on me"
Tryst me child and do not fear"

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A Dark Day - version 1
Written Oct 21, 1973

The day was dark and dreary. The sun seemed to be hiding its shining face. The clouds were dark and heavy. They seemed to be hanging low. They seemed to rest on the tree tops. There was a real chill in the air.

As I looked out the window of my living room my thoughts and mood matched the weather. Soon the beautiful summer would be over. This year it had been so short.

Fall is a beautiful time with the leaves turning to yellow, gold and purple and brown. Soon they will let go and fall to the ground. The few that is still hanging on are shivering in the cold North wind.

In a way the fall is a beautiful season when the harvest is gathered in, yet it is a sad time for something is missing the beautiful life of spring time is gone. And something is cold and seems to be withered and dead.

That is the way my heart felt that day. Like everything had failed to come out right. I was like a little leaf shivering in the cold. I was still holding on although it was a great effort.

The thoughts came to me will I be able to hold on to God, or will I be like the little leaf shivering in the cold and be blown away?

Then in my heart I began to say, "Oh God where are you? I am trying to find you. Won't you let me have just a little glimpse?"

I began to rack my brain, trying to find the answer. Then I turned in my Bible to Romans 8:35 - Who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulations, or distress, or persecutions, or famine, or nakedness, or perils or sword? Then verse 8:37 - No in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

As I began to think on these verses and promises, my faith began to soar heavenward. To think we could be conquerors and more than conquerors was enough to lift me up above the cares of the world, if we just had the faith as a grain of mustard seed.

The dark clouds of doubt and fear began to clear away. The sun began to show its beautiful shining face and the chill in my heart began to melt away. Its warmth was once more flooding through my soul and I began to sing, "It's just like Jesus to roll the clouds away".

I thought how human we really are. As soon as things go wrong, we are so ready to think Jesus is gone. We begin to wonder where he really is, when he was always there. We just let things hide his face. We need to draw close to his side and rest in his love and care and praise him for the wonderful love he has shown to us.

A Dark Day - version 2

The day was dark and dreary.  The sun seemed to be hiding its shining face.  The clouds were hanging low and seemed to rest on the treetops.  There was a real chill in the air.

As I looked out the window of my living room, my thoughts and mood seemed to match the weather.  Soon the beautiful summer would be over.  It seemed so short.  Fall is a beautiful time when the leaves turn to yellow, gold, purple and brown, then soon they let go and fall to the ground; only just a few that is left hanging on and seem to be shivering in the cold north wind.

That was the way I felt that day.  It seemed like everything had failed to come out right.  I felt like the little leaf shivering in the cold.  I was still holding on but it was by great effort.  And I began to think will I ever be able to make it?  And I said in my thoughts, “Oh, God, where are You?  I am trying to find You.  Won’t you let me have a glimpse of you?”

I began to rack my brain trying to find the answer.  Then I read Romans 8:35, who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall tribulations, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril or sword?  Then in verse 37, nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

As I began to think of these verses and promises my faith began to soar heavenward.  To think we could be conquerors and more than a conqueror was enough to lift us up if we had faith as a grain of mustard seed.

The dark clouds of fear and doubt began to clear away.  The sun began to show its beautiful shining face.  And the chill in my heart began to melt away.  Its warmth was once more flooding through my soul.  And I began to sing “it’s just like Jesus to roll the clouds away.”

Then I thought how very human we really are.  As soon as things go wrong we are so ready to think Jesus is gone and begin to wonder where He really is -- when He was never away; He was there all the time.  All we needed to do was rest in His love and care and let Him bathe us in His love and grace, and just draw up close to His side and tell Him how much we need Him and love Him.  And praise His name and He will assure us He is there.

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The Highway
Written Oct, 1968- while traveling through Tennessee

As we were traveling on the highway
The highway built by man
We saw the hills the valleys
The rivers and the sand

Man has brought up the low places
Also brought down the high
To make this way for travel
The way for you and I

Then I thought of another highway
A highway paved with blood
I thought of the crimson fountain
Flowing from the son of God

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On our 44th wedding anniversary
Written Feb 11, 1969

We've walked together for many a year
n all kinds of weather
We've had our sorrow. We've had our joy
We've shared them all together

Our home has been a happy place
A refuge from the storms of life
A place where we could find relief
From every sin and strife

We took Jesus as our partner
Early in our married life
This has made the difference
In all the storms and strife

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I wish I could reach
Written Jan 23 1980

I was just thinking if I could reach my arms out around this whole world and draw them to Christ, how I would draw them each one to Him, but I am not able to do this. But I would be so happy if I could just draw my own children and grandchildren til they could get a real glimpse of my saviour.

If they could just get one glimpse of Him, I am sure their lives would be changed.

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Written ??

I asked him for a robe. He gave me no robe
I ask for a crown. He gave me a cross
He knows just what I need.

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Jesus can still the tempest
Written 1972

Jesus can still the tempest
He can calm the traveled seas.
He can take away heartache
He can set us free

He can fill our hearts with glory
Yes glory from above
He can still the tempest
And he can fill our hearts with love

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Bear someone's burden
Written Jul 6 1972

How can we help someone bear their burden
Or how can we help them lift their heavy load unless we really get involved
Can we help them by standing off and looking on,
Or must we get down and lift
And when we have lifted seemingly all we can
Then lift some more


How do we help some one bear their burden or carry their heavy load?  Do we stand off and just look or do we get down under it and lift and lift and lift again?

Too many times I think we stand on the sideline and look on and see some one in need or in trouble and wish with all our hearts we could help.  But when it really comes our way what do we do about it?

Do we just shrug our shoulders and say, “well it’s too bad, but what can I do about it?”

That is when we need to lift and lift and lift again.  But after we have lifted not go around magnifying the thing we have done.  Just be glad we was there and was strong enough to help some one in need.

I think many times we tell what we did humanly and leave the Lord out of it.
It doesn’t even tell the names of the four men who carried the man on the rooftop.
Surely one must have been named Love or Christian, for who could carry a burden better than a Christian, Love, patience or faith.

So when we see some one in trouble or some one with a heavy load.  Let’s get down under them and lift and lift and lift again if need be.


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Can't you go a little farther?
Written Feb 24 1973

These words come to my mind when Jesus and his disciples went to the garden to pray. After they had prayed then Jesus said "I must go a little farther".

The disciples were very satisfied just to wait and as they waited they slept. I seem to hear the words "can't you go just a little farther?"

Too many are just waiting on the side lines and when the battle is hard or the big issue comes they are found sleeping, too weary to help carry the burden, too weary to pray, too weary to go just a little farther. Just sleeping as the world marches by.

Can't we go just a little farther?

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A piece of clay
Written May 21 1971 - Bro. Wellmon mentioned a piece of clay hard and ugly.

It was hard and it was ugly when he found it lying there. But he gently picked it up and he looked it over. He turned it gently over and around and looked and saw the hidden beauty. Beauty that man could never see unless a miracle was performed.

He took it to his work shop and put it on the emery wheel. He ground and ground the ugly all away. And when he looked again it was a thing of beauty for the ugly had been ground away. Then he began to polish till it shown with a beauty that far passed his imagination. Yes, this piece of clay was a boy in my Sunday school class. God did this at. the altar of prayer.

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Walking in my garden
Written Jun 1970

I feel today that I must tread very softly and be very gentle as I walk among the flowers in my garden. I am planting new seeds every day. I find as they spring up, take roots and grow and some show a little blossom, which some day will become full grown blossom with a fragrant perfume.

But I find I must walk softly, and very steady. Some of my flowers are a little weak. They need special attention for they are a delicate type and need a little special sunshine and a gentle warm rain and little help from my hand. So I must be very gentle and steady. This flower garden is the place for me to work in my Sunday School. Yes, it's among the primary girls and boys, I find that boys and girls are very much like flowers. Some are so delicate that they would shatter at the touch of the hand or a word spoken a little off key. But we must be very thoughtful that we do not neglect the ones that are more strong, for they too need the love and help that a teacher can give. So as I walk in my garden I pray for more love, more wisdom, and grace enough to help me keep in the background and hold up Christ that they will know Christ is real. And that he loves them and has an experience just their size.

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Ten Great Events
Written ??


  1. Jesus Followers
  2. Dead Leader Reported Alive
  3. Great Fish Catch on Sea of Tiberias
  4. Jesus taken up from Mount Olives.
  5. Great multitude Hears Sermon
  6. Three thousand believe on Jesus.
  7. What "Acts" means to me.
  8. The Holy Spirit in Book of Acts.
  9. The Effect of Pentecost on the Church.
  10. Paul's journeys

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How do we measure the strength of our church?
Written Jun 7 1975

Do we measure it by the crowds we have, or by the shouting we have, or do we measure it by our beautiful plush seats and carpeted floor or by exciting bulletins, or by our choirs and singers?

No, No a thousand times no but our strength is measured by our Wednesday night prayer meeting, by our obedience and the far getting not the assembling of ourselves together.

Our strength is measured by the way we conduct our lives and bridle our tongues.

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Why I go to church?
Written ??

Have you ever asked yourself why you go to church and then tried to think the question through?

Is it because of duty, or to hear an interesting sermon, or inspiring music, or to fellowship with other Christians? Or to find comfort and strength for the coming week?

These and perhaps many other reasons enter in, but should it not be most of all to worship God? The young man Isaiah, who in times of national and personal stress, went up to the temple, later reported what was apparently the peak of his experience there in these words: “I saw the Lord”.

All other reasons for going to the house of God will avail us little if we fail to find Him there.

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Our Oak Tree
Written Jul 21 1971

There it stood, so stately and tall with its branches spreading far. Its branches were a haven for the many birds that tucked their nests away in its green leaves and the little squirrels that gathered the nuts for their home and played hide and go seek up and down its big body.

Its roots reached far down and spread far out to hold it steady in time of storms. Sometimes the cold north wind would blow among its branches, it would sway and bend very low, but when the storm was over it would straighten up and be very strong again.

Sometimes the snows of winter would cover it with a fleecy white blanket; it would seem to shiver in the cold. It’s beautiful coat of green had long disappeared, but soon the snow would melt, the sun would shed its warm rays upon it, and the warm rain of spring would wash it and bathe it with its silver sparkling drops, and soon the buds would appear and it would take on a whole new life.

There it stood again, after a hard cold winter in its glory and splendor, just waiting for its many friends.

I think the part I liked best about it was when the children came in the springtime to pick the many spring flowers that grew around. Then when summer came, the fathers would get a tall ladder and put up a long swing for the children of the neighborhood. What a happy time they would have as they played under our big oak tree.

Then I thought of a very different picture, but one that would compare in so many ways.

I thought of the love of Jesus and how it reaches out to every one who will come and be a help to them. How we are overshadowed by His love. How He helps us through every storm and test of life. If we find refuge in Him, how He can calm the tempest of our souls, and how He can bring the sunshine into our life and give us peace and joy and help us to be understanding with ones who need our help.

As I thought of the great thrill the children had as they would swing high in the air, then I thought of the great thrill it is to walk with Jesus and as we soar to the heights and depths He takes us in His great love.

Just as our oak tree has comfort for the ones who seek out it’s shade and over hanging branches, so Jesus has rest and comfort for our souls.

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Unlisted list
Written ??

How do you feel about keeping rules?

  1. What difference is there between old and new testaments?
  2. What new emphasis did Jesus put on the law?
  3. Are the teachings of O.T. discarded in N.T. interpretation of the law?
  4. Does the world seem to remember the law that Jesus taught 2000 years ago?
  5. Are our lives still governed by this law?
  6. Did Jesus come to destroy the law? Matt: 5:17
  7. What are the Beatitudes? Sermon on the Mount. They mean felicity.
  8. What is felicity? Great happiness or great blessing
  9. When 28 A.C. Where in Galilee?
  10. Did Jesus come to destroy?
  11. What is a jot or tittle?
  12. What is attitude? Sentiments of a person. How we feel about things.
  13. Conduct and action. What we do
  14. Legalism….following the letter of the law
  15. Grace….Love of God
  16. Retaliation. Revenge

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To our retiring pastor - version 1
Written Aug 16 1959

Once there was a man and wife
Who came to our congregation
The reason for their coming
Was to preach to us salvation.

He stood behind the pulpit
He told us of God's love
He told us of God's Holy Spirit
So gentle like a dove.

He said if you expect to go to heaven
You must repent of your sins
Come out from the world
If you want to enter in.

He shared with us our sorrow
He shared with us our joys
He carried a burden for us
He prayed for our girls and boys.

Sometimes he lifts us up
Sometimes he takes us down
He said you must be obedient
If you would win a crown.

There is one who stood by his side
Yes, it was his good wife
She has helped him to keep courage
And lived a Christian life.

To our retiring pastor - version 2

Once there was a man and wife
Who came to our congregation.
The reason for their coming
Was to preach to us salvation.

He stood behind the pulpit
He told us of God’s love.
He told us of God’ Holy Spirit
So gentle like a dove.

He said if you expect to go to heaven
You must repent of your sins.
Come out from the world
If you want to enter in.

He shared with us our sorrow.
He shared with us our joys.
He carried a burden for us.
He prayed for our girls and boys.

Sometimes he lifts us up.
Sometimes he takes us down.
He said you must be obedient
If you would win a crown.

There is one who stood by his side.
Yes, it was his good wife.
She has helped him to keep courage
And lived a Christian life.

But now the time has come
When we must say goodbye.
Our God is able to keep us
Till we meet beyond the sky.

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Children, My Children
Written ??

One day as I stood before my class
And looked them each in the face
And my heart cried unto God
Will they enter in this Christian race?
Or will they go on their sinful way
And not accept your love
Or will they strive to enter in
And reach the land above?

Children, my children, what are you doing
Whatever is on your mind
Haven't you any fear of walking in sin
At the end of life, what will you find?

It won't be a place of peace and love
If you fail to enter the race
Oh no, but a place of hopeless despair
You will never see the Saviour's face.

But if you repent and turn to Christ
And let Him take away your sin
He'll make a new creature of you
He'll give you a new heart and take you in.

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Sins and Sins
Written 1955

Sin -is one
Sins -are many
Sin -is the root
Sins -are the fruit
Sin -is the inward cause
Sins -are the outward effect
Sin -is as old as the ages
Sins -have been committed by us in our short life
Sin -is a disease
Sins -are the symptoms
Sin -needs removing or destroyed
Sins -Need forgiveness or pardon

I have heard people pray for their loved ones to take sleep from their eyes, take rest from their body, remove their appetite, make them miserable till they turn and find thee.

I don't know if we should pray that way or not. All this sure would make them miserable, but would they do anything about getting saved. I believe we should just pray God to convict them of their sins; show them they are lost and are a sinner, and Jesus wants to forgive them. God's love will draw them to Him. I believe instead of making them physically miserable --make them Soul miserable.

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Missionary Society
Written Jul 23 1954

Then there's the missionary society
You belong to that little band
You may never cross the ocean
Nor cross the burning desert sand.

But you can help the heathen
If you fast and if you pray
If you pay your prayer and fasting money
And your dues along the way.

Then you also have a story
For everyone that's there,
On a Sunday morning
Child, you must join your works with prayer.

Prayer is the golden key
That opens the door of love
You must trust and be obedient
And serve the Saviour up above.

Now, child, look at your little garden
And tell me once again
That it's such a tiny place
When so many are out in sin.

Will you do your best to tend this garden
As you go along the way?
And I said yes to Jesus
I will work and fast and pray.


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A face I saw
Written as a member saw him - Lois Combs??

Once I saw a face I shall never forget. It was such a kind face. The brow was wide and furrowed with lines of care, from carrying a burden for our souls. His hair was graying and thin at the temples. The jaws were firm. The chin was strong and square cut. The nose was smooth. The mouth was wide. The lips were full and always upturned with a smile.

But the eyes. Those eyes I shall never forget. They were eyes that twinkled and were like a deep pool. Yet they were so soft and full of love. But they were also very stern. They seemed to pierce to the very depths of my soul. They were the eyes of pity and love and compassion for his people.

He made me think of Jesus as He wept over Jerusalem. This face I shall never forget. I should know for it is the face of my Pastor, Bro Meyer.

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One little rose
Written Jan 30 1978

I had rather have one little rose with a real long stem
While I am here to enjoy it
While I am here to feel, see and smell them
Than to have dozens and dozens after i am gone

So I want to thank my Pastor and Mrs. Kaufman for their visits and prayers. Also my relatives and many friends who came to see me and for the beautiful plants and flowers and other gifts. And the dozens of beautiful cards and messages.

I also want to thank Rev Mark and Chris and Don and Dinese for their visits and prayers.

I also thank my Dr. and nurses and every one that helped me.

Especially I want to thank each one who prayed, for your prayers have brought me back again. I feel it and I know it in my heart and I am grateful.

Yours in Christ - Lois

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Some of the benefits I get out of attending church regularly
Written ??

I think first I could say it gives me the right perspective of life. It helps me find my bearings and keep them. It helps me to keep spiritually healthy. If we fail to eat our food regularly each day, we will soon lose strength and know something is wrong. If we do not attend church regularly we will soon lose our spiritual strength and our desire to attend church. Then we will go only because we feel it's our duty to go, not because we really have a desire to go.

Then it helps me to feel that I belong. It gives me a place where I can take my family and feel assured in my heart that they will be pointed in the right course of life.

Then the most important it helps me to find God and the way of holiness which is the everything that we must have if we see inside the Pearly white city.

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The Gathering Storm
Written ??

The storm was gathering. Could see the shadow of the cross. I think of one of Holman Hunts most famous paintings. "The shadow of death" depicts Jesus in the carpenter's work shop at Nazareth. It is the close of the day, and the last rays of the setting sun are streaming in through the open door. The young carpenter who has been toiling at his bench, raises himself for a moment from his cramped stooped position and casts a shadow on the wall behind him, and it's in the form of a cross.

It's the artists striking way of reminding us that right from the beginning of Jesus' ministry death was in the air. From the very start the end was certain.

This in deed is evident to everyone who reads between the lines of the gospel.

In the hour when Jesus out in the wilderness of the temptation flatly and finally rejected the line of compromise.

In that hour the shadow of the cross fell. I think as we read Isaiah 53 that Jesus sees himself as the suffering servant. He knows the cross was there from the first.

By the time of the great confession at Ceasarea Philippy it was something more than a shadow. Jesus now began to speak explicitly of his coming death - direct and clear however as his words were, the disciples failed to understand the truth.

To these men it was incredible. It was against their preconceived ideas and hopes. It must be some strange parable their master was telling them. Peter said "Lord this shall not be unto thee". How difficult it was for Jesus to get them to grasp the truth. They could still go on babbling about the best place in the kingdom. Only Christ saw the cross. He went unwavering to meet it.

The cross was conceived by its originators as an instrument whose angular shadow should strike terror to the heart.

We may be thankful that such an initial meaning has been lost. However, with that loss certain needed truths have been endangered.

The story goes for instance that a little girl sat one Sunday in church she sobbed and trembled as the preacher behind the pulpit read about a gentle loving character who was taken by maddened men and cruelly put to death.

Her mother beside her suddenly noticed the agitation of her small daughter so leaning over she said "Why dear, you musn't act like that . That's just an old story from the Bible".

But the little girl was right - she really saw and really felt the tragedy, the pain and suffering of that event which her mother recalled simply as a tale often told.

Hearing something over and over may dull the sharp edge of comprehension, but it can never erase the keen deep anguish of the Christ upon the cross.

The son of God between thieves was drinking the bitter dredge of a world's transgression.

Yet in his deepest humility, Jesus was never more kingly. The triumphal entry had come days before. Psalm Sunday with palms and praise had passed. The Palm Sunday crowd found it easy to celebrate but hard to consecrate.

Their clamor never had been devotion - their tenuous welcome early turned to scorn - Their hosannas to crucify.

Yet on the cross Jesus was as regal as a messiah as when he rode through the streets.

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What Easter means to me
Written ??

We remember how on Easter morning the women came to the sepulcher to anoint the body of Jesus, and they found the tomb empty.

Jesus had told them He would arise on the third day, but they didn’t seem to grasp what He meant.  But I am glad the tomb was empty, because this assures me that all Jesus told them was true.  That the resurrection is the final assurance that Jesus’ word shall never fail.

Easter is always on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21st.  It’s the time when new life is springing forth everywhere.  In John 12:24 He says, “Verily verily I say unto you except a corm of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone.  But if it dies it bringeth forth much fruit”.

If Jesus had only gone to the cross it wouldn’t have helped us.  Resurrection gave new life.

Easter assures me of the abiding presence of Jesus if we will accept it in  this life and eternity with him after this life.

What Easter means affects our whole life for we have to have faith in Jesus promises.

Jesus says, “Lo I am with you even to the end of the world.”  If we are a Christian He is with us.

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A journey I made
Written Nov 1975

I want to tell you about a journey I recently made.  It was a journey that seems so very long.  It was from here almost to eternity.  Some was very rough and seemed to be up hill, but part of the journey was more pleasant.

I remember I entered the hospital on Friday, November 14, 1975 at 2:00 O’clock.  I was taken to the 4th floor for some reason, I do not know, as that floor is for surgical patients.  I sat in my room for a while.  There was another very nice lady in the other bed, we talked for a while then we were given supper.  I thought that night and next day was all I stayed on the 4th floor, but that was all not clear in my mink they tell me I was on 4th floor till Monday.  I just don’t remember what really happened.

I remember the day must have been Monday.  My favorite nurse came and told me they were moving me to 3rd floor.  I don’t remember anything about the move, but I was moved and my first recollection was of a little woman with a sore foot asking me for my bedspread.  I asked what she wanted with my bedspread as they were all alike, through the hospital.  She said she wanted to make her a carpet with it.  I told her to use hers as it was just like mine.  But I soon discovered that her foot was not as bad as her head.  She cried and prayed and carried on constantly.

Soon the nurse came by the door and looked in, she was really upset, she said “ they can’t put you in here, this is not where I meant for you to go”, she put me in a wheelchair and went down the hall a couple of doors.  She took me in a nice room; there were two beds, but no one occupying them.  She asked me how I liked it.  I thought it was the most beautiful room I had ever seen.  I quickly said it was great.  She said get in bed and she would get my things.

Nothing is completely clear from that time on for days.  I would come and go, my memory was short, I know I had lots of company and my big window looked like a little green house.  I had so many flowers and lots of cards.  Maybe part of the day, my mind was clear, and then my memory would slip away.

The Doctor said it was my heart and pneumonia.  I had a lot of fluid and I lost ten pounds in one day.

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To Jeffrey Todd Thorsen
Written Jul 17 1968 by Lois Combs - Great Grandmother

My little son, I want to talk to you.
Will you listen to what I have to say?
We have brought you to Church
For this babies day.

I know, baby, you are so very young
And you won’t understand
But it won’t be so very long ‘till you
Will be a man.

And I do so want to warn you
Of this old world today
That you will miss the pitfalls that
Are set along lifes’ way

I think, baby, the way to teach you
Is for your daddy and me
To live a good Christian life
And as you grow older you may see

Now, baby, you know we love you
We love to cuddle and hold you tight.
I think a good time to tell you Jesus
Loves you Is when I tuck you in at night.

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Sorry for our teenagers
Written ??

I feel sorry for our teenagers.  I feel we are putting too much pressure on them.  What I mean is we praise them up so high; we make them think they are so much smarter than their piers.  And that the generation that is passing is not too much with it.

I think we are creating a generation gap for them, when we should be creating respect and love for their elders.  For when there is no respect for their elder generation we can never work together.

I believe we should encourage them and tell them when they have done well.  But not create in them a false pride.  I know they have many advantages over we older ones.  We were more or less on our own.  We had to have faith and more or less we had to depend on God to help us find it.  But now, we try to make everything so easy for them.   I am afraid many times we hinder, more than we help.  They can’t ride in on the coat tail of their parent.

I am afraid.  We create a generation gap right down through the middle of our church.  When in God I don’t believe there is a gap.  We all have to come the same way.  Jesus said, “I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I change not.”  He said, “I am the door. We must come through the door.  We must repent.”

I know many methods have changed, many for the better, which I appreciate.  If we find something that works, let’s grab it quick.  But not just because others are doing it, but because it works for us.  Let’s do not follow closely to the world.  They do not follow or take a pattern from us.  So let’s not pattern after them.  Wake up Nazarene; let’s not make it hard for our young people. Let’s do not create in them underwater submarines of false pride, envy strife.  Let’s help them see, we are all in this together, regardless of age.  God love’s all of us.  We are just a sinner saved by Grace.  I think we all have a talent, maybe some more than one.  Let’s use what we have.

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How can I give my Sunday School class a boost?
Written ??

Sunday school to me is one of the most important places is our church.  I think the reason is that it has given me a place where I can serve the Lord, a place where I can express myself.  We must be sold out for it.

When I was growing up, my one desire was to be a school teacher.  That was impossible for me to accomplish, but when the Lord saved me, he has given me a place in his Great Vineyard to work all these years.  I have taught in Sunday school most of the time since I have been saved.

Why do I teach or work in Sunday school or what teaching means to me.  I think the first qualification is to be saved and sanctified and unless we are I don’t believe we can teach.  O.K. we might entertain, but to teach means to give out to impart a truth and we can’t give something we do not posses. We need love and compassion.  We need to see our class regardless of age as a group that is on their way to heaven and if they are not a Christian, they will never make.  I believe we need to begin right down in our young age and teach them the truth.  The primary and juniors are a great place to work.

It means more than just saying “Honey do you love Jesus?” Most anyone says yes without thinking what it really means.  But bring it right down to the truth; tell them how we must repent.  I know we have to give it out on their level, but they understand more than you think.  Teach them to pray to believe in prayer to have faith in God.

We must teach them to love and respect God and God’s house.  We must create in them a desire to want to go to Sunday school.  We lay a lot of stress on faith and prayer.  A lot of them will pray when you ask them.  I think how many times we as adults are surprised when God does something for us.  I had a lesson on faith.  I had $1.00 I asked how many believed I would give them the $1.00 if they came up.  Only two boys believed, David and Todd. Of course Todd would believe whatever I told him, but David believed.  He came up and I gave it to him, the others were surprised.  So little lessons will help teach them certain facts.

I think to boost our Sunday school is to talk it and live it and talk it wherever we go.

One thing we must not show favoritism.  Oh, it’s easier to love some than it is others, but we must never show them.

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Catch up on my thoughts - version1
Written ??

If I could only catch up with my thoughts for a few moments till I can sort out a few things in my own mind.  So I can see what is worthwhile and what isn’t worth carrying a round.

I think of this burden I have on my heart and how it is so consuming.  It seems to be burned on my brain.  It’s a burning fire.  It cannot be consumed.

Catch up with my thoughts - version 2
Written Mar 1972

If I could catch up with my thoughts, I am sure I could tell you a lot.  But they are racing along so fast.  Oh, there they go again, off in another channel.  Sometimes, I wonder just where they will go.

I now seem to see a cross with Jesus lifted up on the hill of Calvary.  It’s funny somehow, for he didn’t say anything about recreation or anything but just lift me up.

Catch up on my thoughts - version 3
Written ??

If I could keep up with my thoughts I am sure I could tell you something. I was just thinking of people who are in the service tonight and the many needs of the human heart for surely there are many.

Oops, off they go in another direction I wonder what the thoughts of the many hearts are.

Catch up on my thoughts - version 4
Written ??

If I could only catch up with my thoughts, and capture them long enough to get them on paper, I think they would make quite a story.

The only bad thing is they hop from here to there from one episode to another.  Here they go racing again on and on.

I have so many things on my heart to pray for.  Some times I wonder which first.  Now just what is the most important?

My Christian beliefs
Written ??

My Christian Beliefs of “God”

The eternal One
The everlasting to everlasting
God is Holy
God is Perfect
God is Love

My Christian Beliefs of “The Bible”

The Bible is Gods word to man.
It is inspired of God.
It tells us the way to heaven.

My Christian Beliefs of “The Holy Spirit”

Is the third person of the Trinity.
The Holy Spirit is to us what Jesus was to the people of Galilee.

My Christian Beliefs of “Jesus the Savior”

Jesus died on the Cross, lay in the grave,
Arose from the dead.  All this to redeem us from sin.

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So long
Written ??

So long I searched for something
To satisfy my weary soul.

So long I searched for something
To make me whole.


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Could this be the reason
Written ??

o I dare put my thoughts on paper; do I dare put what I am thinking on paper?  I am wondering just why we never have a great revival, oh I know if we get one soul saved that is great, for one soul is worth more than the whole world.  But when there is so many that needs God there must be a reason why we don’t have more at the alter.

I have been sick this week and been home every night.  It’s been a good time to think.  I really believe we must get ready for revival.  That is a time that is different from all other times of the year.  It’s an ingathering for the work we have done during the year.

I think it’s a time to settle down and be very serious.  It’s a time when we should forget our social events, and having a good time.  It’s a time when souls are in the balance.  It doesn’t take much till The Holy Spirit will take flight.  So lets be very careful what we do, say or act. 

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Count your blessings
Written ??

sighed because the day was dark – and then I met a child who had no eyes.  I complained because the walk was long – until I met a man who had no legs.  I prayed for wealth beyond my need – and then I met a poor soul with no bread at all.

Oh Lord, forgive me – for the world is mine.

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What is a Mother
Written ??

What is a mother, is it just some one who brings the baby into the world? Or is it some one who feeds them and bathes them and puts them to bed when they are small?

A real mother is one who loves them, and teaches the right way.  She is one who can kiss the hurt all away.  She wraps up cuts and bruises.

She can even help them when their hearts are broken.  She can calm their fears.

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May 22, 1971
Written May 22, 1971


Love is strong as death; jealously is cruel as the grave.
Song of Salomon 8:16

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom.
Proverbs 4:7

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Ruthie - My Christmas Wish
Written ??

Songs and chimes on Christmas Day
Tell of the child born far away
In ancient times we’ll never know,
In places we may never go.

Yet today it’s still the same
As when the lowly shepherds come
The joy of Christmas old but new:
With all its wonder comes to you

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My Heart
Written ??

Lord take me on a tour through my own back yard, give me a peek around.  Let me see if it’s messy and cluttered.  Let me see if my steps are swept clean, or if they are cluttered up with the many things of the day.

There is so many things all around us these days that it’s so easy to let down a little here or there.

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Written ??

Among my first recollections are of a little white house settled back among the hills of Kentucky.  Our house was a very comfortable place.  It was a white house with brown shutters at the windows, nestled at the foot of a big hill.  Our yard was large and rolling, there were cobble stone steps leading down the hill to the yard gate, just beyond this was a beautiful little stream of water over which there was a bridge leading across the creek to our barn and cribs where my dad kept his corn, hay and other feed for our two big horses.

One of the pleasant things I remember about our house was the fireplace where we had many enjoyable days in the long winter months.

One day I remember my dad came home and told my mother he had sold our house and had bought another one close to my grandfather’s house.  My mother began to get things ready to move.  I was only about five years at the time, my sister wasn’t yet three.  So it didn’t bother us whether we moved or not.

So finally the morning came that dad and mother began loading our furniture on our wagon.  It was a cold morning in January.  The snow was coming down and the wind was real cold.

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Trina Combs - The Angel's message
Written ??

The shepherds on the hillside
Looked up and saw the light;
An angel standing by them
Was dressed in brightest white

“Don’t be afraid;” the angel said,
“I’ll bring you news of joy;”
yonder in the manger
Lies a baby boy.

“The Baby is the Son of God,
Christ, the promised one.
Come to be the Savior
Of each and every one.”

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Heart squeezed
Written ??

Did you ever have your heart squeezed and squeezed and squeezed till it was absolutely dry?  It seemed like a desert place and wondered if it would be moist a gain.

Or opposite of that you felt like the floods and the torrents of life were pressing you down, and feeling like your heart was so full it would break into bits and pieces?

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Father's Day
Written ??

There’s just a few words I would like to say to all of our dads this special day.

Be careful each day what you do.  There is probably some little feet following you.

They look up to dad and think he is just right.

Teach him the right way with all your might.

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Written Nov 18 1972

If I am a great orator and speak very fluently and have not love, I become soundless.

If I understand things that are hidden and have a great knowledge and have great faith and have not love.  I have nothing.

And though I help the unfortunate and if I give and help out in many ways and do not love them, it will profit me nothing.

Love is compassionate, it suffers long, it reaches out.  It doesn’t question but keeps right on loving.  It never thinks we know it all, it never shows off.

Love is humble; it gives the other one a chance.  It is not always thinking the worst of others, it sees some good in all.

It does not rejoice when someone else fails.

Love never fails prophases may fail, our voices will cease to be.  Our knowledge and all we have learned will vanish, but love is there to stay.

We can’t see the whole of the thing here for we are limited we only know in part.

But some day that which is perfect shall come, then all other things shall pass away.

When I was a child I acted as children do.  But one day I grew up and put away my childish things.

Here we can only see a part of the picture, but some day we will get the whole picture, some day all darkness will pass a way.

Then I will think of three things I did.  I taught a class.  I had faith in God.  I had love for my class.  Of these three love is the greatest.

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Completely on the altar
Written ??

How many of us has put ourselves completely on the altar?  Have we given ourselves over completely to Christ?  He says “Commit your ways to him and he will direct our paths.”

Are we following close enough to him that nothing can get between?

Christ say’s carry ye until you be endued with power from on high.  Power for what, just to see what we could do?  No but power to live above sin, power to be overcomers, power to have a victorious life.  Power to learn how to possess the vessel God has given us. 

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Barren without Christ
Written ??

t was a cloudy, dreary morning as I stood by my kitchen window while doing my breakfast dishes.  There was a light drizzle of rain coming down.  As I looked down the hill at the trees standing there with their bare branches shivering in the cold, everything looked so dreary. The trees had been stripped of all their splendor and beauty.  There were a few brown leaves still clinging to the almost bare branches.

As I looked at these trees, I thought how much people are like them before they find Christ - just standing alone with no one to help when the storms of life come upon them and the strong north winds blow about them.  It’s then that we need an anchor for our souls - One who can whisper to the wind and the waves, “Peace be still”, and the wind and the waves obey His will.

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Written ??

I do feel sorry for our youth of today.   I feel that we are putting too much pressure on them by praising them too much and making them feel that they are so much smarter than this now passing generation, and  that our present generation is not “with it”.

I believe we are creating a generation gap for them when we should be teaching them to love and respect their elders.  For when there is no respect, we can never work together.  We should let them know when they have done well, but not create within them a false pride.

I realize that our youth have many advantages over my generation.  We first and second generation Nazarenes were more or less on our own.  We didn’t have many programs and aids to help us, but had to pray and learn to trust in God to help us. Perhaps this was good for us.


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Alabaster Box
Written ??

My little Alabaster Box
I kept it on the shelf
Away where no one else could see,
Almost  forgot it was there myself.

But one day I got to thinking
What my little box really meant.
Could it be just for a few pennies,
In a year would be only a few cents.

Then I thought how Jesus loved me,
How He left His home on high.
He came down to seek and save us,
Left His home for such as I.

Then I bowed my head in silence,
And I thought and thought some more.
Then I saw my Alabaster Box
As I had never seen it before.

Just think of our missionaries
For help from you and me
So let’s fill our Alabaster Box
Then happy we will be.

My little Alabaster Box,
It is so very small.
If we fill it to the very brim,
It’s such a little after all.


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Written ??

As I sit all alone and wait,
The night seems long
and the hours are late.
And still my boy does not come.

Oh - I wonder,
where can he be,
Doesn’t he know I’m waiting,
Does he ever think of me?

Oh - now I hear his step,
And there he is at the door.
He says, “Mom, I’m here
And I won’t be late anymore.”

Oh, could he only know
The worry he brings to me,
I’m sure he wouldn’t be late,
No never anymore.

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Spare Time
Written ??

One of the greatest differences in people is in what we do with our spare time. Of course, most of our time is taken up by things that have to be done and we can't avoid our necessary obligations.  We must all eat and sleep.  Go to school.  Work to earn a living. Maintain homes. Care for our families.

But all of us - even the busiest  -  have some spare time on our hands.  Some of us have very little, but we can appraise ourselves by what we do during these precious minutes.

If we read the Bible fifteen minutes daily, we can read it through almost twice in a year.  Or we could read all of the Shakespearean plays through in a year in that amount of time.

Fifteen minutes equates to 5460 minutes a year - or approximately 91 hours.  If we would multiply this by 55 years (ages 10 - 65), this would give us 5005 hours!  Thinking about it this way, there is a lot that could be accomplished with small amounts of time.

Sometimes we waste more time dodging work, or explaining why we can't do something, than it would take to do the job. If we would just go ahead and do it, so much time wouldn't be wasted.


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Our Christian walk
Written ??

I was thinking about our Christian walk, and how weak we really are.  So many times, we say we are so willing to "go through with Him" and would be willing to suffer anything for the Lord.

But the first little whiff from the devil comes along and we are ready to give up.  It is true when we say that the flesh is weak.

I believe that if we truly commit ourselves to our walk in Christ as enthusiastically as the "world" commits to it's programs, we would grow more in the Lord and be more better Christians.

I was watching the singers and musicians on TV on the Arthur Godfrey Show.  I couldn't help but admire  the effort they put forth to entertain and win the approval of the audience.  They put all of themselves into what they were doing.

Our being a Christian and our work for the Lord should inspire even greater dedication.  If we would put all of our efforts into our work for the Lord, and watch God bless our efforts and do HIS part, we would win many more for the Christ.

When Jesus went to the garden to pray, He took Peter, James, and John farther than the other disciples and asked them to watch and wait with Him.  He then went on a little farther alone to pray.  When He came back, the disciples were asleep.  Jesus then said to them, "The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak".

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Our Youth
Written ??

Much is said about our young people who are Christians, and how we can encourage them and keep them up and going.  They should be encouraged.  We need to do everything  possible to help them and make it as easy for them as we can.  I believe that they are the most courageous young people there are, and we should very proud of them.

But I wonder about those who are not yet in the fold.  They are some mother's boy or girl.  Maybe they haven't had the encouragement they need.  Perhaps someone has failed them along the way.  Could it be our own N.Y.P.S. that has failed them?  I have noticed that if a young person is not yet saved, there is not as much interest shown in them.

Oh, I know that sometimes they try us to the very limit.  But still, we need to have patience. I'm sure that Paul didn't always have full cooperation in his ministry, but he kept on trying.

I'm reminded of the scripture that says, "Go out into the highways and byways, and compel them to come in".  I began thinking just what this meant.  I thought of a highway and where it leads. Some people mistakenly feel that this scripture applies only to the down-and-outs.  But all types of people live along the highways - people who are lovable, and those who are unlovable. The best and the worst of people live along this highway.

I think of our own young people who are unsaved, many who have Nazarene parents -  I might say the ones right on our own door steps.  Some come to the N.Y.P.S meetings.  While they are still outside the fold, but they do live along the "highway".

Then I think of the byways and where they lead.  A byway is a road or path that is a bit more out of the way than the highway.  They are not considered a highway.  I think of people in churches that are not holiness churches, and it really is more difficult to go to the byways and compel them to come in.  But the command is still there - "Go...and compel them to come in".

Perhaps you do not see this the way I do.  But the other night in N.Y.P.S., my thoughts were along this line, and I thought I would write them down.  My pencil could hardly keep up with my thoughts, so I do believe the Lord gave me these thoughts.


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God's Handiwork
Written ??

I stood by my kitchen window looking down the hill in back of our house,  and then past the hill, down to the ravine.  Our house is built on the top of a hill and a little stream flows at the bottom of the ravine.

I looked at the beauty that God had displayed there.  It was early October, and the trees and leaves were so beautiful in their brilliant colors.  There were green, gold, yellow, and red.  It looked like an artist had been hard at work painting the many different colors as he passed by.

I thought how much God must enjoy beauty and perfection to make everything so beautiful.  I also thought of the clay pot He had made which was marred, and how he remolded and reshaped it and smoothed it into a thing of beauty and perfection.

I thought back a few years of a boy who had been in the Sunday School class that I was teaching.

One Sunday morning during class, he looked uncomfortable, like he had a load too heavy to carry.  I asked him if there was something he wanted.  He said he wanted to go to the altar.

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What this Church means to me
Written 19 Jul 1981

This church means a lot to me.  It has been our very life.  It’s a place we can go too to find relief from the world and worldly things.  To me it has been like a city of refuge.

It has been and is a place we can take our problems and burdens.  The Lord will surely help us there.

It has been a place we could take our children and know it’s best for them.  It’s a place to have real friends, good advice and best wishes.

It’s a place where we have good Sunday School teachers and many friends who wish us well.  It’s a good place to meet the Lord and have communion with Him.

It has been a place of good revivals.  Many people came to the Lord.

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A true story
Written ??

It was a real chilly autumn day the 14 of November 1975 that I experienced my first bout with heart failure.  I was in the hospital exactly a month at that time.  I got better and came home.  I was doing fine but had to cut out a lot of my house and church work.

That almost broke my heart for we were charter members of our church of forty-seven years.  I was working at that time as Supervisor of the Primary department and I thought how can I give them up.

My Dr. said, “You can go to church one time on Sunday, but you must give up all of your responsibilities.”  So I did as he said.

But in April of 1976 I was back in hospital.  This time was heart failure and pneumonia in right center lobe.  Had pneumonia three times that year.

Then it was a beautiful Thanksgiving day.  We were getting ready to go to our daughter’s where our family were having Thanksgiving dinner.  When suddenly it struck me again.  And I was rushed to the hospital again on Thanksgiving of 1976.  This time I had myocardial heart failure, edema and pneumonia.  I lost six pounds in one day.

At this time I had the experience that I want to tell you about.

I was laying in my bed.  Nothing seemed any different from the previous days.  It was hard to breathe and I was having oxygen continually, but just tired and sleepy.  When suddenly, I found myself hanging outside the world which was a square block.  I was dangling outside holding on to a crimson card.  I looked down below.  All was darkness.  It was bottomless.  I thought if I ever let this card slip from my hand I will be gone for sure.

I struggled with all my strength to hold on and climb on top of this block which I thought was the world.  When all of a sudden I got to the top.  It was then I started on a long journey.  Some of the road was rough and steep and much up hill.  And it was very narrow.

I looked ahead and there was someone who seemed to be my guide.  He kept beckoning me on.  After traveling for a long time we came to a beautiful garden with great archways with roses and all sorts of beautiful flowers.  My guide went inside.  I followed and sat by a fountain of water bubbling up and as clear as crystal.  After a short rest he went on to another gate and beckoned me to come.  It was something of splendor, and I started right in but my guide touched me on the arm and said “not yet.”

Then all of a sudden I was back in my bed.  But I was almost choking but Jesus came beside me and took His finger and loosened the problem in my throat till I could breathe.

Later I told my nurse what had happened.  She said “that was when I was fighting for my life so hard.”

There was ten days of my life that I can’t remember much about, and there were two days they didn’t think I would make it. My Dr. had them to call in all my family.  Everyone was allowed in my room at different times.  I newer knew anyone was there.

The Dr. says I am a “miracle woman.”  It was at this time my pastor and people were praying so hard for me.  I felt myself wrapped in a blanket and borne along like riding the waves of the sea.


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Church of the Nazarene
Written 24 May 1980

In a beautiful little valley nestled among the foothills lies the property of the Church of “The Nazarene.”  With a winding little stream flowing along the east of the valley on either side are the rolling hills covered with many beautiful trees.  In the autumn it seems like an artist with [a] paint brush has passed over the hills.  There is so many beautiful tress and colors.

In this little valley we have our church, our fellowship hall and our four-bedroom parsonage.

In the year 1962 we began laying aside a nest egg each month for the purpose of buying land to build a new church when we found a suitable place.  Our old church was built on the side of a hill.  We had many steps to climb.  It was hard for our older people to enter and also we had no parking aside [from] just a short street on one side of the street.

There were two men, one Ernest Johnson and Herbert Redford, who discovered this 23 ½ acres of ground in the very east section of Marseilles.  It was located on Route 6.  This property had a little four-room house on it.

Our minister at this time was Rev. Cainnan [Canan?] Dale and wife Adline.  They had two boys at home at this time.  Rev. Dale moved his family from our parsonage on the hill into this little four-room house so as to be near his work.  We sold our parsonage and applied it to the debt of 23 ½ acres we had purchased.

In 1963 work began on our new property.  Rev. and Mrs. Dale really worked along with men from the congregation.  They worked long and hard, never seemed to grow tired of the tremendous job they had undertaken.  Rev. Dale kept his church up.  Never missed a sermon, his hospital call and many other duties.

In 1963 we build the educational wing and used part of it for worship.  It is now our primary and beginners.  The room we used for our worship at first is now a big Sunday school room.  We now have fourteen SS rooms.

In 1965 we started our present auditorium, pastor’s study, a couple of other offices, some extra SS rooms, junior department and nursery for toddlers and one for babies.  Work was finished in 1966.

Then in 1968 our church was dedicated.  Rev. Lyle Eckley spoke to us.  Mayor David Guthrie was present.

Parsonage was built in 1966 and 1967.  This was done under the supervision of Rev. Dale.  He then moved.

Then in Oct. 1968 Rev. Vincent came.  He built the fellowship hall in 1969.

Since then we have had Rev. and Mrs. Robert Wellmon [Wellman?].  They did many odd jobs around, made a parking lot in front of church.  They were missionaries to South America also to El Salvador Central America.  Then they wanted to go back to the mission field.  So they went for a year.

After Rev. and Mrs. Wellmon, Rev. Duane Kaufman and wife Sharon and their three children came to us Sept. 5, 1976.  They are still with us.  Rev. Kaufman seems to know where he is going and how to get it done.  He has done many jobs since he has been here.  We now have a big parking lot in the back.  He has took off a good part of the hill, got a lot of cleaning up done.

One of the things I like about him, he seems to have time for the older people.  You know you that are not old now are on your way.  Youth stands still for no one.  It’s a period we all pass through, but it doesn’t wait for any of us.  Time marches on.

Burning our mortgage, June 1, 1980, will take place next Sunday. 

(other notes/draft of Church of “The Nazarene”)

At the far east end of Marseilles on Morris Road, nestled in a little valley among the foothills with a beautiful little stream flowing through, lies the property of 23 ½ acres of the Church of the Nazarene, the parsonage and fellowship hall.

It was in 1962 we began seeing our dreams coming true with our pastor Rev. Canan Dale.  The men began work on the educational buildings.  We had our services there until we could begin our sanctuary.

In the meantime we built a four-bedroom brick parsonage.  Then they went back to complete the church with our sanctuary, a big over flow and the pastor’s study and fifteen Sunday school rooms, a small office and a coat room beside the big foyer.  We like our church. It is a very comfortable air conditioned place to worship in.

The last of our project is a brick fellowship hall size _ _.  The men did most of this work themselves.  The work here in our beautiful little valley has been carried on the past six years by the capable hands of Rev. and Mrs. Robert Wellmon.


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The thing that counts
Written 1976

It isn’t   the program that gets you there.

It isn’t the program that makes you aware.

But it’s the love of the Savior.  It’s by the Spirit of the living God.

Christ came in a dark time perhaps as dark or more so than now.  The Bible tells us to be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of His spirit.  We must be committed to Him.

The trouble today is people don’t want to be spiritual.  They want to bargain and God doesn’t have a bargain counter.

Prayer life is not an accident.  We must pray much.  Pray effective.  We must watch and pray that we enter not into temptation.  Luke 18:1 says men ought to always pray.  If we don’t we will lose out.

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If you go first
Written for 50th wedding open house circa 1974-1975

If you go first and I remain
To walk down that road alone
I’ll live in memories’ garden dear
With happy days we’ve known
In spring I’ll watch for roses red
To face the lilacs blue
In every fall when brown leaves call
I’ll catch a glimpse of you

Should you go first and I remain
To finish with the scroll
No lengthening shadows shall creep in
To make this life see droll
We’ve known so much of happiness
We’ve had our cup of joy
And memory is one gift of God
Which nothing can destroy

Should you go first and I remain
One thing I would have you do
Walk slowly down that long long path
For soon I will follow you
I’ll want to know each step you take
That I may walk the same
For soon down that lonely road
You will hear me call your name
Beyond the sunset



It happened one Christmas
Written 1968  - she also titled this story "It began at Christmas"


It was one cold bleak December afternoon. The first snow of the season was whirling in the air. Nellie sat by the fireplace gazing into the dying embers. When suddenly she aroused out of her deep thoughts, and put another stick of wood on the fire before it was completely out.

Then she sat down and continued with her thoughts. Suddenly she went to the window and looked down the street for that familiar farm, but no one seemed to be on the street in a snow storm like this one. No one dared be out. The snow seemed to be coming down all the faster. One could scarcely see past the end of the driveway.

Nellie was expecting her brother home from college tonight to spend the Christmas vacation with her and their mother. Their father had died just two years ago leaving them with barely enough for the necessities of life. Nellie was a senior in college and her brother Jack was a freshman in the same college. Jack wanted to quit school and get a job. He said it was his place to look after his family, but mother had definitely said no. They should both finish their college education.

Nellie had graduated and got a school in their own home town as there just happened to be a vacancy in the second grade room at Washington School. Mother had gotten a job as Nurses Aid in the General Community Hopsita1 not far from their home. The part they didn't like about it was she had to work from four to twelve five days a week. That is why Nellie was alone tonight.

She came home from school and had something to eat, then sat down by the fire thinking of the things that had happened since their father had died. She was thinking of the hard struggle they had till she graduated from college. But Mother had been so brave about it all, and had gone out and gotten this job at this wonderful hospital. It had just seemed like the Lord had directed her very steps to it. After Father had gone away Mother had gathered her and Jack around her knees as she had done when they were little children, and she had laid her problem before the Lord. She told Him how much she wanted her children to continue their education; not just for any selfish purpose, but that they might be better fitted for the life ahead of them. She said, "Dear Lord, perhaps they will also meet some good Christian for their life's partner." As there was no real Christian in their little town except the few that came to the little church they attended.

Mother had said, "I am willing to work if you will just lead the way." This wonderful job had almost been laid on their doorsteps.

It was just about a month after father had gone. Nellie and Jack were back in school. One day Mother sat with her Bible open just sort of looking over some promises she was trying to grasp and stand upon. She had promised the Lord she would furnish the woman if He would furnish the job. When suddenly the telephone gave a ring. She hurried to answer the call. It was their family doctor. He was more than just a doctor; he was an old friend and was interested in their welfare. Hadn't he been the one to bring her children into the world, and he had stood by them through measles, mumps and whooping cough; also the time Jack had eaten all those green apples he had sat beside his bed all night. He had taken care of the children's father to the very last. Now she heard his voice saying, "Hello Mary, I want to ask a favor of you. One of the aids at the hospital was taken suddenly ill, leaving short help for tonight. Won't you just come over and give us a hand till she is back on the job? It will be night work, but I am sure you will like it." She thought for a moment and a Voice seemed to say, "Haven't you been asking Me for a job? Well, here it is offered you without an effort." She didn't hesitate for one moment, but quickly answered, "I will come." It hadn't paid much, but had been a means of their education being made possible. Nellie had gotten a job helping in the dining room during the last semester. Jack had also gotten a job helping the janitor fire the boiler night and morning. So they had gotten along. Now she was settled teaching second grade at the very school she and Jack had gone to when they were children!

Nellie loved her job and the children, and they loved their teacher very much. Now Jack was a senior. Very soon he would be on his own, and Mother could give up her job and stay home and make a home for them; but Mother loved her work at the hospital. When she was helping someone she was very happy.

Nellie put another stick of wood on the fire and sat down watching the sparks go up the chimney. They had an old-fashioned house; it had a huge firep1ace and they always liked to watch the fire burn when fresh wood was put on. This had been Nellie's grandmother's house when she was a little girl. When the house was built it had been country all around here, but now the town had built up around it.

Nellie was thinking of all the fun she and Jack had in this very house as they were growing up, and when grandmother and grandfather lived here. That was before they went to Florida to live. Grandma said they just might as well move into the house for it would be theirs someday when she was gone anyway. So before Father had passed away they had moved in this house.

Grandpa and grandma were getting old now, so they said they were going to take it easy in their old age, and do some of the things they had always wanted to do when they were younger, and never had a chance or the money till they were older. There had only been one child, which was Nellie's mother. Grandpa and grandma had always taken care of grandma's mother till she passed away. That's why the house belonged to grandma, and now it would be her mother's when grandma and grandpa were gone. Nellie loved grandpa and grandma a lot. She always had so much fun when it was still country around here.

Nellie looked at the clock; it was now 10:30 p.m. The train on which her brother was to have arrived on was due at 9:15p.m. She thought, oh, probably he was waiting till the storm was passed before he came as the college was only about eighty miles from home; when suddenly Nellie heard a car stop before the house and someone was on the porch. She started to the door when suddenly it burst open and she was gazing into a pair of the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen; and there was her brother right behind this young giant of a person. He said, "Sis, meet a real guy; this is one of my best friends, Jeff." "Jeff, this is Sis." Then he said, "Jeff is an evangelist; he ,just held a meeting at college, and his home is in Wyoming. He only has a week between meetings, and he couldn't make it there, so I brought him here to eat Christmas turkey with us." "Oh, by the way, Mother isn't here yet, is she?" "Jeff and I will pick her up; this snow is terrific. Jeff brought me home in his car." Then Jeff said, "I didn't know if we would make it or not, the snow was coming down so fast and the road was so slick, and around that hill it was pretty narrow; but Jack and I prayed for a safe trip."

By this time Nellie had gotten her breath, then said it would be over an hour before Mother finished work. "You boys come on in the kitchen and I will get something hot for you to eat. Mother left some soup on the stove; I'll just heat it up for you. It will help thaw you out." Nellie gave them a steaming hot bowl of soup. Jeff said, "My, this is wonderful:" "I wondered over on the other hill if we would ever get here safely. I didn't think then we would ever have a chance to have a wonderful bowl of soup like this." Then Nellie brought in a big slice of delicious apple pie for each of them. "Oh boy: Is this ever great:" Jeff said, "Well Jack, I understand why you were in such a hurry to get home. You said your mother and sister were the greatest. I can believe every word you said is true." "Nellie, you just ought to hear this brother of yours. Boy, when he gets started talking about his hometown and his family, you just can't turn him off!"


"Well Jack, I guess it's about time we leave this cozy warm place, and go out to battle this drifting snow again. Your mother should be off duty soon now. We want to catch her before she starts out walking in such a snow storm as this. Boy: Is it ever coming down!"

Nellie watched the two as they departed. She put another stick on the fire, and listened as it crackled and popped. She watched the flames as they took hold of the new fuel. She thought how glad I am that this old house has this old fireplace. It seems so much cozier with the fire crackling and popping. Of course they had a gas furnace now, but as a little girl she remembered Grandma and Grandpa had Only the huge fireplace. She and Jack like to play games before the fire.

She went to the window and looked down the street. She thought she heard a car. Yes, there was the headlights as they turned the corner. She ran into the kitchen to fix Mother a bowl of soup. The door burst open; there was Mother, Jack and Jeff. Mother and Jeff were chatting away like old friends. Nellie took her mother's coat, and put it in the hall closet; as Jack and Jeff put theirs away.

Mother ate the bowl of soup. Then she took down her old worn Bible. She said, "Children, gather around. We have so many things to thank the Lord for. The way He brought our boy home safe, and the wonderful friend he has brought to help make our Christmas just a little brighter. It always helps just sharing our happiness with someone else." "I am glad, Jack, you have found such a wonderful friend to share our Christmas with us. It is just wonderful to have my girl and boy home together. It seems like old times."

She read a portion from her Bible. Then she prayed, followed by Jack, then Nellie. Then Jeff, their new friend, closed the prayer thanking God for bringing them safely through the storm. He thanked God for bringing him to this home and these new friends where they loved the Christ whom he loved, and was trying to win others to Christ.

Then Mother said, "I think we had better retire for the night. Tomorrow will be a busy day getting everything ready for Sunday. This being Friday night, or rather Saturday morning; for now it's well past midnight. Christmas Eve on Tuesday, and the Cantata will be Sunday night. The last real practice will be tonight as this is Saturday already. To bad, Jack, you couldn't be here in time to practice for the Cantata. It's very good they say, and Rev. Gray's daughter, Lorie, is taking the solo part. She has a beautiful voice, and is a very beautiful girl. But Jack, we are all thankful for the few days you can be home with us. So now off to bed everybody; we will talk tomorrow."

Jack kissed his mother good night, and picked up his suitcase. Jack said, "get your suitcase and came on Jeff, don't you see they are trying to get rid of us?" Jeff hesitated for a moment. Then quickly gave Jack's mother a quick kiss on the cheek. He took Nellie's hand in his and gazed into her big brown eyes. He thought they were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen; then he quickly said, "good night". He took his suitcase in hand and followed Jack up the stairs. His heart took a quick beat, and seemed to stand still. He wondered what had happened to him. Was he falling in love with this beautiful girl, whom he had just met? He thought, can it happen ,just like that? He wondered if she had a steady or any special boy friend. So as he and jack prepared for bed a pair of brown eyes seemed to linger before him.

Jack said, "here Jeff, give me a hand. We have another bed right here in the hall closet. We always had it when the cousins came. You know dad's sister had a boy and two girls. They live on the east coast. They used to spend a couple of weeks here during the summer, so Nellie and I each had an extra bed in our closets just for these emergencies. When my cousin Larry and his sisters came, we ,just brought out the extras. They are all married now. They were a little older than Nellie and I. But we all had such wonderful times swimming and playing ball. Of course Grandpa and Grandma still lived here. But Nellie and I would come here with them for the two weeks, as we all enjoyed the good times we had. Grandpa and Grandma liked to have all five of us. We used to gather around the old organ at night. How we would sing! Grandma sure could play the old pump organ her mother had given her. Well, so much for that, let's get the bed out and get to sleep."

As Jeff lay wide awake under the soft warm blankets he could hear Jack's easy breathing. He knew Jack was sleeping, but those brown eyes kept coming before him.

Across the hallway the owner of those eyes. She kept thinking of this young giant of a person with the blue eyes the color of the beautiful sky. She wondered what was happening to her. A school teacher with her heart fluttering like a teenager who was in love with her prince charming. Soon she fell asleep, and she had the most wonderful dream she had ever had. Mother in the room next to Nellie wondered about a lot of things. She had seen this stranger gaze into the eyes of her little girl, and she thought she caught a twinkle in her little girl's eye. Now everyone was sleeping but Mother, and she prayed, "Dear God, have your way with my children's lives."

They all slept rather late, but when they came downstairs Mother was making pancakes and sausage. She had some of that wonderful jelly she had made last fall; just saving it for an occasion like this very one. Nellie cam down first; she said, "Hi Mom, Why didn't you call me so I could help?" Mother said, "I peeked in and you were sleeping soundly. I thought it was a shame to disturb you. I listened at the boys door; everything was quiet there too." Suddenly they both appeared on the stairs. Mother said, "Hurry and come on. I just have to get the juice, then we can eat." Jack thanked God for the food, and they ate almost in silence as if something sacred had settled down upon them. Mother wondered in her heart what could it be, for she saw the twinkle in Nellie's eye; they seemed to be extra bright this morning. And the look Jeff gave Nellie seemed to linger much longer than was necessary. She saw Jack cast a quick glance at his friend, and she wondered what was happening.

With breakfast over, Nellie said she would do the dishes. Mother would do the beds. Jack could unpack his suitcase. Jeff quickly said he would help Nellie do the dishes. So the two were left alone. They talked about the meetings Jeff had conducted. He had graduated fro the Seminar last June; hadn't been in the work long, but he loved his work very much. Of course traveling from different towns and states could get pretty lonely. But there were not many young men today going into the evangelistic field; so he was glad God had chosen him and called him into His ministry.

Then Nellie told him of her school, and how she loved her little second graders.

Now the kitchen was all cleared away; and Mother had finished upstairs, and Jack was calling "Come on up Jeff. I will help you unpack." He said, "Nellie, get some good warm clothes on; we will show Jeff about town. I think the snow is over. We must have at least eight inches on level ground, and look at the drift under the kitchen window. Up to the window sill." He told Jeff he could wear something of his if they would fit. Of coo Jeff was a couple or more inches taller than he, and about ten pounds heavier. Jeff must be six four or five, for Jack was six two. He was tall like his father, while Nellie was little like Mother. Nellie was barely five three and weighed 105 pounds. Nellie quickly dressed very warm and soon the boys were down and ready; so they decided to shovel the walks and driveway first. The snow plough had been along their street quite some time ago. They had a big drift across the driveway about five feet deep. They began to shovel. It took much longer than they thought, and it was very cold; the wind was blowing, and the snow kept drifting. Just as they were finishing, Mother called to them and said lunch was ready.

They went in and got out of their coats and boots. Mother had a bowl of warm chili; lots of meat in it. She also gave them a big piece of chocolate cake, ,just from the oven. Their snow shoveling had worked up an appetite. They ate the chili, and halo the chocolate cake with big gulps of hot coffee. Then Jeff helped Nellie again with the dishes; while Jack went down in the basement to do a little work down I there. Mother settled down with her Bible just for halo an hour reading and meditating. Then everyone gathered around Grandma's old organ for a few hymns. Jeff and Nellie worked out a duet together. Jack had a wonderful tenor voice, so he sang some wonderful tenor solos. Then Mother, Jack. and Nellie sang "Silent Night" as they used to do when they were children. Dad had always sung base, Mother soprano, Jack tenor, and Nellie alto. Now Jeff came in with the base.


They decided they had better go up town and finish some last minute shopping. Nellie ran quickly upstairs, for she had left her coat upstairs in her closet. She stood before her mirror and looked at her reflection. Her eyes were sparkling and very bright. Her cheeks seemed red. She wondered if she had a temperature. She put her hand to her cheeks and on her head, but they were cool. Her heart seemed to beat very quickly. She wandered if she was coming dawn with something. But she had never felt better in her life.

She hurried downstairs. The bays were waiting for her. Jack said, "that's just like a girl; always keep you waiting. I can't understand why it takes them so long to put their coat on". Then they were off. Jeff opened the car door for Nellie to get in, then he got in the driver's seat. Jack got in beside his sister, and they were off. Each one thinking his own thoughts.

Nellie stopped in the book store. She thought she would get a book far Jeff, as he would be the only one without a package under the tree. She found a book on "Prevailing Prayer"; she decided to get it. Grandmother had this very little book. Nellie had read it over more than once. She thought anyone that was a member of the Nazarene Church and had gone to their college and seminary would appreciate a book like this; so she purchased the book and went on her way. Now Jeff was having more trouble trying to decide what he should get, for he too was looking for something for his new found friends. He purchased a pair of leather gloves far Jack, and "Pilgrims progress" for the mother. Finally he found a book of beautiful poems; he got this for Nellie. Jack gat a beautiful sweater for Jeff. Soon they met at the little coffee shop across the street and had a cup of steaming hot coffee. Then they were ready to go home. Jack said he and Jeff would go with Nellie to practice for the Cantata tonight; as he hadn't seen some of the kids for a long period of time. He said, "you know I haven't seen Rev. Gray's daughter for over two years. I guess she is a senior this year, isn't she"? Nellie answered with a "yes", and she has spent the last two summers with her grandparents way up in Michigan". Last Christmas they went to visit Rev. Gray's sister in Ohio, so I guess you haven't been home at the same time.

Jack said " I hope mother has dinner on the table. I am simply starving; how about you, Jeff"? As soon as they entered the hall they smelled the wonderful food Mother had prepared for them. Mother called to them, "hurry now, it's about on the table". They hurried up the stairs taking two steps at a time. Nellie dropped her packages on her bed, combed her hair till every hair was in place, and hurried down to the dining room. Jack and Jeff were already waiting for her. Mother said, "sit down, you look like you are starving". She had a wonderful dinner with a big platter of brown crisp fried chicken, mashed potatoes -whipped very fluffy, also delicious gravy that only a mother who loved to cook could make; also peas in white sauce; and crisp salad. They had chocolate cake left from lunch. So they had cake with a big scoop of ice cream on it.

They sat down at the table and Mother prayed this time. Soon most of the food had disappeared. Jack said, "Mother, I know you are the best cook in the whole world". He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Again Nellie and Jeff did the dishes. They felt like they were getting to know each other pretty well by now. As soon as the dishes were finished they had to get ready for practice. Nellie said we have to be there in one hour, so everyone must hurry. Soon they were telling Mother goodbye, and they would be home early. Now they were off again.

After they were gone Mother sat in her favorite chair to think things over. She could see a change coming over her little Nell. She wondered how it would work out.

Now the young people were ascending the steps of the old stone church. Rev. Gray was just coming up the steps, and by his side was a beautiful girl, with golden hair the color of a sunbeam, and eyes of blue and lips that were the color of a red rose bud. Jack stood still and just gazed at her. He said, "Sis, is that Linda Gray"? "My, but she doesn't look like the little girl I used to see playing around the parsonage"!

As they hurried inside, everyone took their place. As Linda began to sing with her clear strong soprano, Jack thought it was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. He finally got up courage enough to ask Nell if Linda was engaged or had a steady boy friend. Nellie looked up at her brother with a little grin and said, "It's all safe; the way is clear. I wish you luck big boy". He grinned down into his sister's face. He said, "I have also seen the twinkle in your eye when a certain young man is around". Just then Jeff came over and sat beside Nellie looking down at her. She felt her heart beat faster and her cheeks getting red. She wondered if Jeff could hear her heart beat. Jack asked Linda if they might give her a ride home. She said she would be glad to go with them, but they must tell her dad. He said, "that was fine with him".

The four walked out to get in the car, each couple holding hands. Linda and Jack got into the back seat. Jeff opened the door and Nellie got in, then he went around the car and got in beside her. He felt a little thrill up and down his spine, just to have her beside him.

When they got to Linda's home, she asked them in. Jeff said if you and Linda will take us home you can have the car so you can get home later. No need to get your Mother's car out tonight. So they drove Nellie and Jeff home. The lights were all on. Mother was still up. Jeff and Nellie went up the steps holding hands. It seemed a natural thing to do. Then Jeff said, "I have many wonderful friends, but I am glad I met Jack for if I had not met him, I wouldn't know you. I consider this a great privilege just to be in your home and know a girl like you". She said, "Thank you, that is a great compliment". So they went into the house together. Mother seeing Jack was not with them asked, "where is Jack"? "He is at Linda Gray's house. He will be home soon".

They went into the living room, and mother said, "shall we have worship"? Then I shall go to bed. I am very tired tonight. You two can wait till Jack gets home if you wish". So Mother went to bed and Jeff and Nellie put on some records of beautiful old hymns, and settled down to listen to them.

Jeff told Nellie many things about his new life, and the thrill that comes with seeing an altar lined with souls after preaching to a congregation. She listened very attentively. She thought she could understand, for hadn't she got a thrill when some of her Jr. High girls of her Sunday School class had prayed through. How her heart rejoiced to think she had helped them find God. She said how thankful she was to be raised up in a Christian home.

Now they saw the car lights turn in the drive, and Jack came upon the porch, whistling a little tune. He came in and said he had a wonderful time, and Linda was going with him to church & Sunday School tomorrow, and to the cantata tomorrow night. He said he was also going over to Linda's house on Christmas Eve for awhile, but he would be home to help open their packages.

He said, "Jeff old boy, I am sorry but I guess Mom & Nell can entertain you, and you can do some of that reading you said you wanted to do". Jeff said, "don't worry about me. I think your sister and I have a lot in common. I think we can make out fine". Nellie said, "I think we had better go to bed or we will be late for Sunday School in the morning". Up the stairs they went. Jeff and Nell holding hands. When they reached the top Jeff said, "Good night, little Nell". She said very sweetly, "Good night, Jeff". She closed her door, got ready for bed very quickly, and went to bed; but sleep didn't come soon. She could hear his voice saying "Good night, little Nell"!

As Jeff lay up on his bed he and Jack were talking of what a wonderful night it had been. Jeff said, "Jack, do you realize what a wonderful girl your sister is? I just wonder if I would ever have a chance of winning her for my very own after I have known her longer?" Jack said, "I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you could. I have seen the twinkle in her eye when you come near." So the two drifted off to sleep, each one to his own thoughts and dreams.


They were up early Sunday morning. Mother put a roast in the oven, and had vegetables ready to put around it a little later when it was almost done. She had made an assortment of pies on Saturday, so it wouldn't take too much time when they returned home from church.

Jack said, "Mom, how about it, is it okay if I bring Linda for dinner? I will call her and see if she has other plans." So Jack telephoned her. She said that was fine with her. So Jack yelled to Nellie to set another plate, as Nellie was setting the table before they went to church.

They went to church a little early, since they were going by for Linda. Rev. Gray said to his wife, 'Mother, I wonder what this young Jack Gilmore has on his mind."

The service was great that morning. The music was great. Nellie and Jeff sang "Oh, What a Saviour". Jack and Linda sang "Then I Met the Master". It was a surprise to everyone. They had practiced at Linda's house the night before.

They were soon home enjoying the delicious meal Mother had prepared. Soon the kitchen was cleared away, and they gathered around Mother at the old organ and sang several songs. Then the young people decided to go for a ride, while Mother rested for awhile.

They were back by five o'clock and having a lunch. Jeff said looked like all they did was eat!

These young people were having a wonderful time. That night Nellie told her

Mother she had never enjoyed herself so much. Mother said, "Is there any special reason?" Nellie felt her cheeks getting red, as she said "What do you think Mother?" "What I think doesn't matter," Mother said. Nellie went to her room, but she lay awake for a long long time just thinking about these past two days. It seemed like she had known Jeff for years. She wondered how he felt about her. Finally she drifted off-to sleep.

The days passed very quickly and were filled full of many good things. Linda and Jack were continually together, so that left Nellie and Jeff; and they had wonderful times. Jeff spent quite a bit of time in his room studying and preparing for his next meeting, which would take him to Florida to the same town where Grandpa and Grandma lived. Nellie thought it would be wonderful if they could meet while he was there.

Jeff was holding his revival in First Church. Perhaps Grandpa and Grandma would go; she must get a letter off to them telling them about the revival and about Jeff.

Time passed very quickly. Here it is Christmas Eve already! Everything was ready for Christmas. Jack was at Linda's house. Jeff and Nellie were listening to records and talking. Mother coming down the stairs, thought what a wonderful couple they would make. How she prayed her children would make wise choices in choosing their life's mates.

Soon Jack was home. They talked for awhile, had family worship, and went upstairs to bed. They were going to open their packages next morning. Soon everyone was sleeping but Jeff. He was doing some serious thinking. He was very certain he was in love with this beautiful girl. What must he do about it? Should he tell her, or wait till he had known her longer? Finally he decided he would tell her tomorrow. For he would be leaving in two more days. That is what he would do; he would tell her he loved her and he would wait till she was ready. Off to sleep he went with her on his mind.

Mother was up early and had the turkey in the oven, and breakfast on the table when the young people came down. They ate their breakfast, then went in to open their packages. Jack handed them out. Mother had a beautiful robe from Jack, and a new Bible from Nellie, as her old one was falling apart, and the nice book from Jeff. She said she had never read "Pilgrim's Progress".

Jack opened his package from Jeff. He said, "Boy: Just what I need, leather gloves:" He thanked Jeff for them, and Jeff liked the sweater he got from Jack. When he opened the little book on "Prevailing prayer" from Nellie he said he sure appreciated the book; and he was so thankful he had found such good friends. He would have to tell his parents all about them when he got a chance to go home again.

Again Nellie and Jeff cleared away the kitchen. While Nellie was washing dishes Jeff said, "When we finish, let's go for a ride. I have something I must tell you." Nellie's cheeks got red, for she felt in her heart she knew what he was going to say. Soon everything was in place in the kitchen and they were on their way. It was such a beautiful morning. Snow glistening everywhere. Seemed like the whole earth was wrapped in a white blanket. Jeff said how happy he was at Christmas time, and of how God so loved the world, to give His only begotten Son for this sinful old world. Nellie said how Jesus was willing to go all the way to the cross for us.

Then Jeff told Nellie how he had come to love her very much, and hoped some day she would love him as much as he did her, and they could spend their lives telling others of the wonderful Christ who meant so much to them.

Nellie looked into Jeff's eyes and said very softly, "Jeff, you don't need wait any longer. That day is here now, for I do love you very much:" Jeff said, "Boy! Just wait till Jack hears this:" Off they went to tell Mother about it.

Mother was very happy when they told her. Then they began to think ahead. They decided to be married as soon as school was out, and Nellie wouldn't sign a contract for next year, as she would travel with Jeff.

Soon Jack came home. They told him their wonderful news. He said, "Oh, that's nothing. Linda and I have decided to go steady. Who knows what the future holds!

So Mother smiled and looked on the faces of her children, and thought how happy they are. I am so glad they know and are serving my Christ. I hope they shall always be as happy as they are now. She took down her old worn Bible, and sat down and thanked God for being so good to her, for giving her such a wonderful life. She said, "Dear God, everything is in thy hands."

A Changed life
Written 1972

Amy Clayton stood by her kitchen window, looking out at the fast falling snow. She thought how beautiful it was whirling and twirling in the air. She gave a little shiver as she thought of how by morning everything would be wrapped in a cold fleecy blanket of snow. She thought of the birds and little animals and wondered if they would find enough food.

As she turned back to her cozy little kitchen, her mind was running over these past ten years since she graduated from college, and how wonderful everything had worked out in her life. How near she had been to missing this beautiful life with Christ.

Amy grew up in a town in northern Michigan. She and her parents had always attended church. But they had never really heard how God could really save you from your sins, and cleanse your heart, and hear and answer your prayers. It had been more of just a form of religion.

Amy remembered how in her senior year in high school; she and her parents were trying to make up their minds where she would go to college. They were about settled on the university when Uncle Charles and family came to visit them over the Christmas holidays. They had twin daughters, Linda and Lisa, who also were seniors. Aunt Beth said their girls were going to Olivet Nazarene College. Uncle Charles and Aunt Beth attended the Church of the Nazarene. Amy thought they were just a little odd. They didn't attend dances or smoke or just a little social drink now and then. Of course Mom and Dad didn't believe in a lot of drinking, but just a social drink now and then. Amy had a very nice time with her cousins, and before they went home to a town in Illinois, they had persuaded Amy to go to college with Linda and Lisa. That is how this wonderful life had come to be hers.

Her senior year in high school had been a wonderful year with all the parties, and she had been in the upper ten of her class. She was queen of the prom. She thought she was having a wonderful time, but after Linda and Lisa went home she felt different about it all. She began to lose some of her desire to be at every party. Instead, there was a deep longing for something in her heart she could not understand.

She remembered some of the serious talks she and her cousins had, after they went to her room at night. She thought how they said if she w3uld confess her sins Jesus would forgive her. She had never thought of having anything to confess until they told her everyone needed to come to Christ.

She began to pray and ask God to forgive her, and then to come into her heart. It wasn't long till she began to feel a peace in her heart. She knew she was a child of God.

The next morning she told her parents about this peace she had in her heart. Mother said she knew about it as she had gone to a Nazarene Sunday school when I she was a child and until she went away to college, then she had dropped out. After she had married they moved away from her family.

Now they began to plan for Amy to go to Olivet She and Linda shared the same room, while Lisa and Sharon had a room next door. She liked going to chapel very much. She had been there about three weeks when one morning she went to chapel, and one of the students was speaking that m3rning. She had seen him around on campus, but had never met him. That morning as they were leaving chapel he came directly where she, Linda, Lisa and Sharon were walking along. Sharon introduced him to the girls as her cousin, Lyle Sherwood.

She remembered how their eyes met; she thought they were very nice eyes. From that day on they began seeing each other often. When they graduated they were married and began to pastor a little church; that was ten years ago. She was so happy that Uncle Charles and Aunt Beth brought her cousins and came to visit them while she was still in high school, or perhaps she would never have had this good life.

Now she turned away from the window and back to the dinner she was preparing. She put potatoes and carrots in the roast and took an apple pie from the oven. She knew Lyle would be starved when he came home. He had been calling on boys and girls all day, as this was Saturday.

She went with him a lot of time since the children were in school. Stevie was 8, and Wayne was 6; but she never went with him Saturday as the boys were home then. She wanted to spend Saturday with them. They always had great times together. Then when Lyle came home they always had a nice dinner. After that they usually went for a ride in the country. In the summer they had picnics and played in the water, for there was a nice stream flowing by. In winter they played in the snow and went sledding on the slopes close by.

Truly life was great. Then when Lyle stood before the congregation on Sunday morning so straight and tall and told the wonderful plan of salvation, her cup was full and running over.

She thanked the Lord for being so good to them. And another thing had happened; her mother and father had given their hearts to God and were serving the Lord, and working in the church.

Everything was wonderful!


How the Nazarene Church had its' beginnings
Written by Lois Combs

It began back in 1930 when a group of Christian people planned a tent meeting just north of where our Marseilles bank now stands. A good gentleman said the tent could be pitched on his front lawn.

This tent revival was well attended by many people from different churches. I think many came out of curiosity. This was an undenominational group. A Rev. Kelly was the evangelist minister that did the preaching.

The meeting was quite a success. After the tent was pulled up and gone from town a little group still wanted to have services. They rented a hall down town over a cigar store and had services there for a .while. A local preacher carried on the services. Two women stood in back of the work with their time and finances. I think we owe a great deal to them for being so interested when things looked hopeless, but there were a few people who were willing to carry on.

They began looking for a different place to hold services as this was not an ideal place for church.

It was then that the Universal Church came up for sale. It was uncertain for a while if we would get the church for services or if another club would get it for their club rooms. But in the end they found for a certain period of time it couldn't be sold only for church work. We got the church on the side of the hill which was a light house for many years.

We were known
by the name of Community Church, but our view was running between two holiness churches. I think we leaned more toward the Church of the Nazarene.

After we purchased the Universalist Church we had a local pastor for a while. Then the Rev. Walter Stogdill and family who lived in Kernan , Illinois, came to be our new pastor.

He worked at the pumping station in Kernan. They came over on Sunday morning and stayed until after services Sunday night. They also came for Wednesday night prayer meeting and Friday night cottage prayer "'meeting. The work began to grow. We were still known as a community church.

It was finally decided Rev. Stogdill and family move to Marseilles so he could give his full time to the church. In 1931 Rev. Stogdill quit his job at Kernan and came to Marseilles as a full time pastor.

really began to think of becoming a part of the Church of the Nazarene. Dr E. C. Chalfant who was the District Superintendent of Chicago Central district came down to see us. He wanted us to join the Nazarenes. That was what we were wanting to do.

In 1931 Rev. Arthur Nutt, at that time pastor of Nazarene Church in Ottawa, came to us and organized us into the Church of the Nazarene with 16 members and Rev. Stogdill as our first Nazarene pastor.

The work began to grow under his capable hands. They lived on Union Street in a rented parsonage. They worked very hard. The salary was small as this was time of the depression. We all shared and worked together and prayed together. I remember the street meetings we had. A few would meet at the corner of Washington and Main. We would sing and testify of what God was doing for us. Rev. Stogdill would bring a short message. Many people would observe and there were many passersby. People soon became conscious there was a Church of the Nazarene in Marseilles.

We had many
hardships getting started at this time especially as it was on tl1e tail end of the depression. Many are the times when we had to pray for God to help us find a way to meet obligations. God never failed us then. He will never fail us now. Sometimes it would mean to take a basket of coal from your own coal bin which perhaps was not so huge. At that time we never thought of it as a sacrifice as we were doing it to keep God' s work going. God has never failed. Our needs as a church and as a people have always been supplied.

Rev. Stogdill and his wife did a Great work in helping us ret started as a Nazarene Church in this community. On Sept 1,1933, they moved on.

September 7, 1933, Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Crossman came to us. We still did not own a parsonage. They lived on Fillebrowne  Street. He did not own a car but he walked over those ravines and over this town until our Sunday School was doing well. So in Sept, 1934 they moved, going to another Nazarene church.

In September of 1934 11ev. Dave Milby and his wife Grace who was also an ordained minister, and their two daughters came to us. Their daughter Eillene was a talented musician who was a great help to our church. We had a good group of young people at this time. They were our pastors until Sept. '5,1937. Then they moved on.

Rev. George H. D. Reader and family came to us Sept. 6, 1937 and stayed till Aug 31, 1941. It was while he was here that we bought a parsonage on Lawrence Avenue. It was a seven room house. Just what we needed at the time. The Readers were so pleased with their new home. The church was now becoming a permanent thought of place in Marseilles, and we were reaching out in the town and community.

Then in September of 1941, Rev. Melvin J: Anderson, his wife Lucille, and two children came to work with us. Work went forward under his leadership. Finances were doing well. God was still supplying every need. The Andersons stayed until Sept '5, 1943. Then they moved on.

On Sept. 8,1943, Rev. J. J. Gough and family came to Marseilles as our pastor. They were here until June 17,1945. We had a lot of good revivals with these different pastors and the work was doing well.

On June 29, 1945, the Rev. J. W. Silvers and family came. While Rev. Silvers was in Marseilles the men dug out the rest of the basement of the church and made about six extra Sunday school rooms. The Silvers left in Aug. of 1947.

Next in line was the Rev. and Mrs. Henry Hartberg and their son Craig. They came Sept.7, 1947 and moved on in 1950.

Rev. and Mrs. Meyer came to be our pastor on Sept. 1, 1950. They stayed with us for nine years. They left in September of 1959 because of the poor health of Rev. Meyer. They did a great work while they were here.

In September, 1959 Rev. Cainan Dale and his family came to be with us until Septemver,1968. It was under his leadership that we bought the acres we now own at the east end of Marseilles.

The church sold the parsonage on Lawrence Avenue and the Dales moved into a little four room house that was on the church property so he could be close to the building. We had sold the church on the hillside and had an educational wing and was having service in it.

Rev. Dale and the men of the congregation worked side by side on building the church and the women also put in a lot of hours. The Women did painting and different jobs around the church. Next in line was the building of our new four bedroom parsonage which stands on a beautiful spot north of the church. A beautiful little stream flows by.

In September the Dales moved to the church in Rockford. On October 15, 19G8, Rev. Robert Vincent and family came. It was under his supervision that the fellowship hall was started. Then Oct. 4,1970, they decided to go out west.

had a supply pastor, Rev. and Mrs. Glen Rodifer, until the last of November. Then a retired minister from Streator came over during the month of December.

On Dec. 30, 1970, Rev. and Mrs. Robert Wellmon, who served on the mission field in Central and South America for 20 7years, came to be our pastors. Under his leadership many loose ends about the building program and bricking the fellowship hall have been finished.

The best part is our church is going forward, and the spiritual side is good. These are a few of the things of the past but we are looking forward to the future. Many victories have been won. We are glad that we have passed over these things, and are planning for the future. Many of these things have been stepping stones for future things in our church.

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Just a Pilgrim
A poem Grandma wrote in late 1970 to Todd

I am just a pilgrim
Passing along life’s way.
I’m looking for a city
That is built by the hand of God.

He can take our every burden.
He can take our sins away,
If we will only trust Him
And if we will obey.

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What is love?
Written ??

“What is love?” I ask myself one day.
Is it something like the measles we catch
And soon it passes away.
Or is it something we cherish each day.
Do we hold it fast less it should soon pass away.

Updated version of "What is love"
A poem Grandma wrote in late 1970 to Todd

“What is Love?” I ask myself one day.
Is it like the measles, something we endure,
And it will soon pass away?
Or will true love come to stay.

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Oh Jerusalem
Written ??

Tonight I think I know a little bit of how Jesus felt as he sat on the hill and looked over Jerusalem and said, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have taken you under wing as a hen would take her chick and you would not.”

I can say, “My children, my children, how oft would I have taken you under my love and care and brought you to Jesus and you would not.”

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What do I care
Written ??

What do I care about the style
What do I care of worldly fame
Or what do I care for prestige
When I have Jesus praise His name

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Broken heart
Written ??

I have wondered many times what it meant and what it was like if I should hear the remark about a broken heart.  Now I think I have the answer.  I believe the only way we can know the answer is to feel it in our own heart.

It’s cold outside.  Everything is bleak and dreary.  Winter is all around us.  Sometimes our hearts are just as dreary and seem to be wrapped in a cold blast.

I wonder is there a heart more liable to be broken than the heart of a mother.  When one loves as a mother loves, whatever happens, a mother’s love is still there.

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If I gained the world

Everything God lets come upon you
He is preparing you for the real problems.
But what about the things the devil brings upon us.

Are you weary of doing things for church?

Running against satan …

1) in relation to your children
2) in relation to your home
3) in relation to your church

No one knows everything about anything.

Love is not limited.  It is boundless and free.

Whatever your problems are, walk humbly before the Lord.

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Your Place
Sunday, Apr 20 1952

Just where you stand in the conflicts,
There is your place.
Just where you think you are useless,
Hide not your face.

God placed you there for a purpose,
Where e’er it be.
Think He has chosen you for a worker,
Work loyally.

Gird on your armor, be faithful
At toil and rest.
What e’er it be, never doubtful be,
God’s way is best.

Out on the field or on picket,
Stand firm and true.
This is the work which your God
Gives to you.

[additional note:  oh I forgot it’s Elsie’s birthday today.  She is 22.]

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Serving the Lord
Written 1978

I'm so happy just serving the Lord
Just walking in the King's highway
I'm so happy just serving the Lord
Just serving him day by day

He makes me happy. He makes me glad
Oh he's the best friend I ever had
Just to love Him and serve Him each day
Just keep walking in the King's highway

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The Lord's Prayer
Probably not written by Grandma??

Since this prayer is so familiar great care should be taken that its familiarity will not obscure its deep meaning. Just memorizing the prayer for memories sake does not fit the learner for life. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't memorize scriptures, but we should put to use what we do learn.

Each phrase of The Lord's Prayer has a meaning in teaching us principles of prayer. There are 8 very important parts to The Lord's Prayer.


Every great building should have an entrance. This is the entrance to a great prayer. This shows He is our father as well as our creator. Children should be obedient.


Make sacred or holy. God's name is holy and nothing we say could add to the greatness and holiness of God. Yet Jesus wants us to begin our prayer by praising God, who honors us by accepting our words of praise and worship.


After Jesus taught the disciples how to approach God, He taught them to pray for God's cause to grow and prosper upon the earth. We should do all we can to get others into the kingdom.


God made us with a free will to choose right or wrong. The right is His will, but our will often leads us the wrong way. A blueprint for our lives. This also reaches beyond us to all nations.


This shows we depend on God, not just for food but we recognize Him as the giver of all things. Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread, not for a life time. As we pray daily, our trust in God grows.


We are asking God to be merciful to our failures. Perhaps we have spoken too quickly or too harshly or failed in some way. We want a truly forgiving Christian spirit.


Around us everywhere is temptations to selfishness, pride, dishonesty, laziness and envy. We are tempted to disregard the rights of others and be indifferent to sorrows around us. Prayer is the greatest weapon to fight temptations. This does not mean God will not allow us to face temptation, but will give us grace.


The prayer ends as it began, with praise to God. Not only do we confess He is the ruler of the universe, but we accept Him as the King of our lives. No glory to us for what we do belongs to us. For it is God who has given us the power to do it.

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Isaiah's vision of God ISAIAH 6: 1-4
Written ??

When the young prophet Isaiah had his vision of his Lord was in the year that " King Uzziah died. He also prophesied under King Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

Uzziah's reign had been the most glorious one since that of Solomon. His greatness of character and achievement had raised the hopes and kindled the enthusiasm of every young patriot in the nation. Surely the golden age of Israel was dawning.

But suddenly these hopes were shattered. In a moment of self exaltation the King of Judah sought to usurp the prerogative of the priesthood he so forgot the holiness of heaven's King, and the sacredness of the sanctuary, as to trespass where only priests might enter. He trampled holy grounds with unholy feet. God struck him with leprosy for his sin of presumption and the star of Israel set in the shadow of shame.

It was when this hero Uzziah sank out of sight that Isaiah saw his vision of God. Isaiah was in the temple, doubtless meditating on the sin which had recently been committed there by the king.

Suddenly the walls of the sanctuary faded away into distance. Isaiah's air castle had crumbled at his feet. But now erected above the debris of dashed hopes the young prophet saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up". It was God's answer to Isaiah's cry of despair. Weeping was turned to wonder and seeking to seeing.

The people of Isaiah's day had been treading God's courts with calloused hearts and careless feet.

Then the prophet saw the sacred seraphim with their faces and feet veiled in the presence of the Holy One. All heaven rang with their cry "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of host".

God's presence shook the portals of the temple. The fire of His holiness filled the house with smoke, as it came in contact with sinful people.

What the people of Isaiah's day needed most was a sense of God's holiness. And that is what the world and the professing church of our day needs more than anything else.

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My journey to Bethlehem
Written Nov 1974

The choir is seated on the platform.  A big silver star is shown overhead with a spotlight on it.  Lights are dim.  Mary softly plays Noel through.

Duet:  Mrs. Wellman and Mary Ruth sings:


  1. The Gift Divine
  2. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
  3. He Tenderly Looked at Me
  4. No Room For Jesus
  5. Till the Storm Passes Over
  6. Silent Night
  7. Star of the East
  8. As Shepherds Watch Their Flock
  9. Sleeping Sleeping  (51 in Builder)
  10. We Three Kings
  11. The Angel Song  (44  B1)
  12. Could There Be a Sweeter Story  (48)

The day was far spent.  The shadows of night were fast settling over the little town of Bethlehem, and a storm seemed to be brewing in the air.  Chilly north winds were coming down over the hills, as I watched the many weary pilgrims wend their weary way along the winding road leading to the little town of Bethlehem.

Song:  Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

The storm seemed to be getting closer and the wind seemed to be more fierce.  The roads were very rough from the freezing slush.  In the procession I noticed a young man and his wife who seemed so weary and travel worn yet there seemed to be something different about this young couple.  Something that held your spell bound, and seemed to draw your attention to them.  And, as the husband led the little donkey along over the rough road, he seemed to be so thoughtful of his wife and he looked at her with such tender love and care.

Song:  He Tenderly Look At Me

I moved along with the crowd, keeping near the young couple.  Darkness was rapidly spreading over the hills making the journey more rough and dangerous.  But as we came to the Inn I hear the young husband ask for a place to spend the night.  But the Inn keeper says, “There is no room.  The crowd is so great with people coming to be taxed that the inn is overflowing already and there is no room”.

Song:  No Room For Jesus

The young husband begs for a place to stay just for the night.  He says, “Can’t you see my wife is so weary and tired?  She needs shelter and a place to rest”.

At that moment, the innkeeper’s wife appeared.  She had a very loving and compassionate heart for someone in need.  She said, “Husband, remember we do have shelter in the stable in the back of the inn.  It’s dry and warm and away from the storm.  There is a manger filled with sweet smelling hay and with blankets it could be very comfortable.  And by morning perhaps this storm will be over”.

Song:  Till the Storm Passes Over

So she led the young couple to the stable.  The husband helped his wife gently along and soon there was a comfortable bed where they could rest their weary bodies till morning.  Something very strange seemed to be in the air.  There seemed to be a spirit of expectancy.  The night grew very silent in the little stable, even the cattle and sheep were very quiet and they were resting their tired weary bodies on the hay.

Song:   Silent Night

In the silence and in the stillness of the night something did really happen.  God’s presence seemed to hover over the little stable and as He looked down on this humble little scene, there was a great star shower in the east and it seemed to stand over the stable on the hillside.

Song: Star of the East

And as the night wore on, the star grew brighter and seemed to light all the sky around about.  Luke 28:  8-9 “and there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field keeping watch over their flock by night.  And Lo the angel of the Lord came up on them, and the glory of the Lord shown around about them, and they were sore afraid”.

And as the light grew even brighter they looked with wonder and were amazed.  They said one to another, “Let us go even unto Bethlehem and see what this means.”  So the shepherd went to Bethlehem.

Song:  As Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night

For in the stillness of the night God had lain His Son Jesus in the arms of the gentle Mary and as the shepherd followed the star, they came to the stable in Bethlehem of Judea where they found Joseph and Mary and the Baby lying in the manger.

Song: Sleeping, Sleeping  (Page 51 Builder No. 1)

And as the news was spread around about this young couple and the strange things that were happening concerning the baby’s birth, when the kings of the  east heard about this thing that had come to pass, they went to visit the Babe, taking gifts from afar.

Song: We Three Kings of Orient Are

After the angels had proclaimed the good news of the birth of Christ and had said, “Peace on earth good will towards men”, we seem to hear them say with the words of the song.

Song:  The Angels Song (page 44, Builder 1)

As the years pass, and as the Christmas story of the birth of Christ is told over and over, is it real to our hearts?  Or has it just become a legend or a story to us?

It must become real to our hearts.  It must become a part of our very life.  But I wonder if it was only a story, could there be a sweeter story ever told?

Song: Could There Be a Sweeter Story  (48 Builder 1)

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Joseph Moses Joshua
Written ??

Abraham The Man of Faith

1st Speaker

Abraham has been often called “the father of the faithful.”  This is because he listened to the voice of God, promising a land and a great history of his people, and followed it all his life.  He took a very long journey toward a land which he had never seen, simply because he believed in God’s leadership as the very best possible leadership for his life and his people’s lives.  He never weakened in his certainty that God would keep his promise to him.

He was very sure of God and he became the sort of man on whom God could depend.  Not any difficulty such as might have interfered with an ordinary man’s obedience to God’s will weakened Abraham’s faith.  For he was not an ordinary man.  He was an unusual man, because his faith in God controlled his life under all circumstances.  And so he became the founder of the Hebrew nation, the man whom they always were to remember as “the friend of God.”

You will find the account of Abraham’s life in Genesis 12-25.

Joseph the Prudent Man

2nd Speaker

Joseph was the son of Jacob who attained most fame.  Talented and favored, he was sold by his jealous brothers into Egypt there his talent and his wise judgment became so well known that he rose to great power.  He became chief minister to the king of the country, which he had entered as a captive.  His shrewdness and his foresight made him able to handle the provisions of all the mighty empire in a serious famine, and his wise planning was a blessing to the people of a great country.  He became too, the means of saving his own family from starvation.  The brother who had betrayed him and his old father also he brought to the “Land of the Nile” the account in Genesis 37-50.

Moses the Teacher

3rd Speaker

Long after Josephs’ death the kings of Egypt made the children of Israel slaves.  It was Moses whom God used to deliver the Israelites from the bondage.

After a most unusual youth, first in the court of Egypt and then among the shepherds of Midian he was appointed by God to make his people free again.  It took real heroism and real wisdom to accomplish the escape from Egypt and even more wisdom to gather together into a nation the tribes who had been slaves for so many years.

The education of those ex-slaves into citizens of their own kingdom was a long process, but Moses had the patience and the intelligence and the divine guidance to do it.  Through all the years of the wanderings in the wilderness, before the Israelites were established in Canaan again Moses was busy not only leading them safely, but teaching them.  He taught them how important it is to serve God, and how people who do serve God ought to live.  The cream of his teaching is in the Ten Commandments.

Those commandments we still recognize as covering the best advise that can be given on people’s attitude toward God, and on their thoughts and conduct toward each other.  Moses seemed to understand God so well that he was known long after as the “Prophet whom the Lord knew face to face.”

Joshua the Leader

4th Speaker

Joshua was the natural person to continue Moses’ work after Moses had died.  For Joshua and Caleb when they had been sent with ten other spies into Canaan to report to the Israelites on the condition of that place, they had been the only ones of the twelve who had brought back to the Israelites in the wilderness a true report.  Nothing frightened Joshua; he believed the Israelites with God’s direction could do what they made up their minds to do.

So it was he who led the Israelites across the Jordan back into Canaan, in spite of all the danger, which hostile tribes set in their way.  It was he who divided the Promised Land among the twelve tribes.  But the first thing we know about him is that he caused the people to renew their vows to God, and made this vow for himself; “as for me and my house we will serve the lord.”  You will find the account of Joshua in Numbers 14 also The Book of Joshua.

Stephen the First Christian Martyr

6th Speaker

Not to the Old Testament alone do we turn for heroic characters.  The New also has its outstanding persons.  Among them is Stephen, the first Christian martyr.  The first we know of him is that he was appointed to a stewardship in the early Christian church.  As the numbers of Christians grew it became necessary to organize the church for practical service.

The apostles called for seven men “of honest report full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom” to attend to the business of the church.  At the head of the list was named Stephen “a man full of faith and the Holy Ghost.”  He did many wonderful works among the people and spoke very powerful to them of the Christian gospel.  So the enemies of the faith feared his influence and brought against him some of the same charges with which they attached Jesus.  He did not weaken nor flinch, but continued to speak boldly the truth that he valued.  Then the mob sprang up on him in anger, they cast him out of the city and stoned him to death and those who remembered that scene made note of the fact that his face shone as he looked up into heaven.  Acts 6-7

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1st version version - What teaching a Sunday school class means to me
Written Dec 31, 1950

In I Cor. 10:31 we read:  “Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

1.       I think the first thing in teaching a S.S. class is to be saved and sanctified, love God with all our heart, love our class and see them as lost in God’s sight.

2.       We should set an objective and work toward it and, of course, our objective should be to see our class saved.

3.       We should have our lesson well prepared.  I think the time to begin the study of our lesson is Monday morning, have it from different angles, be prepared for emergency should it arise, be able to handle our class.  Tim [the apostle Timothy] says study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

4.       I think one very important thing is to win our class to our self.  Love them teach them to love and respect us.  Then we have a chance to win them for God.  If they do not like us we do not have much chance to win them for God.

5.       One thing I learned quite early in my teaching was to have no pets, try to be fair with all.  Still each child has to be dealt with differently each as an individual.  We should learn the child, their temperaments, their environments.  We should visit their homes, see the conditions, become acquainted with their parents in order to know how to deal with the child.

6.       Working with children makes me think of working in a flower garden.  There are many flowers that require much care.  Sometimes you just touch a blossom it will shatter and is gone.  Some almost break at just a touch.  Still there are others that do not require much attention.  Still they are beautiful; their perfume is sweet.  That is the way I feel as I work among children.  I want to be very careful not to shatter a child’s faith in God, the church and in me.  Some may feel that a child might as well stay at home.  A thousand times no.  I just pray God give me grace and courage, help win that one for Thee.  That’s what happened to John Dilinger, a near-sighted teacher.

Poem good here “Plastic Clay”

7.       I think of teachers as filling in the gap.  I see Jesus holding on to the hand of God and we holding on to Jesus, carrying on the work He left to be done.  A lot of children never learn of God; only in Sunday School.

8.       Sometimes when I look at my class I think of them as diamonds.  Remember diamonds are dug out of the rough and are cut and polished till they shine.  That’s what I am trying, is dig a few diamonds and shine them up till they are beautiful.  I think the way to do this is pray, call, study God’s word and good books and trust God.

2nd version - What teaching a Sunday school class means to me
Written Dec 31 1951

In 1 Corinthians 10-31 we read “Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or what so ever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

  1. I think the first thing in teaching a Sunday School class is to be saved and sanctified and love God with all our heart.  Love our class and see them as lost in Gods sight.
  2. We should set an objective and of course our objective should be to see our class saved.
  3. We should have our lesson well prepared.  I think a good time to start studying our lesson is on Monday morning and have it from all angles. Be prepared for emergency should it occur.  Be able to handle our class.
  4. I think one very important thing is to win our class to our self.  Teach them to love and respect us, then we have a chance to win them for God.  If they don’t like and trust us we don’t have much of a chance to win them for God.
  5. One thing I learned quite early was to have no pets.  Try to be fair with all.  Still each child has to be dealt with as an individual.  We should learn the child.  Their temperaments, their environment.  Should visit their homes see the conditions.  Become acquainted with their parents in order to know how to deal with the child.
  6. Working with children makes me think of working in a flower garden.  You know there are many flowers that require much care.  Sometimes if you just touch a blossom it will shatter and is gone, some break almost at the touch.  Still there are others that don’t require much attention.  Still they are beautiful, their perfume is sweet.  That’s how I feel when I work among children, is to be very careful.  Here I have a poem. (Plastic Clay)
  7. I think of teachers as filling in the gap.  I see Jesus holding on to the hand of God and we, holding on to Jesus, carrying on his work he left to be done.  You know a lot of children never learn about Jesus, only what they learn at Sunday School.
  8. You know sometimes when I look at my class, I think of them as diamonds.  You know diamonds are dug out of the ruff and then cut and polished ‘till they shine.  That’s what I want to do is dig a few diamonds out of the ruff.
  9. I think the way to do this is to be much in prayer and read a lot.  And study Gods word and read good books.

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Let your light shine
Written Aug 9 1955

If we are a Christian, we don’t have to make our light shine, but just let it shine if we turn on the light and put it off in a dark room, it’s still light, but it depends on where we put the light if we want others to see it.  We can let it shine through our:


  1. Prayer Life - Romans 12:12
  2. Devotion - Col. 3:16
  3. Honesty - Romans 13:13
  4. Brotherly Love - 1 John 4-7.8
  5. Good for Evil - Romans 12-20.21
  6. Benevolence - James 1-27
  7. Thanksgiving - 1 Thess. 5.8
  8. Truth - Proverbs 12-17

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Dangerous submarines
Written Aug 9 1955

I was thinking of the message Brother Meyer preached on our life as a ship.  I thought of the battle ships on a destination with a human cargo.  A human cargo may be depending on out ship to help them through the storms of life.  I thought how the submarines emerge under water where they cannot be seen and try to sink a battle ship, and then there are many submarines that try to wreck us spiritually.  Some of those dangerous submarines are:



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The shadow of the cross
Written ??

When Dianne ask me to have devotions, I ask her what should I talk about.  She said it didn’t matter, but as long as Easter is in this month, it would be good to connect it with Easter.  So I got to thinking of the shadow of the cross and what the cross means to us.  Just a rough piece of wood, roughly hewn and roughly put together.  A rough piece of wood that stood for sin and shame.  A piece of wood that meant murder and death.  Something that was hated.

One of Halman Hunt’s most famous paintings, “The Shadow of Death”, depicts Jesus in the carpenters work shop at Nazareth.  It is the close of day, and the last rays of the setting sun are streaming in through the open door.  The young carpenter, who has been tailing at the bench, rises himself for a moment from his cramped stooping position and stretches out his arms.

Just then, the dying sun catches his figure and casts shadows on the wall behind him.  Its form is the form of a cross.  It is the artists striking way reminding us that right from the beginning of Jesus’ Ministry, death was in the air.  From the very first, the end was certain.


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Program NYPS April
Written ??


  1. Influencing the world for Christ unbounded Christian Service.
  2. Make a long sign with :

                            Unbounded Christian Service


                     Hand           Head            Heart

The Program is divided into three parts- each section has its own prayer and song.  Leader will be brief and present each section.


            Living Service:-There it is the age old issue of Being and Doing.

            The world’s best thinkers have been puzzled. The Godliest laymen in the Church have been perplexed; the saintliest minister faces it everyday.  How to invite the two into one Christian Life, and united they must be.

            A Christian life is somewhat like the two sides of a silver dollar.  One side is life, the other side is service.  Try to separate the two sides of a silver dollar, you can’t, can you?  No more can you separate these two elements in Christian experience.  Like Siamese twins, separate them and they die.

            Let’s first look deep within our own beings.

            Then turn our eyes to far horizons.  With shielded eyes we peer into the whirlpool of the world’s giddy life.

            Hearts are bleeding; Lives are whirling toward eternal darkness.  Homes are crumbling while innocent children plead for justice.  Form pole to pole our world needs us (Christians) after all this is one world.  Its needs are the same from Afghanistan to Alabama, from Beirut to British Honduras, from Calcutta to California the wounds of this world challenges us to unbounded Christian service.

            Let us consider the service of the Hand.

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Written Dec 14 1969

Do you ever think about your hands?  Just plain old hands.  We just sorta take them for granted, don’t we?  We don’t think too much about them and their usefulness to us.

Did you know there are 27 bones in our hands?  Our hands are at the end of our arms, connected onto the wrist.  Divided into three parts, the palm, the thumb, and the fingers.  The nearest to our hand is the hook.

Some hands are short and stubby.  Some have real long fingers.  They say these are the musical fingers.  The can reach far.  Some hands are soft and smooth.  Some are rough and calloused.  Our hands tell a lot about our life.

When we think of our hands they are real important, are they not?  It would be hard to get along without them.

Do you ever think of the hands of Jesus?  They were probably rough and calloused; because we know he worked in the carpenter shop with Joseph.

These hands were probably bruised and blistered many times from the rough wood, perhaps bleeding from the use of hammer and nails.  Yet they were the most tender and loving hands, reaching down to lift us up.  Can you see these nail pierced hands torn and bleeding as he hung on the cross?  These hands connecting us with the Father as he hung on the cross, holding on to God with one hand and reaching down to us with the other.  Oh, these hands, the hands of Jesus.

Now I have given out some scriptures let’s see what they say about hands.


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Human Hand
Written 1969

A human hand is the most highly developed and flexible grasping organ in the animal kingdom.  True hands are found only among the animal order of Primates, which include: Monkey, apes and man.  The arrangements of bones and muscles make possible the shaping of tools.  Something no one but man is capable of doing.

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Nancie & Everett wedding announcement
Written ??

Plans are underway for the wedding of Miss Nancie Jacqueline Davis of Indianapolis, Indiana to Mr. Everett Eugene Combs, a resident of this city until recently.

Nancie and Everett have chosen July 19 as their wedding date, which will take place in the First Church of the Nazarene in that city.

Nancie and Everett are both graduate of Olivet Nazarene College of Kankakee, Illinois.  Everett received his B.S. degree on May 29, 1958 and is now employed in Fort Wayne Indiana where the couple will reside.  Nancie is a talented musician and will teach music in one of the schools in Fort Wayne.

Everett is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Thelbert Combs of 558 Pearl Street.  The Combs’ have one other boy at home.  Rodger was a graduate of Marseilles High School this year and will enter Olivet College as a freshman in September.

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Luke 4:2
Written ??

In Luke 4:2 we read where Jesus is being tempted 40 days.  The Bible says he ate nothing.  But after he did hunger.

One or two questions meet us on the threshold of this story.

How did the story come to be in the gospel at all?  The Master’s fight with Satan happened out in the desert, far from the beaten track and the eyes of men.

During these 40 days and nights Jesus was utterly alone with not a soul anywhere around him….not a disciple or a friend, or anyone to see what happened or to tell the story afterward.

Yet the evangelists are able to give a vivid detailed account.  How has that come about?  Certainly there is only one explanation:  The story came direct from the lips of Christ Himself.

Why did he tell it?  That chapter of his life was closed.  Why did he go back to it and bring it to light?  Certainly not to gratify anyone’s curiosity.  Certainly not to provide additional biographical material for posterity or to supply an extra chapter in the gospel.

Probably there were two reasons.  First, Jesus shared this experience with his disciples in order to help them through their own tempted hours.  It helps us to know someone else has been through the same thing and has won victory, and if that other should be Christ, how much mightier.

Second, Jesus told the story because the satanic struggle of the desert days and nights had marked his soul forever.  He could feel and see it after months as plainly as if it happened yesterday.  The wild desolate loneliness, the rocks and crags, and the pitiless sun beating down on them by day and the biting night winds moaning across them in the dark.  The prowling beasts, the famishing hunger, the demon’s voice whispering to his heart, the grace of God and the angels that had brought him through.  Jesus told his disciples of it.  It would not hide.

What does this imply about our temptation?  It means that Christ’s temptations were real, literally and desperately real.  Now that needs to be said emphatically, for many people are quite sure that it was not and cannot have been real………not at least as our own familiar and dogged temptations are.

That idea sprang from a praiseworthy motive of doing honor to Jesus.  Surely it is said, “If Jesus was the Son of God, He must have always done the right thing without any struggle at all”.  The very possibility of inward conflict is excluded.  But is it?  It may be glorifying Jesus to say he won his victory, always without effort.  But surely it is glorifying Him more to say He marched to it through an agony of sweat and blood.  And indeed, the whole gospel of our hopes of salvation is bound up with Christ who was “in al points tempted, not just here and there, but in all points, like as we are.”  (Heb. 4:15)

When did the desert experience come?  It came immediately after the baptism.  That is quite vital to an understanding of it.  It might be said that was what happened at the baptism that caused the temptation, for there down in the water of the Jordan, with the heavens opening above and the voice of God speaking right home to His heart.

Jesus had suddenly grown conscious of His messianic power.  He had come up out of the water with His whole being throbbing exultant discovery.  It was then the tempter struck.  The new magnificent power.  How was it to be used?  All three temptations turn on that.

The first temptation:  “The Spiritual versus the Material”

Alone in the wilderness after days and nights of prayer and meditation and fasting, Jesus was starving.  There was no help at hand.  “Make the stone bread!” said a sudden voice within.

It attacked Him along the line of His newfound power.  Would not this be a wonderful chance to test this power to see if it really worked?  It attacked Him along the line of His vocation.  He knew there was a work for Him that was unfinished, but if He died out there He couldn’t finish His mission.

It attacked Him along His love for men.  It wasn’t His hunger alone out there in the desert.  There was the hunger of the great multitude of the world’s poor, the desperate, and the appalling need of the Shepherd host of Palestine and beyond who had barely enough to keep body and soul together.  If He was the Son of God ought He not for their sakes to make the stones bread?  The occasional gift of food to the hungry, such as the evangelist’s record it was a question of the regular method to be adopted for His whole public career.  Ought He not to use His power to satisfy men’s bodily needs and so gain a shortcut to their affections?  Then He would be able to do anything with the, “Make the stones bread” the tempter said.

But Jesus refused.  I will leave you with this question:  Why did He refuse to make the stones bread?

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Jeremiah 18:4
Written ??

"But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as it seemed best to him."

The vessel that he made of clay was marred, so he remade it into another vessel.  We are the vessel that God made, but sin has marred us. We are like a vessel that is not perfect, but has a flaw.  The artist's brush cannot cover the flaw.  It must be molded out by the potter's hand.

The Potter is Christ and the flaw is sin. It is only through Him and His shed blood  that the flaw can be blotted out. 


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Layman's Day - October 14, 1979
Written ??

Well, as everyone knows, this is Layman's Day.  When Rev. Kauffman asked me to speak today, I asked him why he selected me, and not a man.  He replied that women were laymen too, the same as men.  I asked him what I should speak about, what I should say to the people, and he said to tell them about the love of God.

Right away, something clicked in my heart.  And I thought, the love of God is one of the greatest subjects in the Bible.

The love of God is fathomless.  Unlimited.  Boundless.  It is free.  It's something that everyone knows about.  It goes deeper than the stain of sin has gone. Not that I can do this subject justice, but I can tell you what the Bible says about it, and what I feel in my own heart.  I could not tell you about something that I don't possess myself.

First, let's read together the 3rd chapter of John.  If you have your Bible and want to follow along, we'll be reading John 3: 1-18. 

...Nicodemus was a ruler of Jews.

...He came to Jesus by night.

...He know Jesus was a teacher sent from God.

...Jesus told him he must be born again.

...Nicodemus asked him how that could be.

...He didn't understand.

...As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so also the Son of Man must be lifted up.

...Jesus quoted one the most profound scriptures, one most of us learn as children (John 3:16):

   "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on      Him should not perish, but have everlasting life".  We see God's love in this verse.

...He gave the best gift heaven had.

...Jesus gave His life on the cross for us - the most precious gift He could give.


Let's use our imagination a little.  I think there was a council meeting in heaven with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  They looked down on this world and saw how wicked it was becoming.  I believe the Father said that something must be done.  The blood of animals is not enough to atone for the sins of mankind.  Someone must go to earth, live among the people to show them the way, and then go to the cross.  Jesus told the Father that He would go, knowing that He would be facing death on the cross.  So we can see that Jesus gave because He loved.

A mother's or father's love are great, but they cannot atone for our sins.  Only the blood of Jesus.


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In honor of pastors who have gone on before
Written Jun 18 1981

As we are gathered here today to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our church, we want to give honor to those who have come this way and have gone on before.  I am sure they will be waiting  to welcome each one of us whom they served so faithfully while they were they were with us.

(Note:  A rose will be placed on a trellis to honor those pastors who have passed on.)

First - I want to place a rose on this trellis in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Walter Stogdill, our first Nazarene pastors.  They left their home in Kernan, Illinois, on April 12, 1931, to pastor this church before it became affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene.  It was during their pastorate that the church was officially organized into the Church of the Nazarene on July 15, 1931, with sixteen charter members.  Rev. Stogdill served the church until September 1, 1933.

Second - I place a rose in honor of Rev. Everett Crossman.  Rev. and Mrs. Crossman came to us on September 7, 1933, and served the church until September, 1934, when they went to Galesburg, Illinois.  They were a young couple with a lot of energy and ambition.  Rev. Crossman did not have a car, but walked many miles over the hills and ravines of Marseilles.  He brought many children into the Sunday School, as well as adults into the church.  He was the last of our former pastors to pass away.

Third - I place a rose in honor of Rev. and Mrs. David and Grace Milby, both ordained ministers. The Rev. Mrs. Milby could actually outpreach her husband, and was also a great song leader. I don't believe you have ever heard "Amazing Grace" sung to its full potential unless you have heard Grace Milby sing it.  They served our church from September, 1934, until September 5, 1937, when they  left to pastor in Lincoln, Illinois.

Fourth - Rev. George H. D. Reader.  Rev. and Mrs. Reader pastored our church from September 6, 1937, to August 31, 1941.  They are with us today, and Rev. Reader will be bringing the morning message.  It was during their time with us that the church purchased its first parsonage located on Lawrence Avenue.  Rev. Reader is the pastor who implemented the C.S.T. training in our church.  Sister Reader was wonderful with our teen-age girls.  Rev. Reader was a very conscientious passtor.  No Sunday work went on around their house.

Fifth - Rev. Melvin Anderson.  Rev. and Mrs. Anderson came to us from the Freeport, Illinois, church on September 2, 1941, and served the church until September 5, 1943. While they were here, the project of digging out a basement under part of the parsonage and installing a new furnace was undertaken. Also, new lights were installed in the church, with Rev. Anderson's father from Chicago donating the labor. Rev. and Mrs. Anderson have two children.

Sixth - I place a rose in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gough.  Rev. and Mrs. Gough came to us September 8, 1943, and served until June 17, 1945, when they left to become pastors in Kankakee, Illinois.  Rev. Gough was a jolly fellow, whose laugh and smile always put people at ease.  But he was also a serious type.  Sister Gough was a motherly type person who could mother the entire congregation.  They frequently had young people in their home, which was good for the young people of our church.

Seventh - I place a rose in honor of Rev. J. Wilbur Silvers.  Rev. and Mrs. Silvers came to us June 29, 1945, and served our church until August 31, 1947, when they left to pastor the Freeport, Illinois, church.  Rev. Silvers was well liked by everyone.  The project of digging out a basement by hand under the church to provide Sunday School rooms was undertaken while the Silvers were with us, and Rev. Silvers worked side by side with the men of the church.  He did a lot of calling and visiting among the people.  There were three children in the parsonage family.

Eighth - Rev. Henry Hartberg.  Rev. and Mrs. Hartberg came to Marseilles from Hoopeston, Illinois, on September 7, 1947, and served until September 1, 1950, to become pastors of the Naperville, Illinois, church.  They had one son.  Rev. Hartberg was a very good minister.  The last time we heard from them they were out west.

Ninth - I place a rose in honor of Rev. Ira Meyer.  Rev. and Mrs. Meyer  became our pastors on September 1, 1950, and served until September, 1959.  I can say about them as I have said about all our other pastors that they were very good pastors.  Sister Meyer mothered and loved all of us, and Rev. Meyer carried our burdens and problems to the throne of grace.

While the Meyers were with us, the Hicke family, members of one of Rev. Meyer's previous churches, moved to Marseilles from Wisconsin.  We were fortunate to use Rev. Hicke as supply pastor.

Tenth - Rev. Cainan Dale.  Rev. and Mrs. Dale came to our church  in September, 1959, and served us nine years, until September, 1968.  During his pastorate, the church purchased 23-1/2 acres on MorrisRoad with a little four room house on the property.  The Dales lived in the small house while the church began the task of building of a church with an educational wing and a four bedroom parsonage. Rev. and Mrs. Dale and the men and women of the church worked side by side to complete this task.  I don't think Rev. Dale ever neglected his duties as pastor, making hospital calls, etc. during this time.

Eleventh - Rev. Robert Vincent. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Vincent came to us October 15, 1968, and served until October 4, 1970.  During Rev. Vincent's time with us, a fellowship hall was constructed, as well as a two car garage for the parsonage.  Other small jobs were also completed.

Twelfth - Rev. Robert Wellmon.  Rev. and Mrs. Wellmon came as our pastors on December 30, 1970,  and served until July 25, 1976.  Rev. and Mrs. Wellmon had served as missionaries in both Central America and South America, so they taught us a great deal about missions.  They were very good church workers and loved their people, who loved them in return.  While they were here, we got a little rest from building projects.  We let them go so that they could return to the mission field in El Salvadore.  Rev. Wellmon became ill, and has not as yet recovered.

Thirteenth - Rev. Duane Kauffman, our present pastor.  Rev. And Mrs. Kauffman began serving the church September 5, 1976 and are still with us.  There has been a lot or work going on since he has been our pastor.  Acoustics and new gutters were installed in the fellowship hall.  Siding on the back of the church has been repaired.  New lights for the church.  Back parking lot graveled to provide additional parking.  Along with this, Rev. Kauffman has kept up with his pastoral duties, calling on the sick, and has kept things running smoothly.

There is lots more work coming up soon.  So, everybody, let's roll up our sleeves, get set, and go.

Our former and present pastors:


             1.  Rev. and Mrs. Walter Stogdill

             2.  Rev. Everett Crossman

             3.  Rev. David and Grace Milby

             4.  Rev. George H. D. Reader

             5.  Rev. Melvin Anderson

             6.  Rev. J. J. Gough

             7.  Rev. J. Wilbur Silvers

             8.  Rev. Henry Hartberg

             9.  Rev. Ira Meyer

            10.  Rev. Cainan Dale

            11.  Rev. Robert Vincent

            12.  Rev. Robert Wellmon

            13.  Rev. Duane Kauffman

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Written ??

Genesis 17-5 – Abraham was called Abram till his son Isaac was born.  He was 100 years old and his wife Sarah called Sarai was 90 years old when their son was born.

Abraham was a descendent of Eiber (meaning Hebrew) and of Shem son of Noah this means (Semitic)

Abram was son of Terrah, born in Chaldea 20th century before Christ.

God’s call to Abram:  Genesis 12 - The family early migrated to Haran far to the north of Mesopotamia.  Here God revealed himself to Abram.  Calling him to leave his father’s house and his kinsman and go Canaan.

Taking with him his wife Sarai, Lot his nephew, Abram obeyed God’s call moving first South and West he came to Sychar in Samaria continuing on the little group of migrants found famine so severe in the land.  They proceeded into the rich land of Egypt.

They were forced to leave Egypt then returned to Palestine.

Their cattle and sheep were so numerous Abram and Lot decided to go separate ways in order to prevent continued strife between their herdsmen and shepherds.  Given the privilege of choice Lot selected the fertile well-watered plains of Jordan.  This choice offered temporary advantages, but proved disastrous in the years ahead.

The first peril through which Lot passed was the enemy invasion from the Northeast.  The wealth of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were carried off by the victors.  Hearing his nephew had been taken prisoner Abram armed his servants and pursued with drawing army to Damascus Syria.

Abram was able to rescue Lot and other captives.  It was here Abram met Melchisedek king of Salem and priest of God.  He blessed Abram and Abram paid tithes to him.

Genesis 15 – Previous hints had been given Abram of God’s plan for him, soon after rescue of Lot the covenant was renewed and the promise made definite.  Abram and Sarai had no children yet God promised them descendents as numerous as the stars visible in heaven.  Sarai seemed to misunderstand God’s plan, as they were now old so she persuaded Abram to take her maid Hagar as a concubine and have a child by her.  So Abram and Hagar had a son Ishmael.  He became the father of a numerous tribe of desert dwelling Bedouins.

It was 13 years later God again appeared unto Abram assuring him the covenant would be fulfilled.  So in Genesis 17 Abram was 100 and Sarai was 90 Isaac was born.  Here Abram was called Abraham, his wife called Sarah.  This was in Kadesh southern Palestine.

Before the birth of Isaac was when Abram interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah.  But the cities were destroyed only Lot and his family got out of the cities before they were destroyed with fire and brimstone.  Lot’s wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt.  The Dead Sea is now located in the very spot where the two cities were.  From Lot’s daughters sprang the Moabites and Ammonites.

The birth of Isaac caused jealousy between Sarah and Hagar in the results Hagar and Ishmael were sent away from their camp.

Isaac was the test, which God made of Abraham’s devotion.  God told Abraham to take his son to Mt. Marrik and offer him as a burnt sacrifice.  Abraham obeyed.  God provided a ram for a sacrifice instead of Isaac.

It is significant that the mountains of Mariah are the mountains upon which Jerusalem was built.  One of which later witnessed the offering of the only begotten Son of God as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Several years later Sarah died and Abraham purchased a cave of Mochpelah as a family burial ground, later Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah were buried there.

Fearing Isaac should marry one of the women where they lived they sent Eliezer of Damascus his steward back to their home in Mesopotamia to his kindred to find a wife for Isaac.

When Rebekah came to draw water Eliezer felt his search was over.  He took Rebekah back so she and Isaac were married.  They had twin boys Esan and Jacob.  Joseph was one of Jacobs’s twelve sons.

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Written ??

Genesis 37 – 50

The life of Joseph is full of singular charm and interest.  He is one of the few characters in the Old Testament about whom no evil is told.  It is small wonder many find in Joseph, the type of Christ.  He was especially loved by his father, he was and hated and envied by his brothers.  He was sold for a sum of money by those he trusted.  He resisted great temptations; others were blessed because of his influence.  He early revealed great wisdom.  He was raised from humiliation to become the lord of a realm.  He foretold the coming of famine and judgment up on the land.  He fed starving multitudes out of royal bounty.  He manifested a wonderful spirit of forgiveness toward those who had wronged him.  There was four major periods of his life born in Haran in the 18th century before Christ.  Joseph was the oldest son of Rachel and Jacob (favorite wife).

Genesis 37-1:20

Joseph was a dreamer he had two strange dreams, which seemed to portrait authority over his brothers and even his parents.  The hatred of his brothers deepened as the months went by and finally when opportunity offered they determined to do away with him and his troublesome dreams.

Genesis 37-21:36  39-1  40-23

Joseph had been sent on an errand by Jacob and followed his brothers far from home.  When they saw him coming they determined to kill him.  But Reuben the oldest stirred by some deeper sense of right persuaded them to throw Joseph in a dry well.  Thinking to come later and rescue the lad.  While Reuben was gone away the other brothers saw a caravan of merchants pass – moved by an impulse of Judah they sold Joseph as a slave.  To cover their crime they took Joseph’s coat of many colors dipped it in blood, took it back to their father and told him the animals had killed Joseph.  Jacob’s grief was pitiful.

Meanwhile the slave dealers took Joseph to Egypt where he was sold to Potipher captain of Pharaoh’s guard.  Promotion was rapid for the young Hebrew for every thing he understood prospered under the hand of God.

But with promotion came the illicit love of Potipher’s dissolute wife and her attempt to seduction of the young man.  When her advances failed she lied on Joseph he was sent to prison.

It happened that two high officers of Pharaoh was also in prison they both had dreams which Joseph interpreted.  Joseph was almost forgotten and remained in prison two more years at the end of that time Pharaoh himself had two strange dreams.  Finally they remembered Joseph in prison he was sent for.  Pharaoh’s dreams both had the same meaning seven years of plenty then seven years of famine.

Recognizing the wisdom of the young man Pharaoh appointed Joseph to the office of storing up food during the years of plenty.  Joseph found himself next to Pharaoh in authority.

When famine at last swept eastern Mediterranean nations men desperate looked to the granaries of Egypt for relief.  At length Jacob sent his sons to by grain in Egypt.  It was then they found Joseph and after a while Joseph brought them to the land of Goshen to live till famine was over.  Jacob was 130 when he moved to Egypt he lived 17 more years.  Joseph lived 53 years after his father died.  Joseph wanted the Hebrews to take his bones back with them when they left the land and bury them in the old home country.

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Written ??

Linda and Betty are walking home from school and talking:

Linda:  Hi Betty, I hurried all the way.  I thought I might catch you at the corner.

Betty:  Oh, hi Linda.  What’s all the rush; want to see me about something?

Linda:  Well yes I have something sorta on my mind, you know that new girl that was in Sunday school last Sunday?

Betty:  Yeah.  I thought she was real cute but did you notice the kids didn’t say much to her?  She just sat there alone.

Linda:  Yeah, I know but she’s plenty smart in school.  I’ll tell you what Betty lets go over there and call on her.  You know what, she’s got a big brother.  I think he is a senior maybe we can get them for N.Y.P.S.

Betty:  They would be a great help in our N.Y.P.S. we have such a few teenagers in our church that will help out or even stay for church on Sunday morning.

Linda:  Yeah I know.  My mother say’s the teens don’t know what they are missing today by not going to church and letting Christ be the center of their lives.  Oh well, I guess it’s the generation gap.

Betty:  Oh maybe so, but I’ll tell you one thing, I’m glad my Mom and Dad were Christians and they took us to church.  You know Linda I don’t understand how kids today get along without Sunday school and church.  You know there isn’t really to many kids in our school who really go to church regular.

Linda:  Yeah!  They just seem to take every thing for granted with no objective to aim in life and some of the things they do.  You know I think the biggest majority of the girls smoke and even drink.  I’m glad my parents taught me better, otherwise who knows just think what we have escaped – woo it almost gives me the shivers to think about it.

Betty:  Well when do you think we should go over to Sandy’s the new girls house?

Linda:  How about right now?  Maybe she can go to the library with us tonight and you know the teens are playing basketball tomorrow night, maybe her brother would be interested in playing.

Betty:  Oh lets go now, but wait a moment how many times did I hear you mention big brother?  Don’t get any aides in that head of yours.

Linda:  Oh come on let’s see if Sandy can go with us.

Betty:  Knocks on the door.  Hello Mrs. Benson, is Sandy here?

Mrs. Benson:  Well yes I think she is upstairs, won’t you girls come in?

Linda:  Oh thank you Mrs. Benson.  I’m Linda Dawson and this is Betty Gray we were on our way home from school and thought maybe Sandy could go to the library with us tonight.

Mrs. Benson:  I’m sure she would like to go.  You know we just moved here a couple of weeks ago.  The children haven’t made many friends yet.  (Sandy hurry down you have company.)  Come on in girls, oh this is my son Bruce – Bruce this is Linda and Betty.

The girls:  Hi Bruce.

Betty:  Well Mrs. Benson we were so glad to have Sandy in our Sunday school class last Sunday.  Hope you like our church well enough to come every Sunday.  We have a wonderful Pastor and family and a fine group of people.  We would be glad to have you come with Sandy next Sunday Bruce.

Bruce:  Yes, I’m coming.  I had the flu bug last Sunday.  Sure missed being in Sunday school.  I haven’t missed a Sunday for five years.

Sandy comes down to the room.

Linda:  Oh hi Sandy would you like to go to the library with Betty and I tonight?

Betty:  Yeah – we got to do some stuff for school.  You know how it is.

Sandy:  Oh yes, I would be glad to go.  May I go mom?  You know its sorta tough being new in school.

Mrs. Benson:  Yes dear.  I think it would do you good for you to get out with the girls.

Linda:  See you about 7:00 Sandy.  Well Mrs. Benson it was good meeting you.  And Bruce our teens are having a game in the fellowship hall tomorrow night, everyone would be glad if you would come and play.

Bruce:  Oh thank you.  I will probably be there for I love basketball.

Both girls:  Bye Mrs. Benson.  See you at 7:00 Sandy.

Sandy:  Okay.  I’ll be ready at 7:00 glad you girls came over for me.

Betty:  I’m glad we stopped in aren’t you?  They seem so nice.

Linda:  Yeah, they did seem nice and what did you think of Bruce?

Betty:  Especially he seemed nice, I think he and Sandy can help our N.Y.P.S. a lot.  I’m glad they came to our church.

Linda:  Oh me too.  You know what I am thinking, time for class officers is coming up soon also N.Y.P.S. president just maybe.  Who knows?  Do you suppose Bruce would make a good president?  He seems to be a wonderful Christian.

Betty:  Well here is my corner Linda.  I’ll see you tonight.  Bye Linda.

Linda:  Yeah, I’ll see you.  Bye.

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Matthew 26 - 36:56
Written ??

Facing the darkest yet most significant hour of his earthly ministry, Jesus sought a place of prayer.  He took with him three of his trusted followers.  As he left them to go a little farther alone to pray, he revealed the almost unbearable burden he bare as he said “My soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death”.  He also revealed his need for “fellowship in suffering” as he pleaded, “Tarry yea here and watch with me”.

How disappointed he must have been when he returned after agonizing but victorious prayer to find his disciples asleep.  Awakening them he admonished them gently, could ye not watch with me one hour.

The second time Jesus returned to his sleeping disciples, he did not wake them.  He did not rebuke them.  He left them and returned to pray with a heavy heart alone.

No more tragic, pathetic words have been recorded than those Jesus spoke as he returned the third time to find his trusted, beloved, disciples sleeping.  Sleep on now and take your rest.  Behold the hour is at hand and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.  It’s too late now to pray.  So let’s pray while we still have time.

Jesus is still looking for disciples who will watch with him in the place of prayer.

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Time doesn't stand still
Written ??

Well, my little pen I pick you up again.  It has been such a long time since I have held you, and watched the words flow from your point.

Oh no, I have not really forgotten you, and wish so many times I had more time for you.  But, it seems like the cares of life have flown in so fast I am almost overcome by them.

But today I felt such an urge, I felt myself drawn to you.  And now that I hold you I wonder just what will I write?

But now my thoughts are coming so fast, if I could only catch up with my thoughts I could tell you something.  Oops, off they go in a different direction.  Oh, here I think I have captured one little thought.

I want to tell you of a little girl, who lived in a beautiful little valley in the foot hills close by a little stream of water.  She lived in a little white house with brown shutters with her mother, father, and little sister, we will call this little girl Beth and the little sister we will call Susie.  Now Beth thought this was the most beautiful place she had ever seen.

The house was built on a little hill, and there were steps lewn out leading down to a little stream pf water.  Across it is where the barn stood, for this was a long time ago before there were cars.  They had two horses, which drew the carriage when they went to town.

One day the father came home he told mother they were going to move far, he had sold their house.  This made Beth very sad for she loved their little white house.  She was just four years old and Susie was one year old.

So mother began packing their belongings.  It was one day in February they moved to their new home.  It was in a valley with a wide stream flowing by.

There was one bright spot about this; grandpa and grandma lived just three miles down the valley.  They visited them often.

When Beth was old enough to go to school she stayed at her grandma’s from Monday till Friday, because the school was close by grandma’s house, but Beth lived three miles away and had to walk.  It was too far and she had to go alone till Susie was old enough to go, then she also stayed with grandma.

There were other children also living in the valley.  Soon they would all go to school together.

But, time doesn’t stand still for anyone, but marches right along.

It wasn’t long till they graduated a lot of kids didn’t go to college in those days.

Beth got married and left the valley; she went to a state in the North West.  They raised their family there.

Susie got married but always lived in the alley or close by.  Her husband was a farmer.

Most of the young people got married and moved to town or to some other state.  The little school house is gone; the kid’s these days are bussed to town.

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I just heard from heaven
A song Grandma wrote ??

Undated song

V. 1

Once I wandered out in sin, far from God a way.
But the savior took me in.  Gave me peace that day.
All my heart to Him I’ve given, no more sin allow.
For I’ve just heard from heaven, and it’s alright now.


I’ve just heard from heaven.
This one thing I know.
My sins are all forgiven.
He washed them white as snow.

The load that once I carried,
He took away somehow.
And I’ve just heard from heaven
And it’s alright now.

V. 2

Trials come to you and me, burdens hard to bear.
But our heartaches, grief and pain, He will gladly share.
So just look up and trust in Him and leave your burdens there,
For He will hear from heaven when we call in prayer.


V. 3

When my load is hard to bear and my path is dim,
No one seems at all to care, then I go to Him.
He’s my intercessor there, so at His feet I bow
And I’ve just heard from heaven and it’s alright now.


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Teaching our Primary
Oct 4 1973

id you think of your class as what are they made up of?  They are made up of many ingredients such as a lot of noise, energy that seems to have no end, a big imagination, lots of curiosity and an appetite that calls for more and more.  When it comes to hamburgers and French fries, there is no turning them off.  Makes you wonder where they put it all.  Seems as though it’s just empty space.  But my my how cute they are.  Whether it is your son or your little girl depending on who you are, you look at them, he with his hair slicked back and a grin from ear to ear.  And if he can possibly sneak out with his jeans and T-shirt – oh yes and his tennis shoes – he feels like he is properly dressed.  He can’t understand why mom wants him to put his good cloths on.  And she with her cute little dress and her long hair the color of sunshine, or maybe her dark tresses as dark as midnight.  Oh, isn’t there a great contrast between them?

But they are something else.  They are our church of tomorrow.  Have we taught them well?  Are we getting through to them?  They are our whole future; we are depending on them.  Can we straighten our the mess we have gotten into or mush we hand all the problems over them them and expect them to get us out of it.

Teachers, hold up Christ.  Hold Him high.  He said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.”

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In the beginning God

I think the study of religion and the effect of it on the lives of people depends on one’s concept of God.  I believe this will mold one’s life, his morals, his ethics and his conclusions.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Can your mind go back, way back, before you were born, before your parents or grandparents, back before the people of the O.T. were born, back before Adam and Eve were created and put in the beautiful garden of Eden.

Can your mind or imagination still travel backward.  Not 6000 years but back before there was a moon to shed its slivery moonbeams across a Milky Way, for there was no Milky Way.  Back before there was a sun to shine.  Back before there were stars to twinkle.  Back before there was a heaven or an earth.  Even then there was a God.  One God in three persons.

The sacred Trinity assembled and decided they would create flaming worlds.  No sooner was it spoken than it was done.  He flung the stars off His fingertips.  He placed the suns in space.  He hung the moons in place.  The council met again and decided to make flaming spirits to occupy some of these flaming worlds.  The word was spoken; there came into being millions of flaming spirits, angels and archangels.  The morning star and sons of the morning, cherubim and seraphims – Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer.  Lucifer was the chief of angelic host.  Angels were created an endless spirit.  There is no family relation among angels.

The three met again.  From the tip of the finger of the Omnipotence there swung into space our world which is our earth.  So beautiful – so wonderful when it swung into space, the morning stars sang together and sons of morning shouted for joy.  There was a God.

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The day far spent

The day was far spent.  The shadows of night were fast settling over the little town of Bethlehem.  The night was very dark and a storm was brewing in the air.  And the chilly north winds were coming down over the hills.  As I watched the many weary pilgrims wend their steps along the winding road leading into the little town of Bethlehem.

Song - “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”

he storm seemed to be getting closer and the wind seemed more fierce.  The roads were rough from the freezing slush.  In the procession I noticed a young man and his wife who seemed so weary and travel worn.  Yet there seemed to be something different about this young couple.  Something that held you spellbound and seemed to draw your attention to them.  The husband looked at his young wife with such tender love and care.

Song - “He Tenderly Looked at Me”

I moved along with the crowd keeping the young couple near.  Darkness is creeping rapidly on and as they came to the inn, I hear the young husband ask for a place to spend the night. But innkeeper says “every room is filled.”  The crowd is very great.  His inn is overflowing now and there is no room.

ong - “No Room for Jesus”

The Young husband begs for a place to stay just for the night.  He says “look at my wife.  She is so tired and weary.  She needs shelter and a place to rest.”

At that moment the innkeeper’s wife appeared.  She had a very loving an compassionate heart for someone in need.

She said, “husband, remember we do have shelter in the stables in back of the inn.  It’s dry and warm and away from the storm.  There is a manger filled with sweet smelling straw, and with blankets it could be very comfortable.  By morning perhaps this storm will be over.”

Song - “Till the Storm Passes By”

So she led the young couple to the stable.  The husband helped his wife gently along.  And soon there was a comfortable bed where they could rest till morning.  But something strange seemed to be in the air.  There seemed to be the spirit of expectancy.  The night grew very silent as the young couple rested their weary bodies on the hay.

Song - “Silent Night”

And in the silence and in the stillness of the night, and as the people were resting, something did really happen.  God’s presence hovered over the stable, and as He looked down on this humble little scene a great star shone.

[transcriber’s note:  I think there may be some pages to this story missing?!?!]

rayer Meeting April 17, 1948 [appears to be notes from prayer meeting]

Abiding in Christ

Read John 15 Ch.

I have been wondering just what to talk about tonight.  I thought of many different chapters and verses that would be good, but this ch. sorta got ahold on me.  Abiding in Christ.  Where better could be abide?  We will be safe from every harm and danger if we abide in Christ.

The Vine - (Bro. Dale isn’t here but Holy Spirit is)

He is the vine – we are the branches.  We must bear fruit.  Jesus uses common things – the vine.  We know how they took care of the vine and purged it.  If no fruit was on it, it was burned up.  [Ex. 13.23]

-Jesus’ Love for Us

We think of how Jesus must have loved us, to give His life for us.

-Jesus Talks and Teaches

How Jesus taught His disciples on shores of Galilee.

-The 5 “I am”

The Bread of Life (John 6:36)
The Living Word; Light of the World (John 8:10)
The Good Shepherd (read poem; John 10:11)
The Resurrection (John 11:25)

-If you abide, ask and He will give it to us.

-Precious cargo

-Oh Jerusalem (Matt. 23:37)

-Hen & chicks (Matt. 23:37)

-Abide in Christ

-The cross

-Wanted someone to take precious cargo around Cliff

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Are we too busy keeping them quiet
The Sunday School as I see it
April 1956

I watched the boys and girls as they were on their way to their classrooms.  This one particular morning I stepped out of line as we were leaving the main auditorium for the simple reason I wanted to observe each age group as they passed by.  I saw boys and girls from perhaps no more than one or two years through their teens.

I looked in their faces and listened to their seemingly no end of chatter.  Didn’t take long to find out what was uppermost in their minds and thoughts.  I wondered just how a Sunday school could ever be able to help them.  I thought of the scriptures that said, “Son of man stand in the gap”.

Now for instance, there’s little Jack of the Junior Boys Class.  Just how can we help him?  He is so full of life and so full of vigor he must have an outlet for his feelings.  It takes a lot of patience on the teacher’s part to lead them in the right channels.  Sometimes I wonder do we really see them as individuals….each having a soul to save or a should to be lost?  Do we do our best for them?  Are we too busy keeping them quiet that we do not have time to teach them of God’s ways?

Then there’s little Sam in the Primary Class, so full of squirms and wiggles and the teacher is so busy keeping him quiet, I wonder will there be any time left to tell him of God’s love?  Surely our teachers need prayers and cooperation from the parents of these boys and girls.

I peek in on the class of Primary Girls.  My, their teacher looks so happy like she enjoys what she is doing.  Their faces are beaming with life.  I hear, “May I do this, and another May I do this”? ……each one wanting to be it….to help the teacher.

I thought, Oh, we as teachers need to be wide awake and alert if we keep one jump ahead of our class.  We must keep our eyes open and watch for every opportunity to be a help to the class and a service to God.

Now my thoughts are with the Beginners and Cradle Roll Classes.  Perhaps too many times we think any one can teach these classes.  We think they are just little….all they need is someone to keep them quiet and entertain them.  But I differ with you on that.  I believe deep down in my heart we need some of our very best teachers for these little classes if we want our boys and girls to be Christian Nazarenes.  We must lay the foundation very carefully.

I believe this is one of the reasons so many leave the church later on.  The foundation has not been laid in Nazarene prayers and salted with Nazarene tears.

We have to believe in a thing with all our heart and be sold on it before we can convince someone else.  I think one of the first steps in teaching is to win our class over to ourselves and them the class will believe what we tell them.  We must show them love and understanding and look deeper than dirty hands and faces and tangled hair.  In order to lay a foundation to build a sturdy Christian character on we must start at the very bottom with everything well prepared to build on.  Before this church or any building is started, there has to be a footing poured and there had to be a place to pour it all cleaned out and ready if the building should stand the weight and the burdens and the storms that should beat upon it.

So if we want our boys and girls to be Christian Nazarenes over which life’s river shall flow, let’s build a Nazarene foundation.  We need teachers that believe the Bible and practice it and believe in the Church of the Nazarene and know why they believe it.

They say give me a boy or girl from a Catholic House ‘till they are seven years old, and they are almost unchangeable.  What’s the matter with Protestants?  Help us as teachers to lay a foundation.  It must start at the beginning, not half way up.

I pass through another classroom.  Here everything is different.  Here they must be in their little cliques….three or four bunched together talking like magpies.  I see the teacher has the attention of a few and is trying to talk over the others.  I wondered if they were using their quarterly, but soon I noticed it was billfolds instead…..each girl seemed to have out their billfold looking and drooling over pictures that they had seen for perhaps the 1000th. Time….and oh how they drooled.  Then I wondered, is there any room for God in their thoughts and their activities?  I believe this is where we lose our boys and girls.  Let’s wake up Nazarene teachers if we want to keep our boys and girls, let’s make it attractive to them.  Let’s present our Sunday school as an opportunity and a great privilege for which we should be very happy to have.  Let’s be glad America has these wonderful privileges.

Well now, I must hurry as I have been absent from my class too long now.  Of course it has only been a very short time for these have been my thoughts as I walked along very slowly.  But first, let’s take a peek on the Intermediate Boys Class.  Here I see a teacher with his face lined with care, carrying a burden for his class.  Surely he does have them on his heart.

Here I am at my own door.  I pause for a moment and ask for divine help and guidance.  I say, “Here I am Dear Father.  I will use the little that I have with the abundance you will give me for this very moment of need.”

I open the door very slowly and step inside.  I see the smiles on their faces as I greet them with “Good Morning Girls”.  I also see the billfolds as they seem to flutter from one pair of eager hands to the proud owner of so great a treasure.

Honestly I wonder what they are made of that they even last from one Christmas to the next.  Their sides are so bulged out that the snaps won’t seem to stay fastened, but they still seem to have room for a few more pictures as time goes on.

Now I observe my class very carefully as we take a little time for prayer….not a long one, to bore them, but short and to the point.  Well we always find a few in most every class that will talk in spite of all we can do or say.  Anyway, the Intermediate Class is where so great a change is made in their lives and their habits of living.  Here is where they pass from a little girl to a grown up young lady or gentleman if the class be girls or boys.  We as teachers surely need to live close to the Lord and have patience as Job had.

I rack my brain wondering what to do.  I try different methods in teaching and also in trying to find the right solution to have order in class.  Sometimes I just ignore their chatter.  Sometimes I stop very suddenly to see their reaction.   Sometimes they stop too, but at times they are so engrossed they don’t even notice.  Sometimes I talk on reverence in God’s house.  Oh, I think of their many changes, for at times they are the perfect lady type, just as good as gold.  Now I wonder what will I ever do to get them to God.  Oh, we have a few Christians in our class for which we are most thankful, but many of them are from homes that neither mother nor father comes to church.  It’s a serious matter, this being a Sunday school teacher.  I know the first requirement is to have a genuine experience of salvation and no question marks about it.

We must love our class and see beyond the surface.  Yes, we must see beyond circumstances or environment.  We must see them as an individual with a soul to be saved or to be lost, and think of ourselves as a means to win them for Christ……a link in the chain.

When I think of their noise and clatter and their seemingly unconcern, I say in my heart,

Patience oh Lord give to me
Help me their lost souls to see

Help me Dear Father to be true
Just show me Father what to do

My aim Dear Father is win them for Thee
Help me hold up Christ that they may see

That they will want to enter the Christian race
And see our Master face to face

I believe the desire of each Sunday school teacher is to win her class for God.  I ask my girls if they wanted to see me as a succeeding teacher or as a failure.  No one wanted to see me as a failure.  I told them it depended a lot on them which one I should be.

We need love, understanding and cooperation….overlook faults and failures….each one try to be a success.

Now this is our boys and girls and how I see them this Sunday morning.  So teachers, come on and let’s all get wide awake and work steady at the job if we want to turn out a crop of Nazarenes.

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Where are the Dead?
Date Unknown

Man dieth…..And where is he?  This question uttered by Job, the Patriarch is not an unusual one.  It is on the lips and heart of a multitude of people.  Everywhere people are wondering about the dead.  They are asking a thousand and one questions.  What is the final destiny of man?  Does he become non-existent at death, or does the real personality survive?  If so, where is he?  Is he conscious?  Under what condition does he exist?  Is any communication possible?  Will separation from loved ones be forever?

Dear heart, are you going to be satisfied merely to place the label “Mysteries” upon these questions and leave them go at that?  Certainly not!  Where then can we find satisfactory answers to such great questions?  Can science answer them?  No science cannot tell us of life beyond the grave.  Even the wisest philosopher on earth gives us only guesses when we stand before the closed door of the tomb and ask the question, “Where are the dead?  Where are the answers?”

Could it be possible we are left without the answer?  No, not at all.  The answers are found in the Bible.  God’s word is the only source for information in answer to these questions.  We must turn to divine revelation in the Holy Scripture.  The Creator not only reveals the origin and nature of man but He also reveals the destiny of man.  There can be no doubts in our minds in regard to the dead if we study the Bible and accept its plain statements.

There has been very little printed material on this subject.  There have been a few pamphlets, leaflets and tracts and such, that are devoted wholly to Bible teaching concerning the dead.  But the writers have limited themselves to such a few pages that a complete study on the subject was not clear.

A so called, “bible teacher”, Judge Rutherford has answered the demand of public by printing a low price book which is supposed to be scriptural.  The country is flooded with them.  He teaches the dead are entirely unconscious, that they are out of existence until resurrection, that there is no hell, and that all the unrighteous who die will sometime later have an opportunity to be saved.  What do you think?  Thousands have accepted this false doctrine.  This erroneous teaching was set forth by Charles T. Russell who wrote 6 volumes entitled Studies of the Scriptures.  It is now known as Jehovah’s Witness Watch Tower.  Russell says no man has a soul.  He says preachers have made people think they have a soul and at death it hikes off to some other place. (His definition of death)  Death is a period of absolute non-existence.  He is absolutely unconscious…but during the Millinium he will have a second chance.  Do you believe we have a chance after death?

The Seventh Day Adventists also say death is one of silence---inactivity and unconsciousness.  They believe in soul sleeping.

Now let us turn to the Bible and see for ourselves what it says concerning the dead.  The Bible proves that man has two distinct natures.  (A material nature) which is the physical body, and a (spiritual nature).  These two natures are clearly distinguished in the Bible.  What do you think?

While Judge Ruthford says man has no soul or spiritual nature, this is contrary to the scripture.  The Bible clearly shows that man has a Spiritual nature, distinct from the body in which it dwells.  Job 32:8.  But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth him understanding.

Zachariah 12:1:  The Lord stretcheth forth the heavens, layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.

The spirit within man is as distinct as a tenant and the house he lives in.  What do you think?

What do you notice about this?  Job 14:22:  But his flesh upon him shall have pain and his soul within him shall mourn.  The flesh is upon him.  The soul within.

1 Corinthians 6-20.  For ye are bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your  body and in your spirit which are God’s.

1 Corinthians 2:11  For what man knoweth the things of man. Save the spirit of man which is in him.

In Matthew 10:28 teaches the soul cannot be killed.  If those who are able to kill the body and not the soul how can we say body and soul are the same?

The history of creation of man in Genesis 2 shows conclusively that man was created as a compound being.  A body and spiritual nature.  In Genesis 2:7 shows God created man from dust of earth and breathed into his nostrils and man became a living soul.

First Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth.  This was of course a material nature.  His body lay there perfect in all parts but cold and motionless.  The bone, tendons, muscles, veins, heart, arteries, brain, nerves, lungs, eyes, and ears, but no life.  Then God breathed into man his own breath.  Man became a living soul.

Yes, I know Atheist and others claim we started out as a poly wog or a tadpole or some lower class animal….but I don’t believe it.  If we are going to take the Bible to prove  there is a heaven or believe there is a God, we must believe God created man.  He didn’t just evolve!

The Bible clearly establishes that man is a Triune being.  1 Thessalonians 5:23 I pray God your whole Spirit and Soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 4:12  The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword.  Piercing even to the dividing asunder of Soul and Spirit and the Joints and Marrow means material body and is a discerner of the thoughts and intent of the heart.  Spirit, Soul and Body are mentioned so we see man is triune.  Man must be a triune being for he was created in the image of God.

They say the body and all it’s cells change completely every 7 years, yet we remember things that happened when we were quite young.  It’s our Spiritual nature that doesn’t forget.  I remember age of 4.

This shows the seat of knowledge is not in our body, flesh, or bone or even the brain, but in the spirit.

When one dies, the eyes, brain and ears are the same.  They are still there, they are not working.  Why?  Because it was not the body, but the spiritual nature within the body that did the thinking…….one of the Mayo brothers said the keen blade of his scalpel may never uncover the soul as a tangible part of mystery called Man, but I know it is there.

Death…….a separation of the spiritual from the body

Life began with the union of the spiritual with the body.  So in death, the spirit is separated from the body.  (Body goes back to dust)

Ecclesiastics 8:8 there is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit….neither hath he power over death.  What do you think?

Eccel:  12:7  Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return to God who gave it.

Genesis 3:19  Dust returns to dust.  Spirit returns to God who gave it.

Genesis 25:8 Abraham gave up the ghost

Genesis 35:29   Isaac gave up the ghost

Genesis 49:33   Jacob gave up the ghost

Luke 23:46  Jesus cried with a loud voice and said, “Father unto thy hands I commend my spirit.”

Job 14:10  Man dieth and wasteth away.  Yea, man giveth up the ghost.

Acts 5:10  Sapphira fell down and yielded up the ghost (a separation of soul and spirit from the body)

1 Kings 17: 20-22  Elijah prayed that the son of the widow Jarephath might be restored to life.  The soul/spirit re-entered the body.

Luke 8:49-55  Rulers daughter raised to life and her spirit came again and she arose straightaway.

II Samuel 12:19-23 David learned his child was dead.  He said he cannot come to me but I can go to him.

2 Corinthians 5:6-9  Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with God, but to be present with God is to be absent from the body.

2 Cor 5:-11  For we know if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God, a house not made with hands eternal in the heaven.  In my Father’s house are many mansions.

Read:  Phil 1:21-24  For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.  But if I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labor, nothing more.  Yet what I shall choose I want not.  For I am in a straight between two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better never  the less to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.

II Timothy 4:6  I am now ready to be offered up and time of my departure is at hand.

Genesis: 35:18  And it came to pass as her soul was departing.

The Above of Departed Spirit

1st. man has a soul (spiritual nature) and 2nd. That at death the spiritual nature departs from the body.

What becomes of the departed spirit?  Are they roaming around space, or do they depart to some definite place?  Discuss

1st. It can be clearly the spirits do not roam around in space.  The Bible makes it clear there is a definite abode for them.

In order to get a correct understanding of the subject it will be necessary to consider and distinguish between the past, present, and future abode of the dead.  We must also get a proper knowledge of the words as they are used in the original Hebrew and Greek text.

Luke 16:22-23    Christ said the rich man died and was in hell or Hades.  He lifted up his eyes.  The original Hades is translated hell.

Matthew 23:33   Christ said ye serpents ye generations of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell (Gehemna)  Gehenna is translated as hell.

II Peter 2:4   For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell (Tartarus)  here tartarus is also translated as hell….the lowest.

Remember how Jacob thought his son Joseph was devoured by wild beasts and said in Genesis 37:35, I will go down into the grave (sheol) unto my son mourning here the word sheol is rendered grave by translator.

Psalm 16:10  Thou will not leave my soul in Hell (sheol)  Here again is the word sheol but this time it isn’t translated grave as in Genesis 37:30, but is translated hell.




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